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January 2014

Doughnuts That Don't Cost The Earth

Fri 24th January 2014 (0 comments)
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For those people who try not to contribute to the devastating unregulated palm oil industry by avoiding foods and products that contain it, it can be very difficult (almost impossible) to indulge in sweet treats with a nice cup of coffee with friends, as most shop-bought baked goods contain either vegetable fat or oil with no indication of what they contain let alone whether or not any palm oil used is sustainable.

This however, is no longer the case, thanks to a local Suffolk-based business called Jam Gourmet Doughnuts (JamGouDou). Their utterly delicious handmade doughnuts come in a variety of flavours from the classic glazed and fruity options, to the moreish smorz (chocolate with melted marshmallow) and are cooked using "a frying oil that is covered by Green Palm certificates, which supports the production of sustainable palm oil".

Marvellous Mangroves

Wed 22nd January 2014 (0 comments)
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Mangrove forests are found throughout the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world in over 100 different countries. Characterised by the meeting of land and water, mangroves can provide habitats that are either fully saline or freshwater and in some areas, a mixture of the two (known as brackish).

Mangrove forests are made of up more than 70 different plant species including palms, legumes and hibiscus and provide some of the world's most enchanting habitats to a wide variety of different species from insects and small fish to large mammals such as primates and even people.

Big Garden Birdwatch 2014

Fri 17th January 2014 (1 comment)
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Every year more than half a million people spend time during one weekend in January taking part in one of the largest wildlife surveys in the world. Organised by the RSPB, the Big Garden Birdwatch has been going for more than 30 years and aims to provide an accurate understanding of how birds are habiting different parts of the UK.

As of December 5th 2013, Britain is known to be home to 596 species of bird including both native species and migrant visitors that come to the country for only a small amount of time every year (sometimes just on a short stopover on their route to and from warmer climates in the south).