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February 2015

Keeping Pets Safe from Toxic Foods

Thu 26th February 2015 (0 comments)
Animals will eat anything. Well, it seems like anything, at least. Some animals even have the same tastes as we do. It delights us when our pets eat out of the palm of our hand, perform tricks for treats, or even beg.

Though it’s fun for us and our pets when we share food with them, some things are better left on the countertop. Some common fruits and vegetables can’t be digested by your pets, while a laundry list of other people foods should be kept out of your pet’s reach.

Discover and Enjoy the Benefits of Aloe Vera by Lucia Richardson

Tue 24th February 2015 (0 comments)

My name is Lucia Richardson and I am an Independent Distributor for Forever Living Products.

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Choosing a Pet from a Shelter by Swell Pets

Mon 9th February 2015 (0 comments)
If you are considering a new pet, consider choosing one from an animal shelter. This is an ethically responsible way to rehome an unwanted pet and help your local community too.

The UK is well known for its love of animals, and many homes now have more than one dog, cat, reptile or other small pets. However charities and shelters are reporting a growing number of cats and dogs being given up by their owners.