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July 2020

The 10 Toughest Animals on Earth

Mon 20th July 2020 (0 comments)

What makes an animal tough? Animals are considered tough for their ability to withstand harsh conditions or difficult situations. Often, they have a unique adaptation that allows them to take on these challenges.

The animals on this list are considered tough for a variety of reasons - from how well they can defend themselves against larger predators to their ability to survive extreme temperatures. You may be surprised by which animals are considered the toughest creatures on earth! Discover why they made the list.

The 10 Friendliest Animals On Earth To Humans

Fri 17th July 2020 (0 comments)

What are the ten friendliest animals in the world? Well, we first need to define "friendly." For our purposes, it means "gets along well with humans." But let's not confuse "gets along" with "makes a good pet." Even though some animals are sweet, that doesn't mean everyone should keep them as pets. Animals, including humans, have vital needs — and if we can't satisfy them, we shouldn't assume the responsibility.

But enough lecturing! Let's rank the 10 friendliest animals in the world.

The 10 ACTUAL Strongest Animals on Earth

Mon 13th July 2020 (0 comments)

In the constant war between predator and prey, size and strength can be a decisive factor to help an animal survive the cruel whims of nature. However, there are several ways to measure strength, including lifting strength, bite strength, kick strength, and overall power.

For the purpose of this article, we will be defining strength in absolute terms, not in strength relative to body size (which would make insects some of the most powerful animals on the planet). Note that this article also lists animals in their general groups. A group may be defined as an entire order or just an individual species.

The 10 Strongest Animals on Earth

Sun 12th July 2020 (0 comments)

When we talk about strength, it's hard to say definitively which animal wins. This is because there are so many different kinds of strength that it is nearly impossible to pick a single animal out as the strongest of all.

Instead of trying to determine a single winner, this list features 10 amazing creatures that all possess their own impressive kind of strength, relative to their size. You might be surprised by some of the animals that made this list, but you surely wouldn't want to get on the bad side of any of them, no matter how small they are!

The 9 Most Dangerous Animals on Earth to Humans

Thu 9th July 2020 (0 comments)

Which animals are the most dangerous? Which species kill the most people every year?

You might instinctively assume carnivorous predators like lions, tigers, and bears top the list of most dangerous animals on Earth when it comes to killing humans, but you may be surprised to learn who the most dangerous species really are.

12 Hybrid Animals That Are Actually Real

Wed 8th July 2020 (0 comments)

What is a hybrid animal? While you might think that hybrid creatures only exist in fables and myths, the truth is that there are a number of crossbred animals that exist both in captivity and in the wild.

Hybrid animals usually originate from two similar types of animals mating, like lions and tigers, but it is also possible to use science to create these creatures through a process called "somatic hybridization." Somatic hybridization allows scientists to manipulate the genes of two similar species of animals in order to create an interesting new animal that has useful traits from both of its parents.

Check out the list below for 12 real examples of incredible hybrid animals.