25 Raccoons Maul a Man Feeding Them Grapes And Hotdogs In Hilarious Video

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Published: August 7, 2022
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On a snowy winter evening, one man looks at the door to his back porch and sees several beady eyes staring back at him. James Blackwood is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer. Blackwood, who goes by the apt title “Raccoon Whisperer,” resides in Churchville, Nova Scotia, on a modest, rustic four-acre lot.

Blackwood’s late wife absolutely adored raccoons. The pair had many raccoon visitors that she loved giving tasty treats. James wasn’t the biggest fan of nature’s bandits but was happy his wife found joy in their visits. We all know the saying, “Happy wife, happy life,” and James lived by that.

While feeding raccoons can make for entertaining videos, it carries risks like disease transmission.

After Mrs. Blackwood passed away, James took it upon himself to start caring for the little creatures. Dog chow, ten pounds of hot dogs, and tasty vanilla cookies make up Blackwood’s evening meal. According to The Racoon Whisperer, he invests over $4,000 each month all on food for the cuddly rodents, which also includes donated A1 pizza from a neighboring pizzeria, Kraft Dinner, and Hamburger Helper. 

Blackwood claims that up to 25 individual raccoons, the majority of whom weigh between 55 and 60 pounds, will turn up for the feeding frenzy at once. Adult raccoons normally weigh between 10 and 20 pounds, with males generally being heavier than females. It’s safe to say the ones that show up at Blackwood’s home are eating well! 

In one of his many entertaining Youtube videos, James showcases himself feeding the animals on his back porch. He starts by giving them a full bucket of red grapes and specifies that they don’t like green ones. There’s something wholesome about a retired officer knowing the dietary preferences of wild animals

After they’ve had their appetizer of sweet fruit, it’s on to the main course – hot dogs. James takes a seat outside on a snowy evening with his furry friends. Blackwood takes out a large container filled to the brim with hot dogs and starts handing them out like Halloween candy. 

25 raccoons swarm him, every one of them wanting at least one hot dog. Some raccoons climb up and enjoy their meal on James’ shoulder, while others patiently wait their turn at his feet. You can feel the joy coming from Blackwood as he talks about how many raccoons show up and how much they adore him. 

By the time half of the eight pounds of hot dogs are handed out, things settle down. James mentions that the raccoons are very hungry due to the cold weather. It’s safe to say that these animals weigh nearly triple what they should weigh, are there for the tasty treats. 

One comment under this video reads, “The way they wait with their little hands out is adorable.” We can’t help but agree! Check out the precious video below! 

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