5 Incredible Deep Sea Creatures Seem Straight From Science Fiction

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: July 21, 2022
© Peter Southwood / CC BY-SA 3.0 – License / Original
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Very few people make it to the very depths of the oceans, which is why new discoveries are constantly made about the exotic creatures that dwell in the deep blue sea. Although these next five creatures have been verified by science, it is still hard to believe they exist.

The first creature this video covers is the Hagfish. This is a bottom dweller that cleans up the ocean floor. It also produces copious amounts of slime as a defense mechanism. Hagfish can be found in groups, particularly when they have encountered anything dead or decaying that requires cleanup. Their bodies look similar to those of eels, but these creatures have razor-sharp teeth—the image is something straight out of a horror movie.

What Do Sea Cucumbers Eat - Sea Cucumber Defending Itself
Sea cucumbers don’t have brains!

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The second creature is the Pink Sea-Through Fantasia. This is a sea cucumber that was recently discovered in 2007. It is bioluminescent and aside from that, very little known about this creature. It has a translucent body with visible entrails. It has deep yellow and red/pink colors and resembles a flower.

The third creature is a Pyrosome. This creature is composed of hundreds to thousands of zooids. They can grow upwards of 70 feet long and are also bioluminescent, like the second creature on this list. Every Pyrosome is different, but they all serve as filter feeders that consume plankton.

The fourth creature is the Headless Chicken Monster. This creature is a mobile sea cucumber that has only been found in two locations: Antarctica and the Gulf of Mexico. It’s translucent like the Pink Sea-Through Fantasia and you can see right through to its organs. It’s a deep brown/purple/red color.

The fifth and number one oddest creature on this list is the Siphonophore. This is a colonial organism that has been spotted in various forms. Some Siphonophores stay close to the surface, floating along, while others are found thousands of feet into the deep blue. Siphonophores are like Pyrosomes in that they are made up of colonial zooids—all of which connect with one another. They can’t survive on their own, and so depend on each other to survive.

As deep sea exploration continues into the future, there are bound to be more exotic creatures like these discovered.

Watch the countdown of some of the deep blue sea’s oddest creatures.

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Hagfish, Duiker Point, Cape Peninsula.
© Peter Southwood / CC BY-SA 3.0 – License / Original

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