6 Adorable Puppies In El Paso To Adopt For Christmas

Written by Nixza Gonzalez
Published: December 2, 2022
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El Paso, Texas has no shortage of dogs in shelters waiting for their perfect families and new homes. Whether you live in the city or you want to travel and adopt a puppy, there are many options. Remember, puppies are huge responsibilities. They aren’t just toys. You must think very carefully before deciding on adopting a puppy for Christmas. Our pets are family and they rely on us. With that being said, keep reading to discover 6 adorable puppies in El Paso to adopt for Christmas.

1. Puppies in El Paso: Rose, a 3-year-old Pitbull Mix

Rose is a sweet 3-year-old Pitbull mix. She is friendly, hyper, and always ready to give love. Rose has been with El Paso Animal Services for over a year and is looking for a forever home. This sweet girl is super friendly and gets along with everyone she meets. Rose has a beautiful brindle coat and high energy to match her glowing smile. She fits best in a home that can handle her energy. If you are thinking about adopting this beautiful Pitty, ensure you have enough space. She loves to run and would happily accompany you on a hike or run.

Pitbulls are very understood dogs. Technically, the word “Pitbull” is an umbrella term for a dog who is mixed with a bully breed. Any dog that has characteristics of a “Pitbull” is labeled as such. Many people see these beautiful puppies are vicious, aggressive, and scary, but it’s the opposite. They have a lot of love to give and were even bred as nanny dogs! If you are ready to spend Christmas with Rose, stop by and meet her at El Paso Animal Services.

2. Puppies in El Paso: Bagel, a 1-year-old Retriever Mix

Bagel is a 1-year-old Retriever mix with adorable eyes and bat-like ears. Bagel is a charming boy who is ready for a forever home. He has bright brown eyes and a golden brown coat. His bat-like ears are adorable and move expressively. This puppy is energetic and always in the mood to play. He’s also neutered. Bagel is a goofy puppy who is known for his “zoomies”. One of his favorite activities is running in the dog park. Bagel is a little shy at first but warms up quickly. With some time, treats, and cuddles, Bagel can become your best friend.

Retriever is a type of breed. They are bred to retrieve wild birds when hunting with their owners. Now, retrievers are part of the family and have sweet and goofy traits. For example, Golden Retrievers are known for their highly energetic and silly personalities. They love to play and run. Bagel suits a home with lots of space and an active lifestyle. He’s still young and needs exercise and training. If you have interest, come and meet him at the shelter!

3. Puppies in El Paso: Liz, a 1-year-old Shar-pei Mix

Liz is too sweet for words and steals hearts. Although she is a puppy, she acts like an old girl and likes the finer things in life. For example, while this cutie loves to play, she also spends her time taking long walks and deep naps. She learns quickly. So far, she knows how to sit and shake your hand. Liz makes the cutest faces when you give her belly rubs and scratches. She loves affection and is a cuddler.

It’s not often you find a Shar-pei mix in a shelter. This dog breed is sought after because of its wrinkly appearance. Shar-peis are intelligent and originate from Asia. Their average lifespan is between 9 to 11 years. Shar-peis are loud and like to bark. They are friendly with other dogs and love attention. Liz would thrive in a home with lots of space to run and cozy warm spots to nap. If she has caught your attention, contact El Paso Animal Services for more information.

4. Puppies in El Paso: Oatmilk, a 1-year-old Australian Cattle Dog

Fourth on our list, we have Oatmilk. His name is just as silly as his personality. He is an Australian Cattle dog with a lot of energy. Oatmilk loves to run and play and if you let him, would spend hours outside chasing other puppy friends. This sweet boy is leash-trained and enjoys long walks, perfect if you want an exercise buddy. Oatmilk’s favorite thing to do is play with water. Oatmilk has stayed in the center since January and is looking for a loving home without a cat.

Australian Cattle dogs are unique. They have a strong mind, are stubborn\ and intelligent. These loyal puppies are easy to train, but it’s best to start at an early age. Australian Cattle dogs live long lives, usually up to 15 years. If you adopt Oatmilk, prepare to live with a new lifelong friend. They were first bred in Australia in the 1800s. Not only are they intelligent, but this dog breed is also very social. They prefer playing with people and dogs. Oatmilk will need a home with plenty of space to run and play. It’s even better if you own another dog.

5. Puppies in El Paso: Ripley, a 3-4-month-old Pug/Terrier Mix

Ripley is a quirky and lovely puppy. He is 3-4 months old and is always happy. Ripley is a Pug/Terrier mix with a cute personality. Sometimes, it even looks like he is laughing. Ripley will probably grow a few more inches, but not by much. He is young and loves treats. Ripley knows how to charm humans into giving him more treats! This silly boy is a kisser and is comfortable around other dogs and small children. If he has caught your interest, visit him and receive free Ripley kisses!

Pugs are adorable and easy to spot. They have large bulging eyes and they always look confused. Ripley has definitely inherited those eyes, but with the skinny and lean body of a Terrier. Since he is a mutt, he’s got the best of both worlds! Pugs live up to 14 years, while Terriers live between 13-15 years. Ripley is affectionate and loves being around people. He is a lapdog, which he inherits from both Terriers and Pugs. Are you ready to adopt this cutie? Stop by the center today.

6. Puppies in El Paso: Jolene, an 11-month-old Chinese Crested Mix

Last but not least, we have Jolene, a silly 11-month-old Chinese Crested mix. She has fluffy fur that looks like she is impersonating Dolly Parton. Jolene’s white and cream coat is smooth and soft. She is deaf and loving. Thankfully, this cutie is house-trained and absolutely gorgeous. She also gets along with children, dogs, and cats! Jolene is a lapdog that will cuddle for hours if you let her. She is also spunky and goofy, jumping at any opportunity to play.

Although the center isn’t sure, they believe she’s a mix with Chinese Crested. These dogs are lean, short, and hairless except for their heads and tails. Something to know about this puppy is she is deaf. This shouldn’t scare you away though! There are many toys and resources you can use to help Jolene live a long and comfortable life. Remember, adopting a puppy is having a new best friend for life. It takes time, money, and patience.

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