6 Adorable Puppies In Portland To Adopt For Christmas

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: November 29, 2022
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Want to add a puppy to your family this holiday season? If you are near Portland, or willing to travel for just the right pup, these furry friends are ready to find their forever homes. As a very dog-friendly city, Portland has plenty of places to find a new best friend and take them on an adventure once they join your family. Here is a list of six pups who are ready to join your family today.

1. Puppies in Portland: Ike, an Eight-Month-Old Great Pyrenees mixed breed

Ike is a sweet pup who is housetrained and ready to join a family right away. He is used to large and small dogs alike, as well as kids. Ike doesn’t pay much attention to cats in his home and is happy to let them do their own thing. He loves playing with toys, but it’s best to keep the stuffed toys out of his reach for now. He has been in a foster home and has shown his loving, sweet personality.

Great Pyrenees are large dogs and Ike is already on his way to being a hefty fella. He currently weighs 42 pounds at around eight months old. He will likely get over 100 pounds by the time he is fully grown. These are extremely friendly dogs and can be described as lovable giants. The rescue responsible for his adoption, Great Pyrenees Rescue Society, thinks that he’s part German Shepherd, Australian, Shepherd, and Australian Cattle Dog. This means that he has a long coat and benefits from regular brushing.

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Both Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds tend not to chew. As an older pup, Ike is already mostly past his chewing phase. You’ll be happy with Ike as a member of your family (and so will your shoes).

2. Puppies in Portland: Remy, a Five-Month-Old Shepherd Mix

Want a pup that loves to play? Remy is your guy! He loves sticks, toys, and just generally being a fun, playful puppy. Remy will be a good addition to a home with other dogs or children, but he’d also be happy on his own as long as he has someone to play with him. He loves to snuggle and is crate-trained and working on house training.

Remy is already neutered, microchipped, and has his puppy vaccines. He had canine parvovirus as a young puppy but is doing well and free of any disease. As a shepherd mix, Remy is very easy to train. Even though he is small now as a young puppy, he’ll get bigger and be able to keep up with active family members through play and exercise. In fact, shepherds like Remy often make great guard dogs and working dogs.

3. Puppies in Portland: Aladdin, a Two-Year-Old Border Collie Mix

Aladdin has called Family Dogs New Life Animal Rescue home for over a year but he’s looking for his forever home. He is a Border Collie-Pit Bull mix who needs some time to get used to new situations but will be a loving playmate once he is comfortable. Aladdin is best for homes with patient dogs and a loving family that does not include young children under 14. Older kids who are able to gently encourage him as he uses his incredible smarts will be great for Aladdin.

Both Border Collies and Pit Bulls are extremely intelligent dogs. Border Collies have longer hair but Aladdin favors the Pit Bull side with his short coat. He has caramel-colored eyes that match his brown and white fur. He is extremely loyal and protective, another trait that is common in Border Collies and Pit Bulls.

4. Puppies in Portland: Batman, an Eight-Week-Old Labrador Retriever

Batman is just the cutest yellow lab puppy that you’ll ever see! He was dumped on the side of the road with his brother, Robin (who is also available to adopt), and rescued in Texas. He is happy with other dogs, kids, and all members of the family. If you want the true puppy experience, complete with snuggles, snoozes, and plenty of play, Batman is the dog you’ve been waiting for.

Labrador retrievers are great family dogs that can be easily trained and love to spend their time playing, being active outside, and curling up on the couch or a dog bed at the end of a fun-filled day. They are a very popular dog to have as a pet because they can be trained and fit in well in just about any environment. They have short hair but do benefit from frequent brushing to keep shedding under control.

Batman currently lives as a foster dog in Texas but can be transported to Portland by the rescue organization. They are also used to setting up video calls to see if your home and Batman are a good fit.

5. Puppy-at-heart in Portland: Baja, a Four-Year-Old Corgi-Chihuahua Mix

This little guy will roll right into your heart. Baja has special needs that require him to use a sleek set of wheels to help him get around without the use of his hind legs. He has some sensitivity and does best in a home without small children that are still learning how to interact with dogs gently. Baja is comfortable around other dogs and cats, as well as kids over the age of 12 and adults. He has even been known to wrestle with other pets as long as they can do it gently.

As a Corgi-Chihuahua mix, Baja is a smaller dog and weighs just 18 pounds. He is fully grown and already neutered and microchipped. His favors more of a Chihuahua look, with longer upright ears and a long, curious snout that he uses to explore the world. He has adorably short legs, just like other Corgis.

6. Puppy-at-heart in Portland: Yara, a Ten-Year-Old American Pit Bull Terrier

Yara may be an older lady, but she’s still a puppy at heart. She has experience with children and cats in her previous homes but she isn’t as big of a fan of new dogs in her life. While she’s been alright with similar-sized dogs in the past, she’s getting a bit less social as she ages. If Yara is a good fit for your home, you can adopt her without paying any adoption fees due to a generous donation to the rescue where she is waiting for her forever family.

American pit bull terriers sometimes get a bad rap but they are actually quite friendly. They are extremely protective, especially in homes with children. They see these tiny humans as their charges and will take great care to be gentle with them and keep them safe. As an older dog, Yara is at risk for hip dysplasia. This can be a common issue with American pit bull terriers. With the right care and some attention to her body and needs, Yara will continue to be a fun member of the right family.

How to Adopt Puppies in Portland

There are plenty of places to visit puppies and dogs in need of forever homes around the Portland area. The Oregon Humane Society is located in both Portland and nearby Salem. Not only do they have animals available for adoption, but they also take care of the initial medical needs, such as neutering/spaying and vaccines. Family Dogs New Life Shelter, Animal Aid, and The Pixie Project are all Portland-based shelters and rescues that have animals available today. You can also volunteer to be a foster home for dogs in need. Other organizations, including Foothills Animal Shelter and Saving Hope Rescue are located out of Portland but will bring your new furry family member to Portland once you decide to adopt.

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