6 Best Dog Parks In Indianapolis

Dog Park Series - Indianapolis Park
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Written by Emilio Brown

Published: May 20, 2022

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Indianapolis is an exciting city to visit and makes a great home for the thousands that live there. Having a dog in a big city can be difficult at times, but luckily there are places like dog parks that are made to fit your furry friend’s needs. Dog parks provide a safe place for your pup to exercise and socialize. Finding a good one can be difficult, which is why we found the best 10 dog parks in Indianapolis for you to enjoy. 

It is recommended that a dog gets between 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise daily. Dog parks are one of the best places to exercise your pet, but it also helps them get used to other dogs and people. Good dog parks have traits like a hydration station, ample space, and a safe enclosure for your dog to play. Each dog has its own needs, which is why it is best to look at different parks to find the best one near you. Here are 10 of the best dog parks in Indianapolis you should consider checking out. 

1. Smock Bark Park 

Dog Park Series - Lab with Woman

Smock Dog Park is 1 of 4 Indy Dog Parks in Indianapolis.

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Smock Bark Park 
Location 4200 E County Line Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46237 
Hours 8 AM-8 PM 
Price Daily: $5

Smock Bark Park is a safe place to socialize and exercise your dog. A pass is needed for your dog to enjoy this park, which varies in price depending on the time of year bought. A daily pass is only $5, but a Vip pass is purchasable and lets you access 3 other bark parks within Indiana. The passes are useful in ensuring all dogs are vaccinated and provide a safe space for all.  

  • Daily Pass:$5
  • Annual Pass: $75/ After June 1 – $55/ After September 1 – $40
  • VIP pass: $125/ After June 1 – $105/ After September – $95
  • Replacement Pass and Access Card: $10

The Smock Bark Park lets dogs play and run in a large open field with trees for shade. No water bowls are provided at this park. In wet seasons the park may get muddy, which can be an issue for some pet owners. A well-trained dog and vigilant owner may enjoy this park, but it may be lacking in amenities compared to other well-known parks.

2. Broad Ripple Bark Park

Dog Park Series - Two Small Dogs

The dog park at Broad Ripple Park is mostly field and fresh grass.


Broad Ripple Bark Park 
Location 1500 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220 
Hours 11 AM- 6 PM 
Price Free 

The Broad Ripple Bark Park is a great visit for any dog. This park is open from dusk to dawn, and only a small $5 entrance fee is required. Dogs must be fully vaccinated to enter and be accompanied by an owner that is 18 years or older. If you want to try out this dog park a free day pass is available at their office. For locals of Indianapolis, the VIP pass can be purchased at their office as well, which gives access to three other bark parks in the city. 

The best feature of the Broad Ripple Bark Park is its large size, which gives plenty of room for your dog to run. Cleanliness is the main downfall of this park, as with so many parks it can be hard to maintain the mess pooches create. 

3. The Dog Park At Immanuel

Dog Park Series - Astroturf with Dog

The dog park at Immanuel is separated into two areas for different sized dogs, with turf surfacing.

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The Dog Park At Immanuel 
Location 382 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46225 
Hours Mon-Friday: (8AM-7PM) Sun: (12-7PM)
Price Yearly: $50

One of the first dog parks to be located in downtown Indianapolis, this park can be found at 382 Prospect St, Indianapolis. The dog park at Immanuel is a volunteer park that first opened in October of 2020. This park is great for dogs of all types, but a $50 membership for the year and current vaccination for your dog is required to visit. To allow for the most safety, large dogs are separated from the smaller ones. This park is not the largest and is only around 8,000 square feet. 

For locals of Indianapolis, the dog park at Immanuel is a great stop, with free memberships available at the Immanuel United Church of Christ. If visiting from out of the area a $10 membership is available, or on certain days the park offers free hours. Like other parks, this place is fenced in and has grass turf fields. The dog park at Immanuel is great for socializing with other dogs and allowing your pooch to roam free, but may be small and lacks some of the other traits of more popular dog parks. 

4. Paul Ruster Dog Park

A beautiful old, German Shepherd - Border Collie Mix breed dog, Shollie, is sitting outside in the deciduous forest, listening with his ears perked up.

The Paul Ruster dog park is medium-sized, and located in a wooded area.

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Paul Ruster Dog Park 
Location 11300 E Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46239 
Hours 8 AM-9 PM 
Price Daily: $5 

The Paul Ruster Dog Park is a large 100-acre park located in the far east of Indianapolis on 11300 E Prospect ST. Dogs can roam and play off-leash, with enough space for the largest of canines. Trees and benches are located throughout the park to allow you and your pup to relax. Doggy bags with trash cans spread across the park make it easy to clean up a mess your dog makes. 

To get into the park it is only $5 a day, but other memberships are available. The VIP pass allows you to visit other local dog parks in Indianapolis like the Smock Bark Park, Eagle Creek Park, and Broad Ripple Bark Park. The VIP pass is great for locals and starts at $125 per dog. 

The Paul Ruster park in Indianapolis is where this dog park is located. This park is located in a wooded area and has plenty of trails to take your dog on a leash if you want to venture a little bit out of the dog park. 

5. Gordon Glimmer Canine Companion Zone  

why do dogs roll in the grass

This park has around 8,000 square feet of fenced area for dogs to roam.


Gordon Glimmer Canine Companion Zone 
Location 5855-6199 N High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254 
Hours 6 AM- 8 PM
Price Daily pass: $5

Gordon Glimmer Bark Park is one of four Indy dog Parks offered in Indianapolis. A pooch pass is required to enter, as well as up-to-date vaccination records. Each dog you plan to take to this park needs a pass, but a discount is given for each dog. The Gordon Glimmer dog park is a great place to have your dog run off-leash. It is not the largest of parks in Indianapolis but is around 8,000 square feet of fenced grassland. 

The Gordon Glimmer Canine Companion Zone is one of four dog parks that are considered Indy Parks. A VIP pass can be purchased to visit all four Indy Parks, which gets cheaper as the year goes on, and is the same as the Smock Dog Park VIP Pass. Dogs must be with you at all times and have the proper tags shown on them. With the dog park being a bit small, this park is best for well-trained dogs that are bigger in size, but it is possible for anyone or dog to enjoy this bark park. 

6. Fort Harrison State Dog Park 

Best dog proof fences

There are three separate fenced-off areas for dogs to enjoy at Fort Harrison State Dog Park.


Fort Harrison State Dog Park 
Location 8725 Fall Creek Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46256 
Hours 6 AM- 10 PM 
Price Weekly Pass: $15 

The Fort Harrison State dog park is an enjoyable park to visit in Indianapolis. The whole park is 1,700 acres and has three separate fenced-off areas for dogs to enjoy off-leash. Walking, fishing, biking, and hiking are enjoyable in the beautiful woodland landscape. Dogs must be leashed when not in their designated area, but there is plenty of space and things to do when in their section. 

  • Brigade Landing: At around 5 acres of area, Brigade landing is the largest of three dog sections. With plenty of room to run, a beach for dogs to swim, and a vast woodland habitat this space is great for the pooch play. April 1 until the end of October is when this area is open.
  • Platoon Run: The platoon run is 3.6 acres with large trees for shade, and plenty of areas to run. Dog owners can also enjoy a fireplace, with benches spread across the park. Agility activities, a water station, and a clean station make it enjoyable for most dogs.
  • Herrin Hill: The smallest of all sections, Herrin Hill has still plenty of room with 1.3 acres of fenced-off area. This area is mostly open, with benches, water stations, and a waste station for you and your dog to enjoy. 

The fenced-off areas within the Fort Harrison State Dog Park welcome dogs of all sizes, but they must show vaccinations to keep other dogs safe. A yearly fee of $75 per dog, or a weekly membership of $15 is needed for each dog you decide to bring. Open year-round, the beautiful scenery and a variety of activities for your dog to enjoy.

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