8 Best Dog Parks In Louisville

Written by Emilio Brown
Updated: October 7, 2022
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In the Louisville area, there are a variety of dog parks to choose from, but how can you know which ones are the best? This article will find the best dog parks in Louisville, Dogs must have current vaccinations Kentucky, and why each is worth checking out. Dog parks are great for getting all the energy out of your dog and finding other doggies to play with. Dogs living in a big city can have difficulty finding enough space to run and play, but luckily, many dog parks exist.

A good dog park has plenty of room and things like an obstacle course for dogs to enjoy. Some dog parks have areas for smaller breeds to play with if you are worried about taking your pup around larger dogs. Let’s look at 8 of the best dog parks in Louisville, so you can decide if they are worth spending a day with your furry friend there.

1. Waverly Dog Run

how smart are dogs

This dog park is just one of the features of Waverly Park, as there are also hiking areas, a playground, and picnic spots within this woodland park.

©Ksenia Raykova/Shutterstock.com

Waverly Dog Run Location Waverly Park Rd, Louisville, KY 40214 Hours 6 AM-11 PM Price 1 Dog Membership: $40

Waverly Dog Run is an off-leash area in the large 297-acre Waverly Park. This dog park is located at the end of Waverly Park and in a secluded wooded area. The dog park is around 1.5 acres of fenced-off area and welcomes dogs of all sizes. This dog park may not be the best place for smaller breeds since they have no separate fenced-off area. 

Waverly Dog Park has dirt surfacing, which may get muddy during the wet seasons. There are benches for relaxing and trees for shade around the park. The dog park is just one of the features of Waverly Park, as there are also hiking areas, a playground, and picnic spots within this woodland park. When not in the designated dog park, all puppies must be on a leash but can still enjoy the park. 

Membership for your dog is required to visit this park, which can be applied for online if you want to visit this, and other Louisville Dog Run Parks. Membership lasts a year and lets you visit the park and other dog parks run by the association in the area. The membership fee helps maintain the park and improve it in the future. 

2. Champions Dog Run

Bernese Mountain Dog - sisters of Bernese Dog in the garden

Champions Dog Run is very open and has poop bags to clean up your pup’s mess.

©iStock.com/Marketa Vydrova

Champions Dog Run Location 2700 River Rd, Louisville, KY 40206 Hours 6 AM-11 PM Price 1 Dog Membership: $40

The Champions Dog Run is a part of the Louisville dog runs association and requires a membership to visit. This dog park is perfect for those living in the area who need a large space to exercise their dog. The Champions Dog Run is a 3.6-acre park split into two areas to keep smaller and larger breeds separate. There are drinking fountains and open spaces great for letting your pooch run free in both areas of the dog park.

This dog park is very open and has poop bags to clean up your pup’s mess. Most of the ground is grassy and does not get very muddy when wet. Being a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association, you must follow the rules established, which are similar to many of the other dog parks on this list. 

Dog Park Rules 

  • All owners are responsible for their dog
  • Female dogs in heat may not enter
  • No dogs under 4 months allowed in the park
  • Children under 10 are not allowed in the dog park unless accompanied by someone 
  • No food, glass containers, or smoking in the park
  • Dogs must have current vaccinations
  • No pinch, choke, or chain collars 
  • Dog handlers cannot have more than 3 dogs in the park 
  • All visiting dogs must be licensed and show current tags 

3. Morton Avenue Dog Park

Adorable and adopted laying down at the dog park.

If in the area, visit Morton Avenue Dog Park, membership is not required.


Morton Avenue Dog Park
Location 1500-1518 Morton Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 
Hours 7 AM-9 PM 
Price Free 

Morton Avenue Dog Park is one of the few free dog parks to visit in Louisville. It is perfect for those passing through the area or people not looking to purchase a membership. Although not the largest dog park, there is plenty of space to let your furry friend run off-leash and release its pent-up energy.

This dog park is kept cleaned and maintained by volunteers of the community. A wide-open space fully fenced-off is provided so your dog can play safely. The ground is covered in wood chips and dirt, and there is plenty of seating and large trees. Toys are in the park for the different dogs to play with.

This dog park has no separate area for smaller dogs, but there is enough space that it rarely gets crowded. If in the area, this is a fun park to visit with no membership required. A playground is also located in the dog park so kids can have as much fun as the pooches.

4. PG&J’s Dog Park Bar

Why do dogs put their ears back


PG&J’s Dog Park BarLocation 800 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204  Hours Mon (4-10 PM)Tues-Sun (12-10 PM)Price Daily: $10 

If you want a place to grab a drink, but is also dog friendly, then PG&J’s Dog Park Bar may be the place for you. This dog park serves both humans and hounds. Like other bars, you must be 21+ to enter, and you may come with or without your dog. Dogs must be registered if you plan on bringing them, and there are multiple price plans to choose from.

The play area for dogs is fully fenced-off and has wood chip flooring. Agility structures are placed around the park and large enough to let your pup run free. This dog park has indoor seating or plenty of outdoor seats if you want to let your dog play. Alcoholic drinks of different types are served here, but they also have other beverages like coffee and energy drinks. Other pups are always looking to play at this dog park, and events are regularly held to spice up your visit.

5. Vettiner Dog Park

Golden retriever rolling in grass

Vettiner Dog Park has plenty of benches and trees for shade.

©jewels bejeweled/Shutterstock.com

Vettiner Dog Park Location Somer Rd, Louisville, KY 40299 Hours 6 AM-12 AM  Price 1 Dog Membership: $40

Vettiner Dog Park is a spacious two-acre fenced-off field dedicated to letting your pup roam and play. The ground in this area is grass and dirt, fully fenced off with a chain-link fence. This dog park is separated into two areas; one is for large breeds, while the other is for dogs smaller than 30 lbs. No puppies are allowed, and when at this dog park, you must follow the rules similar to that of other Louisville parks. This dog park requires a membership to visit and is one of many run by the Louisville Dog Run Association.

Vettiner Dog Park has plenty of benches and trees for shade, and both sections have a water fountain and a small gazebo for shade. No poop bags are provided, so you must bring your own. This dog park is located in Vettiner Park, with other amenities like a playground, ballfield, picnic area, and other large fields. Vettiner Park is 283 acres, and dogs must be on a leash when not in the dog park.

6. The Barklands

Gentle Giants salmon dog food

The Barklands has an area for smaller dogs, one for larger breeds, and one designated for resting.

©Claire Plumridge/Shutterstock.com

The Barklands
Location Beckley Creek Park, Louisville, KY 40245 
Hours 7 AM-9:30 PM   
Price 1 Dog Membership: $40

The Barklands is an off-leash area of around four acres of land dedicated to letting your dog run off-leash. This play area is located in Floyd Park and is divided into three separate areas. One area is for smaller dogs, one for larger breeds, while the third is designated for resting. This dog park is a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association and requires membership to visit.

An immaculate park has water fountains and shade for when it gets too hot. It is large and open with a grassy surfacing. The grass is well maintained, so it does not get muddy in the wet season. There is not much shade in this dog park, but plenty of space for your pup to run and play.

7. Cochran Hill Dog Run

A Jack Russell terrier running through a field with a ball

Playing fetch with your dog is a great way to divert it from chasing small animals.


Cochran Hill Dog Run
Location 740 Cochran Hill Rd, Louisville, KY 40206 
Hours 6 AM-11 PM 
Price 1 Dog Membership: $40 

The Cochran Hill Dog Run is two acres of area for dogs to play. This off-leash park is divided into two areas, making it one of the sections for smaller dogs to use. Each of the sections is around one acre each. Like some of the other dog parks on this list, this play area is a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association and requires membership to access it. The limit is 3 dogs per person, and each dog you bring must be registered.

Freshwater is available for when your dog gets thirsty, and there is a gazebo with seating for shade. The surface is grass with dirt and can easily get muddy in the wet season.

8. Sawyer Dog Park

Training a dog

You can train your dog not to lick your hand excessively.

©Christian Mueller/Shutterstock.com

Sawyer Dog Park Location 3000 Freys Hill Rd, Louisville, KY 40241 Hours 6 AM-10 PM Price 1 Dog Membership: $40 

Sawyer Dog Park is a large six-acre area to let your dog run off-leash. This dog park is split into three areas that are all two acres each. One area is for smaller dogs, one for larger dogs, and one for all types of dogs to play together. This dog park is a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association and requires membership to visit. There are plenty of trees in the dog park for shade, benches, and a water fountain for when dogs get thirsty. 

Large gazebos are found in each of the sections for shade, and the ground is green and grassy. Sawyer Dog Park is located in the E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park. In the park, dogs must be leashed when not in the dog play area. The state park is around 550 acres, with other things to enjoy like a pool, astronomy center, archery range, and various types of sports fields. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © otsphoto/Shutterstock.com

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