888 Angel Number: Discover the Powerful Meanings and Symbolism

Written by Sammi Caramela
Updated: July 25, 2023
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If you’ve ever caught a sequence of repeated numbers throughout your daily routine, you might not have thought too deeply about it. Perhaps you noticed angel number 888 but brushed it off as just a coincidence, or maybe it stopped you in your tracks for a few moments before you got swept back up in the mundane world. 

However, many people — numerologists, astrologers, spiritual individuals, and even skeptics, will call sequences like 1111, 333, 555, and 888 “angel numbers.” Angel numbers are said to be messages from above that help guide, reassure, and support those on Earth. 

The angel number 888 can symbolize success, power, and wealth.

Odds are, if you’re seeing a repeated number (or even just the same sequence of numbers, such as 1212) consistently, your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you. The message depends on the individual, their circumstances, and the number their seeing.

In this article, we will be diving into the angel number 888 and all its meanings. From your relationships to your career, here’s how to interpret 888 in your life.

Angel Number 888: An Overview

Angel numbers are signs from the universe — or whatever higher power you believe in — that you’re not alone. The repeated numbers typically convey specific messages and insights into your current situation. For instance, if you’re making a major life decision and need help understanding your next steps, an angel number can provide the reassurance you’re on the right track. Or on the other hand, the angel number might call out areas where you need to think things through a bit more.

Angel numbers stem from numerology and astrology and date back to ancient Greek civilization. Many professional numerologists and astrologers believe numbers — like everything else in this world — have their own vibrations. Specifically, 888 encompasses the energy of abundance, success, and karma. You might notice numeral 8 looks like an infinity symbol. This number represents your opportunities and potential — they are infinite

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The angel number 888 represents infinite opportunities and abundance.

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How Our Angels Communicate Angel Number 888 

You might catch angel numbers in strange places throughout your day. For instance, you’re picking up your morning breakfast sandwich and coffee, and your total comes out to $8.88. Or, perhaps, you drive past an advertisement on the highway and notice 888 on the sign. Maybe you’re making a call at work, and the number includes 888. 

While these might just seem like coincidences, some people put more meaning to angel numbers and attempt to understand the energies they emulate. It’s one thing to notice 888 once in a while during your waking hours; it’s a whole other to find three or four instances in the span of your workday.

According to many numerologists, astrologers, and spiritual gurus, the universe uses angel numbers to talk to us. In other words, it’s a reminder we aren’t alone. 

Next time you catch 888, instead of moving on with your day, pause and consider your current state of mind or circumstances. Are you feeling more stressed than usual? Your guides might be reassuring you that success and abundance are on their way. Are you grieving someone who wronged you? The universe is reminding you to trust karma — better connections are coming.

8 in Numerology and Astrology, and Their Influence on Angel Number 888

You can understand 888 better by analyzing the number 8 in numerology and astrology. 

In numerology, 8 represents spirituality and materialism. The number embodies confidence, authority, achievement, ego, and peace. Some more specific terms associated with the number 8 include:

  • Abundance
  • Inner wisdom
  • Leadership
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Success
  • Wealth

In astrology, the eighth house represents death, rebirth, and transformation. However, don’t fret — seeing 888 does not mean you will fall pregnant or develop a terminal illness. Death simply means you will shed a part of yourself that has held you back, while rebirth encourages you to transform into a more powerful and successful being.

Additionally, the eighth zodiac sign is Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto — the planet of regeneration. Scorpio is an intense and powerful sign, but it’s also highly emotional and intuitive. 

When you see 888 repeated, you might worry death is on the horizon. Metaphorically speaking, it might be — but that’s a good sign. The angel number 888 asks you to let go of versions of yourself that no longer serve you. It encourages you to step into your power and become your most spiritual and confident self possible. 

Wooden Arabic numerals 888 painted in gold on a dark brown and white patterned plank background.

888 is one of the most powerful and positive angel numbers.

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Symbolism and Meaning of Angel Number 888

Angel numbers embody their own themes and signs. Depending on where you are in your journey, you might interpret 888 differently than someone else. Especially when it comes to spirituality, it’s best to trust your intuition when assigning meaning to specific signs.

Angel Number 888: Step into Your Power

Seeing 888 often means you’re ready to step into your power. You are in — or close to — your most empowered state, and you can trust you’re on the right path. Keep stepping in the direction you’ve been traveling, as the universe is reassuring you you’re making good decisions and are in alignment with your soul’s purpose. 

Angel Number 888: Expect Abundance

We all naturally crave abundance — through love, finances, freedom, etc. If you’re noticing angel number 888 consistently, you can expect that abundance is on its way. You’ve likely been working hard, and the universe will reward you for that. Karma is on your side — soon, you will relish in infinite blessings.

Angel Number 888: Share Your Wealth

While 888 is the number for fortune and prosperity, it also reminds us to stay humble and keep the ego in check. When you make it to the top, don’t forget who helped you get there. Share your wealth, spread your wisdom, and become the leader who encourages others to step into their own power. There is enough room in this world for everyone to shine.

Angel Number 888 in Relationships and Love

If you’re seeing 888 during your everyday routine, you can expect exciting changes in your love life and close relationships. Here are some specific interpretations of 888 in relation to love.

Single? Expect to Find Your Soulmate with 888

Because the angel number 888 reassures you you’re in alignment with your highest self, it also means you’re in the right energy to attract your soulmate. Just as you manifest wealth and success, you also call in healthy and positive love and connections. Be willing to meet new people and open your heart.

If you’re currently going through a breakup, 888 reminds you the ending of the relationship was for the best, and it’s time to take your power back. While you might be grieving, you had to shed that relationship to step into a brighter future. Focus on renewal as you heal.

In a Relationship? 888 Asks You to Own Your Power

In relationships, 888 represents the desire to share your wealth and resources with your partner. While this can help foster a beautiful connection, ensure you don’t give away too much of your power to someone else. For there to be a harmonious relationship, you must establish a fair give-and-take.

Additionally, if you’ve been feeling out of alignment with yourself, 888 reminds you of your power. Be careful not to lose yourself in your partner or relationship. Own your power, and the right relationship will thrive.

Friendships? 888 Encourages You to Analyze Your Relationships

Because 888 is all about the ego, it encourages you to pay close attention to those who surround you. If your ego — or someone in your circle’s ego — is overactive, you might fall into the unnecessary drama that steers you off-course. Make sure your friendships fill you up rather than drain you.

On the flip side, ask yourself whether you are being a good friend to those in your life. Are you sharing your time, love, and insight, or are you letting the ego distract you? If you’re seeing this angel number, make sure you’re giving your close relationships the attention they deserve.

Twin Flames and 888 

Twin flames are considered two separate halves of one soul. Because of its symmetry, many believe 888 represents a twin flame connection. In fact, 888 embodies mirroring energies, and it is touted as one of the most positive angel numbers to see on your twin flame journey.

Specifically, seeing 888 might mean you’re both doing the right personal work on yourselves. If you notice 888 on your twin flame journey, focus on finding balance within yourself. Show support and love to your twin flame when you can, and trust you’ll be reunited in divine timing.

Relationship special moment

If you see 888, it might mean your soulmate or twin flame is on their way.


Angel Number 888 in Money and Career Paths

When it comes to your career, seeing angel number 888 means you’ll be the leader now. Abundance and financial security are on their way.

888 Encourages You to Become a Leader

Seeing 888 is a sign you’re ready for power and status. Are you considering starting a new career, launching a business, or forging a creative path? Now is the time to do it. 888 reassures you you’re capable of achieving your dreams and won’t have to worry about resources (like money) along the way. Abundance will find you if you believe in yourself.  

Of course, don’t let the power inflate your ego. Remember that 888 is all about balance, so stay humble and hardworking while owning your talents and reaching success.

888 Rewards Your Hard Work

Because 888 is associated with karma, if you’ve been putting in the work, you can expect success and prosperity soon. Through 888, the universe is telling you it recognizes the effort you’ve been putting forward, and it will reward you two-fold. Keep hustling!

Hands holding dollar money on flag of Colombia

Expect financial stability and career success with 888.


The Personal Significance of Angel Number 888

If you’re seeing 888 and are hesitant to believe its many meanings, you’re not alone. Angel numbers might not be a new concept, but they are still considered “woo-woo” by many skeptics. While noticing a sequence of numbers here and there might not be groundbreaking to the average person, at the end of the day, it’s all about the takeaways you carry forward. If you feel like a higher power or your ancestors are trying to tell you something, listen. 

And if you’re still unsure what 888 means to you personally, connect with yourself and consider the areas of your life that are most challenging or confusing right now. What messages outlined above do you resonate most with?

Here are a few questions to consider when you see sequence 888:

  • In what areas of my life am I giving away my power?
  • What parts of myself/old patterns must I release to embody my highest self?
  • What fuels my soul and life purpose?
  • What career paths do I feel most called to?
  • How might I find balance in my life and relationships?
  • How can I share my infinite resources and wealth with others?

If you are seeing 888, get ready for a period of abundance and prosperity. Your time is now.

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