9 Best Dog Parks In Denver

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Written by Emilio Brown

Published: May 20, 2022

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Denver is the largest city in Colorado with a population of over 600,000 and 27% of those people own dogs! With over 150,000 people in Denver owning dogs all those pups will need a place to play and socialize. Most of these dog parks have sand rather than grass as a base which can be more favorable, especially for puppy joints that are still developing. 

Many of the parks on this list have doggy bags or toys like tennis balls provided by volunteers and other pet owners who frequently visit. There are at least 12 off-leash dog parks in Denver but some are deemed less favorable by the locals. We’ve come up with a list of the best dog parks you can find in Denver. 

1. Belleview Station Dog Park

A brindle and white Perro De Presa Canarios dog with cropped ears sitting outdoors by a rustic wooden fence.

Belleview dog park has wood fencing, as well as wood chip surfacing.

©Mary Swift/Shutterstock.com

Belleview Station Dog Park
Location 4825 S Newport St, Denver, CO 80237
Hours 7 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

If you live in the area or are just visiting this park is a hidden gem. Conveniently located in the middle of Belleview Station, this mid-sized dog park is perfect for dogs of all sizes.  Offering a double gate to ensure your four-legged friend can’t run off or get lost, the Belleview Station dog park offers an area just for smaller dogs and an area for dogs of any size. 

Unlike most dog parks Belleview Station park has mulch inside the gated areas and grass on the outside walkways. Outdoor furniture has also been donated to the park so owners have an area to sit and watch while their dogs play. With shopping centers, parking structures, and apartment complexes just around the corner, Belleview Station dog park is a great place to stop when you’re out on the town or just trying to give your furry friend some exercise.  

2. Carla Madison Dog Park 

why do dogs sniff butts

The surfacing at Carla Madison Dog park is sand mixed with pebbles, great for dogs who are diggers.

©Spiky and I/Shutterstock.com

Carla Madison Dog Park
Location 2405 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
Hours 6 AM-9:30 PM
Price Free 

Carla Madison is a small off-leash dog park great for small dogs though they welcome dogs of all sizes. Offering a fenced area with a sand-pebble base and even a doggy water fountain this park is great for socializing and exercising your pups. Carla Madison park can be pretty busy or fairly empty depending on the day. It’s generally busiest during the afternoons and weekends but if you get there early it’s pretty empty so you can easily choose what time of day is best for you and your dog.

3. Kennedy Dog Park

canaan dog playing

Kennedy Dog parks is separated into two fenced-off areas, for high or low-energy dogs.

©Aneta Jungerova/Shutterstock.com

Kennedy Dog Park
Location 9700 E Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80231
Hours 6 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

Kennedy dog park offers two spacious fenced-in areas for your dogs to run around and socialize. The park’s ground is made of sand pebbles so it can get muddy during the rainy season. There are a few trees to offer shade to your furry friends and some benches so you can sit while your pooch plays. Kennedy park also offers doggy bags to help you clean up after your pup and keep the park clean for other dogs and owners to enjoy. 

Like most dog parks Kennedy park is busiest on the weekends and the afternoons which can be great for socializing your pup. While the early morning and evening offer a quiet, less active space for you and your dog to enjoy as well. Located near a quiet suburban area you can always find locals enjoying this park and its beautiful surroundings. 

4. Barnum Dog Park

Barnum Dog Park
Location 360 N Hooker St. Denver, CO 80219
Hours 5 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

This park has a large fenced area for dogs to run around off-leash and enjoy the day. The ground is covered in gravel which can make it easy to clean up any mess your dog leaves and the park also provides dog bags to make it easier to keep the area clean. There are two separate areas one for active dogs and one for less active/small dogs giving you options for how your pooch feels that day. 

Barnum Dog park has plenty of space for your dogs to run and play through no seating for owners is currently provided. Even though it’s spacious it lacks shade and water fountains making it a less favorable park to visit during hot summer days. This park tends to be busiest during the late afternoons so visiting early means having more than enough space for your dog to run around. In Barnum Dog park there is no lighting so it is best to go before dark.

5. Fuller Dog Park

Japanese Spitz with muddy paws on gravel path

Fuller dog park is separated into two areas, and has a large gravel surface.

©Elena Yakusheva/Shutterstock.com

Fuller Dog Park
Location 2801 N Williams St, Denver, CO 80205
Hours 5 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Fuller dog park offers a variety of play areas for small and large breeds, as well as high or low-energy pups. This spacious park is fenced in with a sandy surface for dogs to run on. Here you can find plenty of benches for owners to sit and watch their furry friends as well as water stations and donated toys so you can make sure your dog stays hydrated while having fun.

This dog park tends to be busiest from late afternoon to early evening. Fuller dog park is popular with people who live near so it’s likely your pooch will always have a friend to play with. Though the dog area may not have much foliage there’s plenty in the surrounding area making it a nice spot to sit and enjoy nature. 

6. Lowry Dog Park 

Dog Park Series - Two Small Dogs

Lowry dog park has three areas dedicated to letting your dog run off-leash


Lowry Dog Park
Location Yosemite Way & E 4th Pl, Denver, CO 80230
Hours 5 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

Lowry dog park provides plenty of space for your pooch to run and socialize with other dogs. There are three off-leash areas available for use which include agility run, small dog/low energy, and big dog/ high energy. There is currently no adjacent parking to the park but there is a dirt path leading to the park that is about a ten to fifteen-minute walk. 

Locals love this park due to its large size and beautiful view. Lowry park tends to be busiest on weekends during the early to late afternoon though it never feels crowded even on its busiest days! 

7. Berkeley Dog Park

Berkeley Dog Park
Location CO-95, Denver, CO 80212
Hours 6 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Berkeley dog park is a spacious fenced area with a gravel base. Though the dog park does lack foliage it has plenty of shade with the gazebo it has set up. There are benches available for owners to sit and enjoy all the playful pups. Volunteers keep this park stocked with tennis balls and jugs of water as well as a shared doggy bowl to keep your pooch entertained and hydrated.

Berkeley dog park is busiest during the afternoons, especially on weekends but mornings at the park tend to be empty and less active. There is a beautiful lake nearby so you can walk your dog through the park before you get to the off-leash area. Locals in the area enjoy this park for its cleanliness and friendly dog owners. If you’re in the area the scenery alone is a reason to visit this spacious park. 

8. Willow Bark Park 

German shepherds playing tug

Willow bark park has sandy surfacing, and is split into two fenced-off areas.


Willow Bark Park
Location 54th Pl, Denver, CO 80238
Hours 6 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

Willow Bark park is one of the larger dog parks found in Denver. The ground is covered in small sandy gravel that is great for running on without tearing up your pooch’s paws. Park volunteers provide doggy bags to help clean up any messes left by your dog and a water fountain to keep your four legged friend well hydrated. There are two separate fenced areas for high energy dogs and shy/low energy dogs. 

This park provides small canopy areas with picnic tables so owners can sit and relax while their dogs run and play. Outside of the off-leash area there is plenty of space to walk and run with your dog. The areas around the fenced dog park are covered with grass giving your dog’s paws a break from the pea sized gravel found inside. This park is fairly new so it’s rarely busy but if you’re looking to socialize your dog mid to late afternoons on weekends are great as they tend to be the busiest times.   

9. Greenway Dog Park

Greenway Dog Park
Location 2002 Spruce St, Denver, CO 80238
Hours 24/7
Price Free 

Greenway dog park is beloved by locals for its large size and cleanliness. It’s one of the largest play areas for dogs in Denver. This park is a large double fenced area with a sandy semi-grassy base. The park doesn’t currently provide doggy bags so you will have to bring your own. There is a nearby water fountain but it can be out of order at times so it’s best to come prepared with your own. 

Within the fenced off-leash area you can find trees, sandy hills, and shaded benches for owners to relax while their pups socialize and play. Unlike many other dog parks in Denver there aren’t separate areas for smaller low energy dogs and bigger high energy dogs. If your pooch has issues around bigger or smaller dogs it might be best to go during less busy hours. This park tends to be busiest during the late morning to mid afternoon especially on weekends. 


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