9 Best Dog Parks In Washington DC

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Written by Emilio Brown

Published: May 20, 2022

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Dogs in a big city can have a tough time finding ample room to run and play, but luckily dog parks are there to help. With Washington DC being the US capital there is always plenty to do. If you have a dog you may have wondered what are the best places to take your pup. In this article, you will find the best 9 dog parks in Washington so you don’t have to do the work of finding which one is worth it in the big city.

Dog parks are a great place to take your dog for exercise and give them a chance to have fun with other dogs. Not all dog parks are created equal, as some will give you a much better experience than others. Good dog parks have plenty of space and water for dogs to drink. You may even find ones that have areas for smaller or shy dogs if you have a timid breed. Deciding which dog parks to go to is your choice, but it is much easier to decide when you know the best ones in your area. Here are the 9 best dog parks in Washington you may want to check out. 

1. S Street Park 

Dog Park Series - Astroturf with Dog

The surfacing at S Street dog park is turf, with some woof chips.

©Tara Lynn and Co/Shutterstock.com

S Street Park  
Location Washington, DC 20009 
Hours Mon-Thurs: (7 AM-8 PM) Weekend: (8 AM-8 PM)
Price Free 

Located on S street in Northwest Washington, the S Street Park is a great place to take your dog on a walk or allow them to run free in the dog park. The off-leash area is around 5,600 square feet, fully fenced off. The dog park is not completely flat and has synthetic turf for its surface. On hot days a kiddie pool is brought out for dogs who enjoy the water, and a water fountain is provided. The park is regularly cleaned, and poop bags are provided in case you forgot to bring your own.

In the S Street dog park there is no separate area for smaller dogs, but if you are not comfortable letting them around other dogs the park is still a nice place for on-leash walks. This dog park is a popular spot for Washington residents that live nearby, and residents say it is filled with friendly pooches great for socialization.

2. Guy Mason Recreation Center Dog Park 

Guy Mason Recreation Center Dog Park 
Location 3600 Calvert St NW, Washington, DC 20007 
Hours 6 AM-9 PM 
Price Free 

Guy Mason Recreation Center Dog Park is a residential favorite and a peaceful place to take your dog. This play area is mostly wood chips, but after rainy days it may get muddy. The area is fully fenced off to prevent escapes, and the medium-sized park has plenty of room for dogs to run and play. Only 14 dogs are allowed at a time to ensure it does not get too packed.

Benches, a dog water fountain, and clean-up bags are provided at this dog park. The dog park is located near the recreation center, so there is always plenty of parking, and a bathroom if needed. While this dog park is not the largest, there is plenty of room for off-leash fun. 

3. Eckington Dog Park 

Calmest dog - golden retriever smiling at the camera

Eckington dog park has concrete bowls around the park and turf surfacing.


Eckington Dog Park   
Location Washington, DC 20002 
Hours 7AM-9PM 
Price Free

Eckington dog park is beloved by the community for its large size and cleanliness. This dog park is funded by donations and is run by the Eckington Parks and Arts Foundation. Eckington dog park is very large in size with turf, and pavement surfacing for the softest of paws. The park is kept very sanitary with regular cleaning, and maintenance done by local volunteers. 

What makes this dog park unique is the relationship it has with the community. The park is filled with friendly pooches and residents of the area. It is right along the Metropolitan Branch Trail and has a nice urban view. 

4. Swampoodle Dog Park & Playground 

Swampoodle Dog Park & Playground  
Location 3rd &, L St NE, Washington, DC 20002 
Hours 7 AM-9 PM 
Price Free

The Swampoodle Dog Park is a small 5,000-square-foot area perfect for letting your pooch run off-leash. A playground is also nearby, making it a fun place for kids as well. The dog park has a turf surface and is fully fenced off. For active dogs, there are small tunnels, stairs, and other obstacles for them to enjoy. 

In the Swampoodle dog parks, there is a 10 dog limit, but this rule is not always followed making it too packed on some days. There is also no separate area for smaller dogs, but most dogs that visit are well-behaved. Active dogs and families will enjoy coming to this dog park and Playground, as it is in a very serene urban area. 

5. Columbia Heights Dog Park 

American bulldog laying on the ground

Columbia Heights dog park is a small area of dirt and concrete.


Columbia Heights Dog Park 
Location 1100 park Rd NW, Washington, DC 20010 
Hours 6 AM-10 PM 
Price Free

Not the fanciest of parks to take your pup, the Columbia Heights Dog Park is a small location fenced off and dedicated to the local dogs. This park is one open lot with trees, dirt, and paved concrete. There is plenty of room for your dog to roam and play, and most days it is not busy. Being a neighborhood park, friendly dogs and residents of the area visit often. 

Mud is one of the issues this park deals with during the wet season since most of the area is dirt. There is also a water fountain for your dog, but not many other amenities. For residents and those passing through the area, Columbia Heights Dog Park is enough space to have your dog stretch its legs, and play safely in the city. 

6. Shaw Dog Park 

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Shaw dog park is a gravel park, with trees and benches spread about.

©Makarova Viktoria/Shutterstock.com

Shaw Dog Park 
Location 1673 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 
Hours Mon-Fri 7AM-9PMWeekends 9AM-9PM  
Price Free 

A 15,000 square foot dog play area, Shaw Dog Park is a safe area for letting your pooch run off-leash. This dog park is separated into two fenced-off areas, one for bigger dogs and one for smaller pups. Only 28 dogs are allowed in the large dog area, while only 5 in the smaller dog run. When not busy there is enough space to let your dog go wild, and get out all its energy. 

For safe socialization with other dogs, the park requires an up-to-date Rabies tag, DC registration tag, and DC dog exercise tag present on your pooch. The surface of this park is gravel and sand, which may be an issue for visitors trying to keep their dogs clean. S

Shaw dog park is a refreshing area to visit, with plenty of trees and benches to chill on. At the park, there are no poop bags or running water so it is best to bring your own. 

7. Francis Field Dog Park 

Francis Field Dog Park 
Location 25th St NW, Washington, DC 20037 
Hours 6:30AM-9PM 
Price License Fee: $15/$50 

While smaller in size, Francis Field Dog Parks still has plenty of room to get all of the energy out of your pooch. Trees and benches are placed throughout the dog area, as well as a water fountain for when your dog may get thirsty. This park is kept relatively clean by the visitors, and friendly dogs are abundant in this park. 

The ground of Francis Field Dog Park is gravel, which can easily get your dog dirty, especially after it rains. This park is right next to a large field, which is a good place to take your dog for a walk if not in use. Francis Field Dog Park is not the largest of parks, but if in the area it is a secure, and welcome place to take your furry friend to play. 

8. Newark Street Dog Park 

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Newark street dog park is oval-shaped with crushed granite surfacing.


Newark Street Dog Park 
Location Newark St NW and 39th St NW Washington,
DC 20008, Washington, DC 20016
Hours 7 AM-8:30 PM 
Price Free 

First opening up in 2010, the Newark Street Dog Park is a fenced area of 9,100 square feet dedicated to letting your pup have fun off-leash. The dog park is fenced off into two separate areas, both with gravel surfacing. There are benches, water bowls for thirsty dogs, and poop bags for all to use in the park.

Newark Street dog park has other activities around it like a tennis court, garden, and playground. Popular with the residents, there is a limit of 22 dogs so it doesn’t get too crowded. When near, or a resident of the Newark Street area this park is great at draining your dog and letting them play with other friendly pooches. 

9. Langdon Dog Park 

Langdon Dog Park 
Location 2815 20th St NE, Washington, DC 20018 
Hours Open 24/7 
Price Free 

A gravel-surfaced park, Langdon dog park has two fenced-off areas for bigger and smaller dogs. Water fountains and poop bags are present in both fenced-off areas of the park. Around the dog park, there are grassy areas to go on leashed walks, as well as a pool, rec center, and other amenities to enjoy once your pooch is tired out. 

This park is very simple, but clean and well fenced off. There is enough space for multiple dogs to play, and a roughhouse. At around 11,000 square feet in size, this park is open most of the time to fit in the busiest of schedules. 

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