9 Yellow Cat Breeds and Yellow Cat Names

Written by Heather Ross
Updated: June 23, 2023
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Key Points:

  • Orientals come in more than 600 colors and patterns, with yellow shades included. This cat breed has a sunny and affectionate personality.
  • Number 4 on our list, the Abyssinian is sociable and talkative, though its meow is subtle.
  • The orange tabby cat is one of the most popular of all cats. The tabby’s name is derived from its yellow and orange, striped coat.

Yellow cats are enormously popular. Their ginger, yellow, and orange fur is believed to go with an equally bright, sunny personality. While there’s no scientific proof of that theory, there is abundant evidence that these cats are gorgeous. People call them ginger, butterscotch, caramel, or flame (they are sometimes referred to as red cats or orange cats as well), but they’re all various shades of the same bright color. Read on to learn more about nine yellow cat breeds and yellow cat names.

What Is a Yellow Cat?

When talking about yellow cat breeds, it’s important to note that there are different shades of ginger that are all considered “yellow.” These cats may have yellow, orange, or red fur, depending on the amount and type of pigment or pheomelanin present in their fur.

There are three types of melanin: eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin. Pheomelanin is the type responsible for producing red hair in animals and humans. Cats vary in how much of this pigment they have. That’s why some cats on our list are not pure yellow but still qualify as yellow cat breeds.

Because of genetics, ginger and yellow cats are predominantly male. More than 80% of orange tabbies, for instance, are male. Female cats who inherit ginger chromosomes are more likely to be calico or tortoiseshell. These facts account for the rich coloration of these cats. Cats with this pigment may be various shades of red, apricot, or orange. The shade includes a pale yellow that is almost cream.

If you’re looking for a new kitty or just want to see some sun-colored furballs, you’ll enjoy our list of the top nine yellow cat breeds.

#9: Oriental — Will Be Your Best Buddy

The Oriental cat has more color options than any other cat breed.


With over 600 available colors and color patterns, the elegant Oriental may have more color options than any other cat breed. This gorgeous cat also appears on our list of top 10 grey cat breeds. The Oriental is a slender, graceful cat with large ears and an affectionate personality. Intelligent, affectionate Orientals need lots of love and attention.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Sunshine

Orientals are playful, intelligent cats who love spending time with their people. An Oriental will bring sunshine into your home.

#8: Persian — Like a Little Lion

Persian cats are a high-maintenance cat breed.


There are few sights as stunning as a longhaired Persian in a deep golden color. This quiet, elegant cat is known for its thick, long fur and upturned nose. It’s an unusual cat that requires a quiet environment, some solitude, and regular attention. A Persian cat needs more maintenance than other breeds. Its long fur needs regular brushing, and it is highly sensitive to loud noises. However, it is a sweet, people-pleasing cat.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Lion

Like its regal ancestor, a yellow or ginger Persian has a majestic appearance. Give this cat a name worthy of its elegant appearance.

#7: Dragon Li — Cheerful, Cute and Friendly

Sunset view to Dragon Li cat laying and chilling on sunchair and looking forward. Konnos Beach, Ayia Napa. Cyprus
The Dragon Li, a newly established Chinese breed, can come in striped golden and brown.


Although relatively unknown in other countries, the Dragon Li is a very popular breed in its native country of China. This small, friendly cat has a compact, muscular body and a short tail. The Dragon Li has a sweet, affectionate personality that makes it perfect for almost any family. In China, its official breed name, Li Hua Mo, translates to “Fox Flower Cat.” Among its colors, it can come in striped golden and brown.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Sunflower

A bright yellow flower is an appropriate name for this friendly little cat.

#6: American Bobtail — Big, Playful Pal

The American Bobtail is a friendly cat that generally gets along with other animals.


Named for its short, bobbed tail, this breed comes in many colors, including orange and yellow. It’s a big cat with a big personality to match. The bobtail is a playful, friendly cat that usually gets along with other pets. It loves playing games and spending time with its people. A bobtail is vocal and energetic. It’s a cat with a lot of love to give the right family.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Mustard

Like a squeeze of mustard, your bobtail brings a little spice to every day. This playful cat deserves a playful name.

#5: Abyssinian — Sweet, Sociable Charmer

The Abyssinian is one of the most popular cat breeds.


The elegant Abyssinian is one of the most popular cat breeds. This slender cat is known for its large ears, vocal personality, and rich coloring. It comes in a beautiful red color called “ruddy” by breeders. This cat enjoys interacting with people and can also play quietly with itself. It’s vocal but not loud. This cat hates to be alone, so getting another cat or some other pet is a good idea.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Apricot

The soft orange colors of an Abyssinian will make you think of this soft, fuzzy fruit.

#4: Egyptian Mau — Wild at Heart

The Egyptian Mau is the only domestic cat breed that has a spotted coat.

©Giovanni Piero Pellegrini/Shutterstock.com

This lovely cat known as the Egyptian Mau is the only breed of domestic cat that comes in a spotted coat. This exotic cat keeps many of the characteristics of its wild ancestors, including a cheetah-like walk, spotted coat, and strong prey drive. The Mau is an intelligent, friendly cat that loves to cuddle with its owners.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Mango

The mango is an exotic, sweet fruit, and your Mau is an exotic, sweet cat. It’s perfect.

#3: Himalayan — True Cat Aristocrat

The Himalayan is a color variation of the Persian.


The Himalayan is a color variation of the Persian. It has luxurious, long fur in two distinct coat patterns. This cat has a solid-colored body with spots or “points” of different colors on its ears, tail, and paws. Classic Himalaya point colors include flame, which is a white cat with orange or red points. The cream point Himalaya is a pale, creamy orange color. The Himalayan shares the Persian’s sensitive, regal nature.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Toulouse

In the 1970 Disney movie The Aristocats, Toulouse was a friendly orange kitten. You could also name your cat Thomas O’Malley, the orange cat who was the main character in that movie.

#2: Maine Coon — Classic American Cat

The Maine Coon originated in New England.

©Grisha Bruev/Shutterstock.com

One of the largest domestic cat breeds, this longhaired cat has tufted ears, giant paws, and a bushy tail. The Maine Coon is like a fluffy furball that keeps a kitten-like playfulness most of its life. It’s good with children and enjoys playing with toys. Bred to endure harsh New England climates, it’s a rugged, healthy cat. The Maine coon comes in all the regular cat colors, including orange and yellow.

The Maine coon is possibly the oldest cat breed from America. It’s name can be misleading; the Main coon bears no relation to a racoon. It is thought to have been a long-haired, European cat mixed with a short haired cat. Large in size, Maine coons have been nicknamed “Gentle Giants” due to their sweet dispositions and big measurements. They range from 8-19 pounds!

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Cheddar

Since the Maine coon originated in New England, name it for one of New England’s most famous products. There’s nothing like a big orange Maine coon, and there’s nothing like a chunk of good American cheddar.

#1: Orange Tabby — World’s Most Loved Cat

Tabby refers to the markings on a cat’s coat.

©iStock.com/shcherbak volodymyr

The common orange tabby comes in every shade of yellow. Every orange cat is a tabby, but not every tabby is orange. Is that confusing? Tabbies come in other colors, but only tabbies come in the familiar bright orange color with white markings. Tabby is not a breed. It refers to the familiar markings you see on cats of all colors.

Orange tabbies are enormously popular. The cartoon character Garfield and the 9 Lives mascot Morris may be the most famous orange tabbies in the world. Two beloved fictional tabbies include Thomasina from the books by Paul Gallico and Orlando, the Marmalade Cat in the books by Kathleen Hale. On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Data the android had a pet orange tabby named Spot.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Creamsicle

We can’t think of anything better than Creamsicle for this beautiful cat with its bright, sunny fur and creamy white markings. Just seeing one of these bright, beautiful cats is a treat.

Summary of the 9 Yellow Cat Breeds and Suggested Names

Here’s a recap of the yellow cat breeds we took a close look at and some ideas for what to call your cat:

RankBreedSuggested Name
1Orange TabbyCreamsicle
2Maine CoonCheddar
3 HimalayanToulouse
4Egyptian MauMango
6American BobtailMustard
7Dragon LiSunflower

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