A Starving Wolf Is Willing To Risk Everything To Take a Bison Five Times Its Size Down

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 28, 2023

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Panorama with bison in snowy winter outdoors. Rare cow Buffalo in the natural environment of the North. Endangered species protected by the people.
© Natalya Rozhkova/Shutterstock.com

We live in a world where food is everywhere. And how many of us can honestly say we know what it is to be truly starving? Many animals worldwide have known what it’s genuinely like to starve. 

When most animals get into a fight, they know they can’t win, so they run away and accept defeat. However, for starving animals, they have no choice but to continue fighting even to the death. Don’t miss the action in the video shown above.

Wolf Hunt Sighting

The short YouTube clip at the top of this blog post takes us on an incredible wolf hunt in the thick snow. The Jungle Journey YouTube page posted this video. Their channel shares wildlife worldwide, from the cold, where polar bears and seals live, to Africa, where wild dogs and leopards prey. 

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Wolf Hunting Bison

At the start of this video shown at the top, we see that two alpha wolves have caught sight of a herd of buffalo. These wolves were so hungry they didn’t even wait on their pack. Wolf packs can reach up to 30 members, but most packs are only about six to seven members. And the danger of not waiting for their pack can be catastrophic. Especially when taking down prey this size. 

They leaped into action, and the herd started stamping in the snow to escape. Meanwhile, the wolves wanted to take down a full-grown bison. They knew this animal was five times bigger than they were, and there was no way without their pack. So, instead, the two wolves managed to cut off a young bison from the herd. This bison was only a year old but was significantly more extensive and stronger than the wolves. 

Toward the end, we see this lone bison fighting one wolf alone. And even though this wolf is bloodied and mangled, it is starving and determined to get the food it needs, no matter the cost. 

How Large are Bison?

Two Bison on the Plains near Val Marie

Bison are herbivore eaters.

©James_Gabbert/iStock via Getty Images

Bison (Bison bison) of the Bovidae family live throughout North America. These large mammals weigh an astonishing 2,200-2,500 pounds and reach up to nine feet in length. Not only do these mammals have an incredible size, they are labeled as the largest mammals in North America!

They make for formidable opponents in fights with wolves and bears. In addition to their size, bison are strong and aggressive mammals known to run up to speeds of 22 miles per hour. 

Even at only a year old, this wolf had to fight the bison for over two hours to subdue it. Had this bison been mature and full-grown, no amount of time could have saved the wolf from the wrath of an animal that size. 

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