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A-Z Animals Games & Follow A-Z On Twitter!

A-Z Animals Games & Follow A-Z On Twitter!

27th August 2009
Maxims Seaside Adventure

Maxims Seaside

Fly Catcher

Fly Catcher
A-Z Animals has just added fun animal games to the A-Z Animals website. Playing as a skateboarding puppy, a hamster in it's ball or even a worm, these games are fun and enjoyable to play and some are even a little educational!

There are more than 10 different games to choose from, and A-Z Animals will also be producing a high-score board so get practising now!

You are also now able to follow A-Z Animals on twitter where a new and exciting animal fact will be "tweeted" every day! Simply click on the link below to see the A-Z Animals profile page and start following!

Follow A-Z On Twitter

Follow A-Z Animals
On Twitter

To start playing the A-Z Animals games or follow us on twitter, please see:

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