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A-Z Animals On Your Phone And Facebook

A-Z Animals On Your Phone And Facebook

29th May 2009
A-Z On The Move

A-Z Animals
On The Move

A-Z On Your Phone

A-Z Animals
On Your Phone

The latest additions to A-Z Animals are the Facebook application and the abilty to now use A-Z Animals on your mobile phone! This gives you the ability to have better access and more fun with the animals that you can learn about on the A-Z Animals website.

The simplification of A-Z Animals for mobiles means that you are now able to use A-Z Animals when you are on the move and it is always there when you need it! From looking up facts on the bus or train, or when desperate measures are needed to settle those vital disputes between friends in the pub, you are now able to use the A-Z Animals website wherever you are!

A-Z On Your Facebook

A-Z Animals
On Your Facebook

The new A-Z Animals application for Facebook means that you can choose an animal that you would like to be, pick your favourite animal or let friends know what it is you are scared of! The A-Z Animals Facebook application gives you a picture of your chosen animal along with a little information about it. You are also able to link to the A-Z Animals website meaning that more information is always at the click of a button!

To start using A-Z Animals Mobile or Facebook, just visit: