Absurdly Bold Hyena Grabs A Buffalo By The… Well, Just Watch and See

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 21, 2023
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Wild animals have plenty of unique ways to take down their prey. Orca whales can create sub-surface waves, sharks attack from underneath the victim, and golden eagles drop goats off the edge of cliffs! 

The animal kingdom is full of surprising and jaw-dropping tactics, especially if a creature is hungry. Latest Sightings, a popular wildlife Youtube channel, shows us just how strategic hyenas can be when they’re facing an animal much bigger than them. 

Watch a Hyena Attack a Buffalo in a Place We Can’t See

Hyenas behave like dogs or wolves when hunting an animal that is larger than themselves; they hunt in packs and pull down the prey by ripping into it and pulling it to the ground. When pursuing smaller prey, they would hunt by themselves like foxes

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Hyenas do not immediately kill their prey, unlike other creatures in the same environment, unlike dogs. After being exhausted from being pursued, their target is unable to mount another defense and is thus trapped and eaten while still alive.

Judging from how the video is set up, it appears like this particular hyena is alone. This causes him to use unlikely tactics to take down his prey. After a long day running from lions, this buffalo is already exhausted.

This is Going to Hurt! 

As the hyena figures out the perfect time to strike, he musters the courage and sinks his teeth right into the buffalos… balls! A mature member of the hyena species only has to be afraid of big cats from the Felidae family because it has one of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom. The 800 pounds per inch bite force of an adult hyena may crush bone.

Buffalo are giant compared to hyenas. They can weigh over 2,600 pounds and have powerful, large horns that can gouge an animal to death. That being said, when an animal with a powerful jaw grabs you by the balls, there’s only so much you can do to defend yourself! 

The one in this video instantly cries out and begins turning in circles, hoping to be able to defend itself against the tactile hyena. It doesn’t take the buffalo much effort to cause the hyena to start running off, but he keeps coming back. 

Someone left a comment on the video by Latest Sightings stating, “I guess this proves that buffalos can’t kick backward like horses or donkeys. Every animal of that size that could do so would have turned that hyena’s face into abstract art.”

Unlike cattle or horses, buffalo don’t often kick backward, but there have been occasional instances. African buffalo are among the most dangerous creatures, making them the target of hunters’ greatest caution. Buffalo are known for waiting patiently for pursuers before attacking at the final second. Older bulls who have left the herd typically exhibit greater aggression.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © J.NATAYO/Shutterstock.com

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