5 Adorable Puppies in Baltimore To Adopt For Christmas

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Published: December 1, 2022
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Christmas is the perfect time to add a four-legged member to your family. If you want to unwrap a box containing an adorable new puppy this holiday season, there are puppies and dogs in need of forever homes in Baltimore, Maryland. Crabcakes and football aren’t the only things that Maryland does — they also take wonderful care of dogs and cats in foster homes while they wait to be adopted. You may just find your next family pet on this lovable list. Be advised, though, that adopting a puppy is a commitment for the life of the animal. Be sure to not make an impulse decision and that your family is ready to take on the duties of loving and caring for your precious new family member for the long haul. Now! Let’s get to puppers!

1. Puppy-at-Heart in Baltimore: Sheila, 4-Year-Old Mixed Breed

Sheila is a loving pup that is currently part of a foster family. She is fully grown and weighs just over 50 pounds. She is a happy lap dog but is just as comfortable on her dog bed or crate. Basically, anywhere she can snuggle is fine with Sheila. According to her foster family, Sheila would be happier in a kitty-free home. She got quite animated and started barking a lot when she caught sight of their cat. Sheila is okay around other dogs but may get nervous sometimes. Her foster family thinks its best if Sheila has a playdate with any potential puppy siblings before deciding if the adoption is the right fit.

There isn’t any information on Sheila’s suspected breed. If you decide that she is the dog for you, it would be fun to find out her exact mix using a DNA test. She has a blue-black speckled coat of short hair, ideal for keeping shedding to a minimum. As a large dog, she does need plenty of space and room to run around. She loves to exercise and be active.

2. Puppies in Baltimore: Novi, a 1-Year-Old American Pit Bull Terrier

Novi knows she’s cute. Why else would she be winking at the camera? This lovable pup has plenty of energy and loves to play with other dogs. She doesn’t do as well with cats or kids, although she’s not aggressive. Novi is happiest around other high-energy dog siblings that can keep up with her.

She currently weighs 44 pounds but you can expect her to grow a bit larger, topping out at around 60 pounds at the most. She may not get much larger, however, you should be ready just in case. American Pit Bull Terriers are very social and energetic dogs. They can also be loyal and protective of their families. Novi is still learning her manners and sometimes gets a little too excited as she jumps and nips for attention. If you want a highly enthusiastic dog who will be fun to train, Novi is your girl!

3. Puppies in Baltimore: Debo, a 2-Year-Old Labrador Retriever

Don’t let his lack of selfie skills fool you. Debo is an adorable Chocolate Lab who would make a wonderful family pet. He is a brown and white neutered male who has already been house-trained and loves to play. He knows some commands, including sit, down, and come. If you want a dog that you can teach to do tricks, Debo is the perfect playmate.

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. They are highly trainable, happy to go for walks or relax at home, gentle and patient with children and other pets, and very loving. Debo fits all of these criteria, making him the perfect pet for a lab-loving home. He’s a bit older than other puppies. However, that means that he’s already gone through his wild, rambunctious period and has settled into a great companion.

4. Puppy-at-heart in Baltimore: Peter, a 6-Year-Old American Pit Bull Terrier

Peter is a white American Pit Bull Terrier who loves to play, eat delicious food, and just be a general sweetheart around the Baltimore Humane Society. He is six years old and fully grown, weighing 95 pounds. He also likes to spend time outside and has been known to go “dumpster diving” into the toy box for fun new things to play with. If you like picking out the perfect dog toy, Peter will be more than happy to give it a test run for you.

Like other American Pit Bull Terriers, Peter has a large barrel chest that makes him look quite imposing. He is very loyal and protective but still likes to play and have fun. He does have a lot of energy and his ideal home will have room for him to run around and play. Peter is on the larger side for a typical American Pit Bull Terrier, so he might have some other breed mixed in as well.

5. Puppy-at-Heart in Baltimore: Isabella, a 5-Year-Old Pit Bull

This beautiful dog got the star treatment in November as a featured dog on local news station WBAL. She is still looking for her forever home, which would ideally have a family that wants to spend as much time with her as they can. She is very curious and smart. Isabella loves to say hello to just about anyone, which is how she was brought into the Baltimore Humane Society in the first place. She welcomed herself when she decided to greet an employee and just never left.

Pit Bulls can be trained and using food and treats as a training aid is a great way to do it. Fortunately, Isabella is highly motivated by food. She will even get her nose into an open bag if it’s left unattended. Female Pit Bulls tend to be between 25 and 75 pounds. At five years old, it’s likely that Isabella has finished growing. She has the characteristic grin that Pit Bulls are known for, which makes her that much more enchanting when she greets you.

How to Adopt Puppies in Baltimore

Baltimore is home to some great animal rescue organizations, including well-known places like the Maryland SPCA and Baltimore Humane Society. Many of the animals in these locations were rescued from the street or other unsafe situations. When you adopt them, you will know that you are giving a safe and loving home to a dog in need. They also partner with other pet care organizations to host events, provide training for dogs and dog parents, and ensure that dogs have access to healthcare needs such as vaccines.

Puppies tend to be adopted faster but older dogs can also make great companions and additions to your home. Not only are they often better trained when they come to your home, reducing things like bathroom accidents, but it is also easier to tell what socialization they may have had before. Adult dogs who are comfortable with other dogs, pets, and children can typically be counted on to stay that way. On the flip side, adult dogs who get nervous around people or pets display those fears right away. Either way, you’ll have an easy time deciding if your home is the right place for a new pup.

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