9 Adorable Puppies in Boston To Adopt for Christmas

Written by Chanel Coetzee
Published: December 1, 2022
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Editor’s note: Adopting a puppy or dog, at any time, is a long-term commitment for the life of the animal. It’s adding a new family member, so please do not make your decision to do so lightly or on a whim.

It can get lonely over the holidays, so why not visit your local animal shelter and rescue a canine companion? Hundreds of dogs need a good home this festive season, so don’t delay.

Below you can find 10 adorable puppies in Boston to adopt this Christmas. These cute canines are so cute they won’t be available for long, so if you see a pup you like, you better get moving!

1. Puppies in Boston: Red, a 6-Month-Old Pit Bull Mix

Red is a 6-month-old pit bull mix who loves to cuddle. He needs a family that will give him a lot of attention and affection. In addition, Red loves the outdoors and will be a great companion on adventures.

This lovable dog loved walking the children from his foster home to school every morning, so Red would do well in a house with kids.

Red, the adorable puppy in Boston, is available to adopt this Christmas from the Dedham Animal Care & Adoption Center at 55 Anna’s Place. Alternatively, you can email [email protected].

The cost to adopt from Dedham Animal Care & Adoption Center will vary depending on the age of the dog:

  • 1 year and under – $550
  • 1 to 9 years – $450
  • 10 years or older – $300

Adopting a Pit Bull

Pitbulls are known for being aggressive dogs, but they are actually patient, fun-loving, and gentle companions. The pit bull was bred to be brave and won’t back down when threatened. But even though they are stubborn, tenacious, and fearless, pit bulls are generally good with children. However, because they are such powerful dogs, they should always be supervised around kids.

These rambunctious dogs love interactive games and plenty of exercise, so they will fit in well with an active family. Unfortunately, their short coats do not protect them against cold weather, so if you live in freezing temperatures, ensure your pitty has a warm jacket for the winter.

This breed is notorious for not getting along with other dogs, but if you train and socialize pit bulls from a young age, they will welcome a new pet to the home with open arms.

2. Puppies in Boston: Sharpie, a 6-Month-Old Lab Mix

Sharpie is a 6-month-old lab mix available for adoption at the Dedham Animal Care & Adoption Center. She is a very social dog and will do best in a home that already has dogs. You can visit her at 55 Anna’s Place, Dedham, MA, on Wednesday-Sunday from 1 to 6 pm. Or you can inquire at [email protected].

Adopting a Labrador

Labradors are popular because they have several desirable traits like intelligence and being easy to train. However, they need daily exercise and a strict diet to stay in shape, as they are prone to obesity. In addition, these dogs make the best family dogs because of their gentle but playful nature.

This breed is protective of its families but is also friendly to guests invited into the home, making it a well-balanced dog. However, one negative trait is their need to chew if under-stimulated, so always ensure there is plenty of toys around.

Labs have thick, double coats that keep them warm in cold temperatures, but their long locks also mean a lot of shedding. To keep the hair at bay, brush them thoroughly once a week. In addition, Labradors are energetic dogs and will need over an hour of exercise per day.

3. Puppies in Boston: Mulligan, a 7-Month-Old Shepherd Mix

Mulligan is a sweet 7-month-old shepherd mix with three legs. But don’t let his loss of a limb fool you; this affliction does not slow him down one bit! This amazing young pup loves people and gets along with other dogs, so he will make a welcomed addition to any home.

In addition, Mulligan loves children, but he is rambunctious and likes to jump, which isn’t ideal if you have small children. This energetic pup still needs a lot of training but is eager to learn. However, there is no doubt that he will bring a lot of joy to whoever adopts him, so what are you waiting for?

Get down to Last Hope K9 Rescue, or visit their website to apply today!

4. Puppies in Boston: Chester, a 2-Year-Old Pit Bull Mix

Chester is a dapper 2-year-old pit bull mix who needs an affectionate and supportive family. Although Chester loves his carers, he is wary of strangers and will thrive in a quiet home without too many visitors. In addition, he needs to be the only child, but Chester comes with an emotional support toy!

Chester is available for adoption from MSPCA Nevins Farm Adoption Center at 400 Broadway, Methuen, MA. Alternatively, you can email [email protected].

The cost of adopting a canine companion from the MSPCA will differ depending on their age:

  • Under the age of 2 –  $550
  • 2 to 9 years old – $475
  • 10 years or older – $350

5. Puppies in Boston: Spanx, a 12-Month-Old Lab Mix

Spanx is a lovable 12-month-old lab mix who has already charmed all the staff and volunteers at MSPCA Nevins Farm Adoption Center. This adorable puppy is highly intelligent and will thrive on stimulating enrichment like puzzles or obedience training.

She has a lot of energy, which is natural for a puppy her age. Spanx would do best in a home with an older dog. In addition, she would make a great companion for older children because she loves attention and gentle affection.

6. Puppies in Boston: Courtney, a 12-Month-Old German Shepherd Mix

Courtney is a playful 12-month-old German shepherd mix that might be shy at first. But she quickly becomes comfortable, and then her bubbly personality really comes out!

Courtney will do well in a home with an older, calmer dog. However, she dislikes cats and is too nervous about being around young, boisterous children.

This adorable puppy in Boston is available to adopt this Christmas at the Animal Care and Adoption Center, 350 South Huntington Ave, Boston, MA. Alternatively, you can call for a viewing appointment at (617) 522-5055.

Adopting a German Shepherd

These natural-born guardians are incredibly loyal to their owners, which is why they make such amazing police dogs. In addition, they have no fear and will easily put themselves in harm’s way to protect their loved ones.

German shepherds aren’t the friendliest breed, and people usually have to earn their trust, but once they do, they will have a friend and protector for life. These dogs need early socialization to help build relationships with other pets and children. Luckily, they are highly intelligent and extremely easy to train.

The German shepherd is a very vocal dog and will turn to barking or howling when bored or to alert its owners when something is wrong. But, with the proper training, you can teach your pup to only bark when absolutely necessary. Also, because they are working dogs, German shepherds need a lot of exercise, over an hour a day.

7. Puppies in Boston: Jaxtyn, a 12-Month-Old Boxer Mix

Jaxtyn is a 12-month-old boxer mix with the softest coat. This pup is incredibly affectionate and playful and already knows some basic commands. It will be easy to continue training Jaxtyn because he is so eager to please.

This adorable pup loves being active and will require regular exercise. However, once all the fun is done, Jaxtyn loves curling up on the couch and relaxing. So, if you want an entertaining companion, contact the Last Hope K9 Rescue here.

Lastly, boxers are a “bully breed,” so read through your building restrictions regarding pets before inquiring about Jaxtyn.

Adopting Boxers

Owning a boxer is not easy; they are high-energy, goofy dogs that need constant stimulation. In addition, boxers like being around people and may experience separation anxiety if owners leave them alone for long periods.

However, they are fiercely loyal and will protect their families with their lives. These dogs hardly bark, so you know something is really wrong when they do. But, they are vocal in other ways and typically make a growling noise when excited or scared.

If boxers don’t receive enough physical and mental stimulation, they can act out in destructive ways. So, they do best in houses with big families where someone is often home. These dogs can acclimate to both country and city living as long as their exercise needs are fulfilled. Boxers are not suitable dogs for neat freaks because they drool a lot!

8. Puppies in Boston: Hopper Hawkins, a 5-Month-Old Terrier Mix

Hopper Hawkins is a lovable 5-month-old terrier mix who loves being around other puppies. He would do best at home with other dogs because of his social nature.

This little pup is still learning to obey basic commands and needs a persistent, patient owner to follow through with his training. However, he is fully leash trained and loves his daily walks. All Hopper needs now is an attentive forever family.

This adorable puppy in Boston is available for adoption this Christmas; you can contact the Last Hope K9 Rescue for any questions or schedule a visit.

Adopting a Terrier

Terriers were originally bred in Europe to catch and kill the vermin plaguing their farms, homes, and businesses. They are quick little things and don’t need to stalk their prey; instead, they wait and watch, and when the pest gets closure, they will pounce and kill with one swift bite.

Terriers will always bring home “presents” for their owners, so if you are squeamish, this might not be the dog for you. Unfortunately, there is nothing owners can do to curb their natural behavior, but they can avoid situations encouraging these dogs to hunt.

Terriers will look for prey when they are:

  • Bored
  • Stressed
  • Under-stimulated
  • Excited

9. Puppies in Boston: Oreo, a 9-Month-Old Bull Terrier Mix

Oreo is a ball of energy, which is no surprise since he is only nine months old. This bull-terrier mix is extremely friendly and loves to play with all sorts of dog toys. In addition, he is incredibly social and loves the company of other dogs and cats.

Since Oreo is so active, he needs a home that exercises a lot and will take him on walks every day. Oreo will be a great addition to any home, and he is waiting for his forever family to come and get him!

This playful pup is available for adoption from Last Hope K9 Rescue, and you can inquire on their website lasthopek9.org.

Adopting a Bull Terrier

Despite their bad reputation, bull terriers are affectionate, gentle, and playful companions. In addition, they are loyal to a fault and make fantastic guard dogs.

However, because of their powerful bodies, they should always be supervised around children or strangers.

Bull terriers generally don’t get along with other dogs, so it’s best they are the only child unless they were socialized from a young age.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How much does it cost to adopt a dog in Boston?

The cost to adopt from Dedham Animal Care & Adoption Center will vary depending on the age of the dog:
• 1 year and under – $550
• 1 to 9 years – $450
• 10 years or older – $300

How do I find a local puppy?

Boston has various dog shelters and rescues. You can find adorable pups at the MSPCA, Animal Care & Adoption Center, and Last Hope K9 Rescue.

What is the best website to adopt a dog?

Petfinder has access to available dogs for adoption all over the USA.

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  1. Animal Rescue League of Boston, Available here: https://www.instagram.com/arlboston/
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