7 Adorable Puppies In Oklahoma City To Adopt For Christmas

Written by Nixza Gonzalez
Published: December 1, 2022
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Are you looking to expand your family with a furry friend? Thousands of dogs are waiting in shelters and rescue centers for their forever homes. It’s important to consider, though, if you are ready for the responsibilities of owning a puppy. There is nothing more heartbreaking for these dogs than being returned to a shelter or rescue. If you live in Oklahoma City and are ready to make the commitment to adopt, keep reading. Here we have a list of 7 adorable puppies in Oklahoma City to adopt for Christmas.

1. Branson, a 1 Year and 9-Month-Old Mixed Dog

The first puppy on our list is Branson. You can find him at the Oklahoma Humane Society. He is one year and nine months and is a mixed breed. Branson is waiting for his forever home. He weighs 28 pounds and is a happy puppy with a black and white coat. He also has warm brown eyes and a kind spirit. Branson enjoys belly rubs, and he is vocal. He gets along with other dogs but may need your help with a slow introduction.

Mixed breeds make up the majority of dogs in shelters. They often stay in shelters longer than other dogs because they don’t have papers, but they still have a lot to offer! Mixed breed dogs, according to some studies, have fewer health problems than purebred puppies. Instead of going to a puppy mill in Oklahoma City and spending a fortune, consider adopting a mixed breed dog in a shelter. If Branson and his cute personality have caught your eye, meet him in person at the adoption center.

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2. Shima, an 11-month-old Mixed Breed

Shima has an infectious smile and loving energy to match. She is an 11-month-old mixed breed puppy currently at Safe Haven Animal Rescue. She is a sweet girl who wants to play all day and come home to a warm snuggle. Shima is a loving dog who is good with kids and other dogs. She would do well in a home with lots of space, a fenced-in yard, and other dogs to guide her. She is still growing slowly and is 44 pounds. You can’t help but fawn while looking at her cute floppy ears that stand up and move. Shima is super expressive and has a lot of love to give!

The center does not know the mixture of Shima. However, because of her size, it’s safe to assume Shima will need a lot of exercise. She may thrive in a home with active pet parents who can walk and play with her frequently. If you are interested in taking Shima home, contact Safe Haven Animal Rescue Center for more information. Sometimes, Shima travels to adoption events at Petsmart.

Breed: Mixed
Age: 11 months old
Contact: Safe Haven OK
Profile: Shima

3. Peach, a 2.5-year-old Mixed Breed

Peach is just as sweet as her name suggests. This beautiful girl is a two-and-a-half-year-old mixed breed. She is a big girl, weighing about 85 pounds. As loving as Peach is, a past adopter returned her to the shelter because she couldn’t get along with another dog in her home. While she gets along with dogs at the shelter, it does take Peach time to warm up. Peach has warm brown eyes and a brown and white coat. She is gentle and loves playtime. She has reached her full adult size.

Peach is another mixed breed puppy on our list. About 80% of all dogs in shelters and rescues are mixed breeds. Since Peach is a large dog, she needs room to roam and run. If you have another pet in your home, you’ll need to introduce them slowly. Contact Oklahoma Humane Center to take this beautiful girl home for Christmas. She is foster and adoption ready.

Breed: Mixed
Age: Two and a half years old
Contact: OK Humane Society
Profile: Peach

4. Buddy, a 3-month-old Mixed Breed

Buddy is ready to steal hearts with his floppy large ears and sparkling brown eyes. He is a three-month-old mixed breed puppy in Oklahoma City looking for his forever home. Buddy is affectionate and filled with loving puppy energy. He loves to play and requires an active home with parents that can dedicate time to train him.

Buddy is a mixed breed puppy and will likely grow a lot more. Experts at the shelter predict he will grow up to 44 pounds, but this number is just an estimate. Have you fallen for this adorable puppy? Do you want to take him home? Contact Safe Haven Animal Rescue directly or fill out their application. Someone should reach out to you shortly.

Breed: Mixed
Age: Three months old
Contact: Home | Safe Haven Animal Rescue
Profile: Buddy

5. Dax, a 10-month-old German Shepherd

Dax is a goofy and lovable puppy with a gorgeous face. His ears stand up straight and he has brown spots of color throughout his body, including two above his eyes. Dax is a 10-month-old German shepherd. He loves to cuddle and likes being the center of attention. Dax is still growing and has a lot of hyper energy. He would thrive in a home with attentive parents that could dedicate time to proper training. Drax has a lot to learn. This puppy is jumpy and best suited for homes with children 14 years or older. If you want to adopt Dax, know he will be a big responsibility. The center is still training this good boy to walk on a leash and greet other people and dogs, but he has a way to go.

German shepherds are easy to train but are also stubborn. They are working dogs and often work alongside police officers. These dogs are very protective and loyal to their owners. German shepherds grow quickly, sometimes reaching 90 pounds. They are also herding dogs. If you are interested in adopting Dax for Christmas, contact [email protected]

Breed: German shepherds
Age: Ten months old
Contact: OK Humane Society
Profile: Dax

6. Sage, a 6-month-old Mixed Breed

The sixth available puppy on our list is Sage. She is a six-month-old mixed breed with a lot of heart and personality. Sage weighs 45 pounds, and she is a perfect addition to homes that already have other pets! She is comfortable around children, dogs, and cats. Sage is also spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm free. She is a little shy and takes time to come out of her shell, but once she does, Sage is as happy as can be! Her sister is also available for adoption.

Sage would love living in a home full of love and light. She is affectionate and takes many naps but is still a puppy with lots to learn. If you want to take on the responsibility of owning, caring for, and loving this beautiful pup, contact Safe Haven.

Breed: Mixed
Age: Six-month-old
Contact: Home | Safe Haven Animal Rescue
Profile: Sage

7. Raven, a 6-month-old Mixed Breed

How can you say no to such a sweet and pouty face? Last on our list we have Raven, a six-month-old mixed breed ready for her forever home. Raven is shy but ready for a loving family. She was sadly mistreated when she was younger. As she grew, her previous owners dumped her because of her size. It takes Raven some time to be comfortable with new faces. Raven could really use your help to find a loving and kind home. She loves to play, cuddle, and nap. If you want to make Raven’s wishes come true, contact the shelter or apply directly.

Raven is a medium-sized mixed breed puppy. The shelter isn’t sure of her exact genetics, but they expect her to grow past 44 pounds. Remember that big dogs need space. If you are interested in Raven, ensure you have the right home to fit her needs. While Raven likes to snuggle, she also loves playing with toys and needs exercise to remain healthy and happy. Contact Safe Haven for more information.

Breed: Mixed
Age: Six-month-old
Contact: Home | Safe Haven Animal Rescue
Profile: Raven

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