10 Adorable Puppies in San Diego to Adopt for Christmas

Written by Kellianne Matthews
Published: December 1, 2022
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Adopting a puppy for Christmas can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only is it a wonderful way to show that you care, but it’s also a unique opportunity to provide a furry companion with the love and safety they need. If you are looking for some adorable puppies to adopt in San Diego this holiday season, then look no further!

Each puppy has their own distinct personalities, and each one is sure to bring you joy and happiness. But before deciding to adopt a puppy, it is important to remember that this is a serious decision with long-term consequences. Owning a pet requires dedication, commitment, and responsibility, which should be taken into consideration before bringing a new family member into your home. Remember, a puppy isn’t just something fun to play with for a few weeks or months; it’s a commitment that lasts their entire lifetime.

Adopting a puppy instead of buying from a breeder or pet store is also an incredibly humane and ethical choice, as it helps reduce animal homelessness and suffering. With these things in mind, let’s look at 10 adorable puppies in San Diego waiting for their forever homes!

1. Timmy (Terrier Mix)

This cute terrier mix is playful and sweet. Timmy can be shy at first, but he is very affectionate when he warms up. He is a quiet dog and enjoys going on walks but can get scared by other dogs and loud noises. However, at home he gets along well with other dogs. Timmy is housetrained and sleeps in his crate.

As a terrier mix, Timmy has soft, wiry fur that needs to be brushed regularly and groomed occasionally. Terrier mixes are energetic and can have fun, lively personalities. They also commonly make great guard dogs since they’re so attached to their families. A terrier mix is an active and energetic dog that requires regular exercise, including walks, runs, fetch games, swimming, agility training, and playtime in the yard. They also benefit from mental stimulation in the form of interactive toys and activities such as hide-and-seek, puzzles, or tug-of-war.

2. Abbey, Alexis, Alley, and Andy (Miniature Poodle, Maltese, Border Terrier Mix)

If you are looking for an adorable little poodle-type puppy in San Diego — here are four that are ready to go home for the holidays! These little puff balls were rescued from a terrible hoarding situation, but now they are recovered and ready to be the fun-loving beauties they were born to be. These pups are good-natured and mellow, with a silly side that is a lot of fun. Each is extremely happy and affectionate, and they all love people and want to be with you as much as possible. Some have wiry, terrier-like coats, while others have curlier poodle-like coats. And they all have the most adorable ears you’ll ever see!

As a mix of miniature poodle, Maltese, and border terrier, these pups will likely grow to be around 18 pounds or so as adults. All three of these breeds are small and intelligent and need plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Daily walks are essential for these energetic pooches, as well as playtime in the yard or at the park. Interactive games such as fetch, tug-of-war, and hide-and-seek can help keep these dogs entertained and engaged. A good-quality puzzle toy is also a great way to give them the mental stimulation they need. Providing plenty of opportunities for socialization with humans, other pets, and different environments will also help to keep your pup stimulated and content.

3. Kiwi (Dachshund and Labrador Retriever Mix)

Poor little Kiwi was so scared and hiding inside a store when rescuers found him, but four months later, this sweet soul is happy, healthy, and ready to give all his love to a forever family! Kiwi is an adorable puppy in San Diego who is very friendly and plays well with dogs of all sizes. However, he especially loves cats — in fact, he loves playing with them, taking naps with them, and giving them baths!

As a dachshund and Labrador retriever mix, Kiwi has a loving and spunky personality and will be the best canine companion you could ever ask for! He is a smaller pup, and will probably be under 25 pounds when he is fully grown. Kiwi will need regular exercise and plenty of love so that he can be happy and healthy. Dachshunds typically want to be close to their humans, and Labradors love keeping you company, so you know that Kiwi will make an excellent canine companion!

4. Bonita (Retriever and Pit Bull Terrier Mix)

Like her name, Bonita is a drop-dead gorgeous girl with beautiful golden retriever colors and a reddish pit bull nose. She has a wonderful talent for smiling and is a sweet and happy puppy. Bonita is cute and silly, as well as affectionate and very social. She loves to play with all sizes of dogs; she may bark at first, but after a quick sniff she is ready and excited to play. She is also great with children and families.

As a golden retriever and pit bull terrier mix puppy, Bonita will need basic training and plenty of exercise to keep her physically and mentally stimulated. She will likely be a medium-to-larger size dog when she’s fully grown, around 55 pounds or so. Golden retrievers are intelligent dogs that are friendly and devoted to their families. They are affectionate and good with children and other dogs and make some of the best canine companions. Pit bulls are also very affectionate and love being with their people. Both retrievers and pit bulls are athletic dogs that need daily exercise. Bonita would love an active forever family who can give her the care that she needs to thrive.

5. Chico (Pug)

This cute little pug is an absolute joy to have around. Chico loves kids, people, dogs, and pretty much anyone and anything he meets. He has a lovely black coat that makes him shine like a little star and he is currently 18 pounds. Chico is a purebred pug puppy who had a rough start, yet he is the most loveable little guy you will meet! He loves to play and go for walks, and despite being small, he is surprisingly fast on those short little legs!

As a pug, Chico is a total charmer with a loving and playful personality that will make you smile. Pugs are extremely affectionate dogs who are typically good with other dogs and children, and often are the ideal house dogs. These adorable little pooches are usually pretty fond of their food, so you’ll need to be sure to help Chico eat in moderation and get enough exercise to keep him fit and healthy. However, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem since this little guy is very active.  Although he won’t require much grooming, pugs do shed, so Chico will need a quick brushing once a week. Pugs typically live between 13 and 15 years on average.

6. Osuno (Labrador Retriever)

You can’t look at Osuno’s face without smiling because this cute pup is always so happy! Osuno is an easy-going puppy in San Diego who gets along with dogs, people, kids, and even cats. He is a purebred black Labrador with the world’s best smile.

Labrador retrievers are active, energetic dogs that require a good amount of exercise to stay healthy and happy. They are great companion animals and love being involved in activities with their owners. To keep them healthy and content, they should have at least an hour of exercise every day. They often enjoy activities like walking, running, playing fetch, and swimming. For more intense exercise, agility courses or flyball are great activities for these high-energy dogs. Additionally, it is important to give them mental stimulation through interactive toys, food puzzles, and learning games. Labrador retrievers have a life expectancy of 11 to 13 years on average.

7. The Fatina Pups: Valentino, Fendi, and Prada (Terrier Mix)

These three little black and white puppies in San Diego are so adorable, we couldn’t decide which one to spotlight — so we decided to include them all! The Fatina pups have been living it up in a foster home with their mama for the past several weeks, but now they are ready to find their own forever homes. Valentino is a sweet little boy with adorable black spots and loves to cuddle and snuggle. Fendi is a cute little girl with a black coat, accented with a cute white stripe down the middle of her face, a white snout, and adorable white mittens. And Prada is a sleek and sophisticated little girl with a soft black coat and little white paws. Each pup has their own unique look and personality!

Mama Fatina is a terrier poodle mix who weighs around 20 pounds. They’re not sure who the puppy-daddy is, but these babies are likely to be small- to medium-sized dogs when they are fully grown. Both terriers and poodles are very smart and active dogs, so these cute pups will need plenty of exercise. These breeds are also affectionate and loving, so these girls will each need a forever family who is ready to give and receive lots of tender puppy love!

8. Jasmine (Belgian Shepherd, Malinois, and Italian Greyhound Mix)

If you’re looking for a drop-dead gorgeous dog, look no further than this beautiful pup, Jasmine! Jasmine is a stunning mixed-breed puppy in San Diego with a luxurious dark chocolate coat and elegantly pointed ears. Not only is she beautiful, but this girl is also very smart, and is leash-trained and crate-trained. Jasmine is athletic and healthy and will need a forever family that can keep her active and help her burn off her energy. She would make an excellent exercise buddy and protector, and she loves to play with toys.

Belgian shepherd and Malinois dogs are very smart, versatile, and highly trainable. They love to be active and work hard. However, these sweet dogs also have tender and sensitive souls and crave human companionship as well. Italian greyhounds are also sensitive dogs who are alert and have playful personalities. They are very affectionate and great with other dogs. Like the Malinois, Italian greyhounds are also active dogs and need daily exercise. As a mix, Jasmine will be a medium-sized dog, making her the perfect companion to always keep you company!

9. Nachos (Schnauzer, Labrador, and Border Terrier Mix)

Nachos has the best hairdo in the world with his soft and wiry coat and whiskers. This cutie gets along well with dogs and can be a little shy at first, but once he is comfortable, he loves to play! Currently, he loves playing with Lady, his Australian shepherd buddy. Nachos is a mellow young pup that loves to cuddle and is crate trained. He has a tender soul and would make an excellent family dog.

This cutie doesn’t shed much so probably won’t aggravate allergies. Schnauzers are smart and spirited dogs that are very sweet and affectionate, while border terriers are happy dogs with plucky personalities. And of course, Labradors are as friendly and playful as they come, so you know Nachos will be a fun buddy who will always make you smile! He’s also the perfect size to be your very own doggie sidekick: he weighs 45 pounds, so not too big and not too small — Nachos is just right!

10. Arlo (Shepherd Mix)

There is no sweeter face than Arlo’s. This tender puppy in San Diego is a calm and gentle boy who is great with children, dogs, and even cats! Arlo is a sensitive soul who loves playing with other furry friends, cuddling, eating, and snuggling in his crate. He has a curious nature and would love a forever family who can help guide him so that he can enjoy life and be the best dog he can be.

As a shepherd mix, Arlo will need daily exercise to help keep him healthy and fit, and to prevent boredom. He is also a very smart dog who needs to be mentally stimulated and loves to be social. Shepherd mix puppies are typically active and love to explore, learn new things, and play. They are also extremely loyal and devoted to their owners. Arlo will likely be a medium to large size dog full of love to share with you!

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