Aggressive Dolphin Attacks Elderly Man on Japanese Beach

Written by Ryan Fisher
Published: August 15, 2023
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Likely one of the most liked sea animals, dolphins are thought to be unique animals that like to peacefully coexist with humans. Many dolphins are also featured in aquariums and nature exhibits, usually due to their high intelligence and interest in humans. Can this interest become dangerous though? Let’s take a look at what happens when dolphins are a little less than cordial!

The clip below shows an elderly man swimming in a secluded beach, surrounded by a crowd of other people. Just like a scene from a shark movie, a dolphin begins swimming toward the man with its dorsal fin sticking ominously out of the water. 

After a few moments, the dolphin gets closer to the man, and the man begins to yell out in distress. Presumably, the animal attempts to bite the man, although it is hard to be sure. Luckily, the elderly man was saved by a nearby paddleboarder who was able to lead him to safety. 

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The video ends with the crowd trying to help the elderly man, unsure of where exactly the dolphin is lurking nearby! 

Are Dolphins Dangerous?

 For the most part, dolphins are extremely docile animals. Many businesses let people swim near them in the wild. Likewise, they are used in aquarium shows due to their intelligence and well-natured interactions with people. 

While they are usually peaceful, it is important to note that they can be dangerous. They have lots of sharp teeth which can cause a lot of damage. Luckily, dolphins rarely attack humans; In most cases, dolphin attacks are due to confusion – either because the they mistake humans for food, or because humans encroach on their territory. 

Regardless of their strength and size, you shouldn’t worry too much about dolphins coming to attack you. For the most part, even wild individuals are usually gentle and curious toward humans. 

What do Dolphins Eat?

bottlenose dolphin catching food

Crustaceans are the main part of a dolphins diet, although they eat many other things such as fish,


, and even squids!


Being some of the largest animals in their aquatic ecosystems, they eat a variety of different animals. In terms of small animals, they eat a lot of different fish. If the fish is very small, they can simply swallow it whole. If it is large, however, they can usually gnaw it with their teeth and hit it against the water’s surface to break it apart. 

In addition to fish, they also eat other animals such as squids, jellyfish, shrimp, and crabs, among other things. 

Dolphins hunt by creating high-frequency sounds that bounce throughout their environment. When the sound bounces off prey, it bounced back, allowing them to track prey without having a great vision! This method of hunting is referred to as echolocation, and it is used by many animals. 

When in larger groups, they can actually herd prey into specific areas. This allows them to concentrate fish so that all members of their pod get a reliable chance at catching food! 

Watch the Terrifying Scene Here

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