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All About Labradors

All About Labradors

12th May 2015
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Many households now own pets from dogs and cats, hamsters and gerbils, fish and even more exotic species like snakes and monkeys. Having a dog at home is a popular choice of pet for people all over the world and in the UK, the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds due to their friendly personality and the fact they are not only known to be good with children, but are also a popular choice of working dog too.

Labradors are ranked within the top ten most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They are thought to be able to understand and master a new command very quickly and obey that command over 90 percent of the time.

Love of Food
Labradors are very enthusiastic eaters which is why positive reinforcement training is very successful with these dogs. They never miss an opportunity to gobble up a tasty treat which can cause problems as their scavenging nature can sometimes lead to them consuming something that may be harmful to them.

Labradors are very active and tend to stay that way into old age. Their love of food however can sometimes lead to problems with being overfed and becoming obese. Common inherited health conditions are hip and eye problems but providing they are well looked after, they often live to be 12 years or older.

Coat and Colouring
Labradors are seen in three distinct colours which are black (the most common), chocolate brown and a creamy yellow. Their coats are always a solid colour and puppies in any of the colours can all be born in the same litter.

Labradors love to swim and will take every possible opportunity to go for a dip. It is a fun way for them to exercise and keep cool during the hot weather, however, be careful to ensure that they are trained to only enter water with permission to avoid them getting into possible danger.