Alligator Catches This Opossum Effortlessly with Shocking Speed

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: July 31, 2022
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Opossums are funny-looking and interesting creatures. Did you know that they have 50 teeth? That’s actually more than any other mammal in North America. Their tails are rat-like and the same way you sometimes use your toes to pick up something off the ground, their tails are capable of grasping objects as well.

Their tails are also fantastic for helping them balance their weight, especially when they’re climbing on trees. Another fun fact about opossums is that they are basically immune to venom from several other animals and insects like rattlesnakes, scorpions, and honeybees. Their blood acts as a neutralizing agent which is what keeps them safe even when they face some of these venomous animals.

Although opossums are equipped with this almost magic-like immunity, they are, unfortunately, not immune to alligator attacks. Some alligators can grow up to 15 feet long and they are super territorial, even willing to fight others of their same kind. These are ancient animals, and they are ruthless.

Although opossums have a lot of teeth, they can’t beat the American alligator’s amount of teeth which is somewhere between 74 and 80 in their jaws, which you’ve probably seen or even worse—heard— snap down on prey. Their jaws can exert as much as 1,000 pounds of pressure, which you can imagine is quite a deadly force. In the video you’re about to watch, you’ll notice just how shockingly fast an alligator can do away with an opossum.

The video starts off peaceful enough, with birds heard in the background and a scene of an opossum walking up on some grass with a pond right next to it over on the right. Before you know it, an alligator has already spotted the opossum and has made its way to the spot where the grass meets the water. Even with a keen eye, it is really hard to spot. The opossum starts to run away with the alligator in close pursuit—but the opossum makes a deadly mistake.

It turns around to face its predator.

Now, there is something to say for the courage it takes to turn around and face a predator but, in this case, this opossum only helped its own demise. The alligator took the opportunity to take down the opossum when it paused and immediately attacked. First, it grabbed it by its body, let go for a second, and then grabbed a hold of its head.

Unfortunately, the opossum was already done for. The alligator then continued to make its way back into the water with its catch and all you’re able to see are the ripples left over from the gator drowning and consuming its meal.

Brave opossum makes a deadly mistake when it spots a gator.

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