7 Amazing Shipwrecks You Can Still See in Greece Today

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: December 5, 2023
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Greece may be a popular tourist destination for its iconic white and blue architecture, delicious food, and lively culture. Did you know that many people travel to Greece to explore sunken shifts?

These underwater vessels each tell a story. As they’re frozen in time under the surface, these amazing shipwrecks are well worth a visit.

1. Kyra Eleni

Poros in Greece Aerial Image

16 million people visit Greece each year.

©Matt Grant/Shutterstock.com

While exploring the interior may be limited, diving down to the Kyra Eleni is an experience in itself. This ship is located just past the shores of the Patroklos Island near Athens. Kyra Eleni was a freight ship that met her fate just after New Year’s Day in 1978. 

On January 6, Eleni was caught in poor weather conditions, causing her to sink. Tourists need to take a short boat ride to dive down and explore this amazing shipwreck. This is a great spot if you’re relatively new to diving because the vessel is in shallow, clear water

2. Dimitrios P Shipwreck

Aerial drone photo of shipwreck of Dimitrios in iconic small island of Gramvousa in North West Crete island, Greece

The clear water makes it easy to view this shipwreck from land, air, or sea.


Next on our list is a shipwreck located near a small island off of Crete. The Dimitrios P Shipwreck is partially sunk, with half of her body on the coast. This strong ship was bringing cement to Greece from North Africa

As with many shipwrecks on this list, bad weather caused the ship to drop anchor. Unfortunately, the weather was so rough that the ship was pushed inland. Thankfully, everyone on board survived.
Nature lovers will adore spending time in this beautiful landscape as they venture around before visiting the ship. Because the Dimitrios P Shipwreck is in a nature reserve, visitors must only book day trips to the region.

3. Queen Olga

16 Inch Battleship Alabama Guns

There were a few different versions of World War II destroyer ships.

©Michael Leonard/iStock via Getty Images

Queen Olga may be one of the most famous ships in Greece’s history. At the time, it was nicknamed the “Pride of the Greek Fleet.” This ship was a World War II destroyer. As an Irish-built ship, it was strong and powerful. 

In the fall of 1943, a group of German fighter planes attacked, causing the ship to sink. All 72 passengers along with the captain perished on that day. While the Belenis Tower Museum has some memorabilia from the vessel, divers can still gear up and explore the wreckage today.

4. HMS Perseus Submarine

Aruba -2022: View from viewing portals on Atlantis VI Submarine. Canadian passenger submarine company. Interior of the tourist submarine Atlantis whilst submerged. Sunken ship makes coral reef.

The Atlantis VI gives an eerie look into what you’ll see when exploring a sunken submarine.

©EWY Media/Shutterstock.com

If you’re interested in learning something new while checking out amazing shipwrecks in Greece, look no further than the HMS Perseus Submarine. While this isn’t a ship per se, this British sub is still an incredible piece of history.

It was surfacing along the Ionian Sea toward the end of 1941 when the sub hit an underwater mine. The captain, along with 60 souls on board died in the accident. Strangely, there was just one survivor, John Capes. 

Even though Perseus hit an Italian mine, the majority of the vessel remains intact. There’s even proof that the captain attempted to move the sub to safety after striking the mine. This is a great place to visit if you’re an experienced diver!

5. Patris Shipwreck

A scuba diver in front of an old, sunken shipwreck in the Aegean sea, Greece

Part of the Patris has disintegrated over time.

©Sven Hansche/Shutterstock.com

Take a 70-mile boat ride south of Athens in the Aegean Sea. You’ll arrive at Cycladic Island, which is where you’ll discover the Patris shipwreck. This vessel is a paddle steamer boat that had its last voyage in February of 1868. 

All was well until Patris crashed into a reef. Everyone on board was in awe when the ship split into two pieces. Even more shocking is the fact that everybody survived! Because of the split, one part of the ship is in shallow water, while the other is further down.

6. Anna II

Traditional Fishing Boats in Mediterranean sea.

Two million people visit Mykonos each year.

©imagIN.gr photography/Shutterstock.com

Mykonos is a luxurious travel destination where celebrities, influencers, and others visit to get a break from their busy lives. While there is a lot of partying in this area of Greece, it’s also home to a shipwreck off of Lia Beach. 

The Anna II lies just under the surface of the water. This cargo ship is almost entirely intact, even though it sank in 1995. Divers can go inside the Anna II, though the safer, exterior surroundings are equally as mesmerizing.

7. Olympia Shipwreck

Aerial drone ultra wide photo of iconic rusty shipwreck "Olympia" in Amorgos island, Cyclades, Greece

The ship is now known for its rusty appearance as it peaks out of the water.


One of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece is the shipwreck of the Olympia. While the island of Amargos is visually stunning, you’ll stand in awe at this partially sunken ship. Originally, the ship was referred to as the Inland. 

It hit the seas in 1980 when strong winds pushed the massive vessel into nearby rocks. The wind was so strong at the time that the captain couldn’t even toss the anchor overboard. Now the vessel stands partially exposed as a common sight to behold for tourists and media crews.

Summary of Amazing Shipwrecks in Greece

RankVessel NameLocation
1Kyra EleniPatroklos Island, Athens
2Dimitrios P ShipwreckCrete
3Queen OlgaLakki Port, Leros
4HMS Perseus SubmarineKefalonia
5Patris ShipwreckKea Island, Athens
6Anna IILia Beach, Mykonos
7Olympia ShipwreckAmorgos

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Sven Hansche/Shutterstock.com

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