An Armadillo This Big Shouldn’t Be Able To Run So Fast

Written by Sarah Psaradelis
Published: September 17, 2022
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Two farmers in Brazil were in for a surprise when they came across a large Armadillo on their land trying to burrow into the ground. One of the farmers stopped to film. The other tried to show how large the Armadillo is by holding the creature’s long tail to compare its size to himself.

It is understandable why you would not want them on your land. Armadillos this size can wreak havoc with their infamous digging habits. The video shows one of the largest species of armadillo, the giant armadillo, or tatú carreta, as it is colloquially called. The man can be seen struggling to hold the creature as it tries to run forward with impressive strength. When the man lets go, the Armadillo takes off at a pace faster than believable for such a heavily armored creature.

What is interesting about the giant armadillo is that these are not aggressive animals. They are shy and generally fearful of humans, simply ignoring them. The armadillo in the video seems uncaring toward the farmer.

The Giant Armadillo

Sleepiest Animals – Giant
Giant armadillos can weigh up to 180 pounds and reach as long as 6 feet.

©Heiko Kiera/

The giant armadillo is one of the largest living species of armadillo found in South America. They can weigh up to 180 pounds and reach 6 feet in length! These armadillos might be heavy with a bulky shell, but they are capable of running up to 30 miles per hour. The armadillo in the video was merely taking a stroll in comparison to how fast they can run.

Giant armadillos have between 11 to 13 hinged bands on their backs, and they use their armor as protection. The armadillo in the video was likely looking for a nice place to dig its burrow, which can be quite deep and large. The giant armadillo uses its long claws as spades to dig these burrows, where it was likely going to rest. This will be very destructive to the farmland, and the animal would be safer burrowing in another place.

Can You Hold An Armadillo By The Tail?

The video received some controversy over whether the armadillo was hurt by its tail being held. Wildlife control experts, though, say this is the safest way to handle an armadillo if you want to move it. When the farmer let go, the armadillo strolled off as if nothing happened.

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The Featured Image

Sleepiest Animals – Giant
During the mornings and evenings, giant armadillos forage for food, then sleep the rest of the day away.
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