An Entire Herd of Deer Show Up To Have a Word With This Man

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: October 21, 2023

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Have you ever been told to avoid feeding stray cats because it will attract them to come back in the future? You’ll be left in a perpetual cycle of feeding an animal that isn’t even yours. To many, this is a good thing! 

Those with their own yard space often love seeing wild animals in their yard. People have been putting bird feeders, bird baths, and animal feeders around their gardens to help sustain wildlife. 

Watch This Group of Deer Come To the Camera!

A viral video shows a man opening one of his garage doors only to reveal a plethora of deer waiting for him. As he moves towards them and out of his garage to his driveway, some of the deer run away, while others get even closer. 

The correct feeding strategy can assist enhance the health of wild deer and growing their numbers, but irresponsible feeding might result in deer deaths or management issues. The effect will be favorable as long as people don’t utilize corn as a deer’s main food source. It might be useful as an addition to the ideal feeding strategy. Deer can greatly benefit from eating corn along with traditional deer food like leaves, fruits, nuts, and grass.

It isn’t until the man gets in front of the camera with a giant bucket full of corn. It’s safe to say he’s been feeding these deer for a while if they’re already waiting outside his home for breakfast. 

With a giant grin on his face, this individual fills up a large cup with corn and the beautiful wild animals eat straight out of it, right from his hand! He then pours it out so all of the deer can get in on the action. This is as close to becoming a Disney prince as you can get and we can’t help but want to experience it for ourselves. 

How to Attract Deer

If you want to try it for yourself, there are some things you can do to attract deer to your yard. First, make sure it’s legal to do so in your state. For example, feeding deer in New York is criminal! 

There are many methods you can increase the number of deer on your land. It is possible to get deer to make your backyard their favorite new hangout by providing them with certain meals, plants, or fragrances. Establish a food plot with a variety of forage plants just for the deer to munch on. 

Red clover, chicory, and orchard grass are plants that frequently draw deer. Peas, soybeans, turnips, alfalfa, sorghum, kale, and corn are examples of high-protein foods that are also attractive to animals and that they love eating.

Deer lures can pique their curiosity and draw them into your yard, especially buck deer. They can be used by homeowners who want to encourage deer for observation purposes, even though they are primarily employed by hunters during the rutting or hunting season.

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