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Animal Life With Sir David Attenborough

Animal Life With Sir David Attenborough

23rd November 2009
BBC Life

BBC Life

A Clown Fis h

A Clown Fish
An incredible new documentary series about the natural world has been showing on BBC 1 for the past couple of months. The 10 part series, Life , narrated by Sir David Attenborough is soon to end meaning that it will soon be available on DVD.

In his usual gripping manner, Sir David Attenborough takes you to all corners of the world, looking at numerous different animals and their behaviours both on land and in the oceans.

As with Planet Earth and Nature's Great Events the photography is outstanding with stunning images of reptiles, birds, mammals and insects going about their daily lives, and the interactions that occur between them.

A Praying Mantis

A Praying Mantis

Aired on a Monday night at 9 pm, Life takes you into another world, with part 7 titled Hunters and Hunted being shown tonight. If you have missed any of the previous episodes of Life you can find them on BBC iplayer.

An Elephant Shrew

An Elephant Shrew

  • Life Mondays at 9pm,
    BBC 1

To watch Life online at BBC iplayer, go to:

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