Apparently Bears Can Open Car Doors Now. Great!

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: January 23, 2023
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Black bears are clever – like really clever. These guys know exactly where to find food and this vid shows the lengths they will go to to get it. This footage of a bear getting into two vehicles in a parking lot is hilarious but imagine being inside those trucks! We see a large bear balancing up on their back legs and using their front paws to release the door catch and swing the door open. Then, they get completely in the truck to have a good look around and locate any available food. The bear does not cause any damage but they don’t shut the door either so this owner is going to get a shock when they get back to their vehicle.

Our opportunistic bear then saunters over to another truck. Again, they open the door with ease but this time they don’t bother climbing inside. Perhaps they can tell that it’s not worth it from the smell?

Clever Bears Make Great Thieves

Bears are one of the smartest animals in North America. There are reports of them hiding from hunters, covering up their tracks and even hiding their scent by rolling in carrion.

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They have large brains and a superb long-term memory. This allows them to recall areas of food for over 10 years. This bear must have had a successful rummage around trucks in the past. There are incidents where bears have caused a lot of damage inside vehicles as they retrieved candy and discarded food. They also have a fantastic sense of smell and would have been attracted by the scent of food inside the trucks. Bears and humans have a complex relationship and we both fear and exploit these magnificent creatures. There are plenty of videos of bears exploring human houses and gardens.

What Do Bears Eat?

The North American black bear is an omnivore so they eat both plants and meat. They are the most numerous species of bear in the world and you will find them ranging from northern Canada, through western and eastern USA, and into northern Mexico. Their diet is mainly made up of plants (up to 95%) and is very varied. When they are not breaking into cars, they forage for fruits and nuts and use their lips to pluck off grasses, bulbs, and roots. If they come across an insect or a small rodent, they will quite happily eat that too! Some become very skilled at getting fish out of rivers and others will even hunt deer, or eat carrion.

They are essentially opportunists – as we can clearly see from this footage!

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