April 12 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: June 27, 2023
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What is it like to be an April 12 zodiac sign? As an Aries, there are plenty of influences on your personality, passions, love life, and so much more. With your specific birthday in mind, what can we glean about you from all of the various influences in your life, both astrologically and otherwise

If you’re an Aries born on April 12th, this article’s all about you. We’ll address everything you need to know about what it’s like to be an Aries, as well as what specific influences you might have given your specific birthday. While knowing your entire birth chart is a great way of learning more about your personality, your sun sign is a great place to start! So let’s get started and talk all about an April 12th Aries now. 

April 12 Zodiac Sign: Aries

april 12 zodiac

As a cardinal sign, all Aries want to lead.


If you have a birthday anytime from March 21st to April 19th (depending on the calendar year), you’re an Aries! Cardinal in modality and backed by the element of fire, the average Aries is a force to be reckoned with. This sign is also special because it is the very first sign of the astrological wheel, which means that it is a sign of new beginnings and the youth of springtime.

Speaking of the astrological wheel, each and every sign of the zodiac occupies 30 degrees of this wheel. However, did you know that each sign can be further broken down depending on when your specific birthday is? Changing every ten degrees, the decans found within each zodiac sign give you extra influences and personality traits, depending. Here’s how the decans of Aries break down, with an April 12th birthday in mind!

The Decans of Aries


As Aries season progresses, you have different influences depending on when your birthday is. These influences are planetary in nature, as each decan is ruled over signs belonging to the same element as you. So, for example, as an Aries, your decans are ruled by the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Here’s an example of the decans of Aries more specifically:

  • Aries decan, or the first decan. Birthdays span roughly March 21st to March 30th, depending on the year you were born. This decan is ruled by Mars and represents a textbook Aries personality.
  • Leo decan, or the second decan. Birthdays span roughly March 31st to April 9th, depending on the year you were born. This decan is ruled by the sun and represents some Leo personality traits.
  • Sagittarius decan, or the third and final Aries decan. Birthdays span roughly April 10th to April 19th, depending on the year you were born. This decan is ruled by Jupiter and represents some Sagittarius personality traits.

As an April 12th Aries, you likely belong to the third decan, though it may behoove you to check your specific calendar year for accuracy. For the intents and purposes of this article, we will be addressing your birthday as belonging to the third decan, which means that you have additional planetary influences from Jupiter! Let’s go over this in more detail now.

April 12 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

april 12 zodiac

As an April 12th Aries, you have a secondary and lesser planetary influence from Jupiter.

©Claudio Caridi/Shutterstock.com

As an Aries, you are primarily ruled by the planet Mars. Associated with the god of war who shares an unmistakable namesake with your sun sign, Mars is a planet of instinct, action, and energy. Passion is often associated with Mars, a word that is also associated with Aries. If you have yet to see just how passionate an Aries can be, then you’re in for a treat!

Aggression and survival are also traits associated with Mars. The average Aries isn’t afraid of combat, as the god of war would suggest. However, an Aries doesn’t necessarily go around starting fights that don’t need to be started. They will definitely finish them though! Mars lends nonstop energy to Aries, and a drive to make their own path.

As an April 12th Aries, you have a secondary and lesser planetary influence from Jupiter. A gas giant known for big ideas, big success, and big optimism, Jupiter lends a bit of luck to an April 12 zodiac sign.  There is also a philosophical instinct to Jupiter, which likely manifests in a hunger for discovery and change in the average third decan Aries.

Because Jupiter and Mars work together to make an April 12th Aries equal parts ambitious and adventurous. So much energy from these planets make for a driven, excitable, and interesting person. But these aren’t the only influences to consider when it comes to fully understanding a birthday. For even more information, we need to turn to symbolism and numerology.

April 12: Numerology and Other Associations

april 12 zodiac

The average Aries does not value tricks, preferring to use their nonstop energy in order to reach their goals.

© paseven/Shutterstock.com

Aries zodiac placements earn the reputation of the ram, a symbol that has always been associated with the very first sign of the zodiac. Strongheaded, persevering, and self-sufficient, the ram gives Aries a reputation for stubbornness. However, this stubbornness isn’t inherent to an Aries personality (like the stubbornness of the Taurus bull!). The average Aries will only show their rigidity when someone truly tries to challenge their own unique way of living.

Rams are cunning, but not in an underhanded or mischievous way. The average Aries does not value tricks, preferring to use their nonstop energy in order to reach their goals. There is a straightforward nature to each and every Aries sun, something that helps them reach the tallest peaks without help from anyone else, much like a ram!

When it comes to an April 12th birthday in particular, we need to turn to numerology. When we add 1+2, based on an April 12 zodiac date, we get the number 3. This is an incredibly important number in numerology, especially when you consider a third decan placement in Sagittarius. The number 3 is associated with Jupiter, lending an April 12 zodiac sign even more optimism, luck, and cooperation.

While the average Aries is incredibly optimistic and youthful, an April 12th Aries has the number 3 to thank for their endless positivity. This positivity often manifests in relation to others, as Jupiter is a social planet. The number 3 likely lends an April 12th Aries a sense of place in their friend group. This may even be a person that others turn to when they need help solving a problem, or perhaps just a simple pick-me-up.

April 12 Zodiac: Personality and Traits

april 12 zodiac

The average Aries doesn’t necessarily need any help from anyone else, for better or for worse.

©BORIMAT PRAOKAEW/Shutterstock.com

In many ways, Aries are the newborns of the zodiac. If we consider the astrological wheel as a timeline of age, Pisces represents our wise elders, while Aries begin the wheel again as infants. All astrological signs reflect influences from the sign that came before them, but Aries are different. The ram is born into this world all on their own, with enough curiosity, drive, and self-generated motivation to pave the way for the rest of the zodiac to follow.

Because Aries also represent the mark of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, given when Aries season falls. Spring is a time of new beginnings, fresh air, and rebirth. An Aries, no matter how old, will always face everything as if it is new. This is a beautiful thing to witness, especially when it is paired with the endless energy of an April 12th Aries. The optimism of this third decan person is uncanny, a rare thing to see in our cynical world. This person is likely inspiring in their optimism and hopefulness.

As a cardinal sign, all Aries want to lead. They are their own bosses and prefer to be the boss of others, or simply make their own path all on their own. The average Aries doesn’t necessarily need any help from anyone else, for better or for worse. However, an April 12th Aries has the number 3 to thank for their desire to work with others. They may be more patient in this respect and have a better understanding of how to help others through tough times.

Strengths and Weaknesses of an April 12 Aries

As newborn fire signs, the zest and power of the average Aries manifest in their personalities daily. While this can be wonderful to experience, there are some weaknesses to this way of living. Namely, like infants, an Aries struggles when it comes to their emotional expression and impatience.

This is a sign that is notorious for its anger. Remember that Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression and passion. When an Aries loves something, you can’t help but fall in love with their excitement. But when an Aries is angry, be prepared to take cover. There is little that you can do to stop an Aries from feeling their feelings, and don’t try to stand in their way! This will likely leave you feeling burnt.

An April 12th Aries in particular may struggle with their emotions when their optimism can’t win. Many Aries don’t realize just how cruel the world is, and an April 12 zodiac sign in particular won’t enjoy this feeling of defeat. Practicing patience and healthy coping mechanisms may help any Aries with day-to-day life, particularly a sweet and positive April 12th Aries.

April 12 Zodiac: Careers and Passions

april 12 zodiac

An April 12th Aries in particular may struggle with their emotions when their optimism can’t win.


The boundless energy found in this cardinal fire sign makes for a person that likely has multiple passions. An Aries can get pretty obsessive when it comes to something they are into, and an April 12th Aries will likely want to show off their latest interest with everyone in their life. It is so inspiring, to see this particular Aries express and share what they are passionate about!

When it comes to jobs, an Aries can struggle with routine or boring jobs that require them to do the same thing day in, day out. This monotony can be relieved slightly if an Aries has a managerial or leadership position in such a career, but it would likely suit an April 12th Aries best if they avoided routine careers altogether.

In addition to avoiding monotony, an April 12th Aries will likely feel inspired in a career that allows them to lead or assist others. Using their energy is also important to them, so a physical job will likely appeal to the average ram. Besides this, simply having more than one job may help an Aries feel like they are living up to the ambition and strength that Mars and Jupiter demand!

Here are some potential passions and careers for an April 12th Aries:

  • Physical jobs such as construction or sports
  • Counseling careers, particularly for youth
  • Influencer, particularly if travel is involved
  • Paramedic or fire careers
  • Military positions, particularly officer or superior roles

April 12 Zodiac in Relationships

april 12 zodiac

An April 12th Aries will be devoted in a relationship, at least until they need to compromise.


It is easy to feel drawn to an April 12th Aries, and they are naturally drawn to many people. The positivity, intensity, and effervescence of this particular birthday are obvious at first glance. Most things about an Aries are obvious at first glance, especially if they are interested in someone romantically. This is a shockingly straightforward sign that holds nothing back the moment they have identified something they want.

Recall the mentions of springtime and Aries season. This is a person who will always feel fresh, new, and optimistic when in the beginning stages of a romance, particularly an Aries born on April 12th. Jupiter lends this person a philosophical and unique way of seeing the world, a point of view they long to share with their partner.

An April 12th Aries will be devoted in a relationship, at least until they need to compromise. This is a person who values freedom and being in control of their own life, something that may need some adjustment if they want to enter into a long-term relationship. Aries placements can be incredibly impatient and quick to end a relationship if they think it will hold them back in any way.

Speaking of impatience, Aries suns often struggle with relationships that seem stagnant. While all relationships can have periods of routine and boredom, an Aries likely won’t enjoy this. They are a sign that hates to be bored, or to waste their time or affections. With all of their energies, it’s easier for an Aries to find something new than commit to something boring!

Compatibility for April 12 Zodiacs

To love an Aries is to love a rare type of person. Compatibility with an Aries can be tricky given that this is such a self-made sign. They don’t necessarily need a relationship in order to thrive in life, though an April 12th zodiac sign may desperately crave someone to talk to, to pave a path with. However, it is important to never try and tame an Aries, or ask them to include you in a way that makes them feel like they are giving something up for you.

Because they won’t. This is a sign that is attracted to confidence without coldness, to an independent person that wants to obsess over an Aries until the very end. The youth of the average Aries makes for a person who is constantly energetic, but perhaps also full of the insecurities of the young. It’s important to let an Aries rage and stand by, comforting them when they need comfort and helping them see when their energies can be directed differently.

Astrological Matches for April 12 Zodiac

april 12 zodiac

Compatibility with an Aries can be tricky given that this is such a self-made sign.


As a fire sign, many Aries placements struggle to understand earth and water signs. As an April 12th zodiac sign, you may be drawn to fire or air sun signs over others. However, the rest of your birth chart will give you a better understanding of your compatibility in an astrological romance! For the sake of simplicity, here are some potential matches that do well with Aries suns:

  • Gemini. As a mutable air sign, Geminis have an incredible capacity for new ideas, interests, and friendships. Aries born on April 12th likely enjoy all of the intellectual debates that they can have with a Gemini. The average Gemini also has a certain youthful vibrance about them, especially when it comes to their hobbies and passions. Plus, a mutable Gemini can better navigate around the occasional temper tantrums of an Aries!
  • Sagittarius. Another mutable sign, an April 12th Aries will be naturally drawn to Sagittarians. This fire sign is the definition of freedom, so an Aries will never feel hemmed in with one. Sagittarius suns are also tireless, constantly searching for a new adventure with a confidence that will be undeniably attractive to an April 12th Aries. 
  • Aquarius. As a fixed air sign, an Aquarius-Aries match can be difficult. The average Aquarius can struggle with showing their feelings, but they will likely find the emotional expression of an Aries fascinating. This may help an Aquarius open up in a relationship. Plus, the philosophical mind of the average Aquarius may help the young-at-heart Aries learn and grow in new and exciting ways.

Historical Figures and Celebrities born on April 12th

  • Alicia Coppola
  • Amy Ray
  • Andy Garcia
  • Art Alexakis
  • Brendon Urie
  • Dan Lauria
  • David Letterman
  • Herbie Hancock

Important Events That Occurred on April 12th

  • 1988 The Last Emperor receives nine Academy Awards. Bernardo Bertolucci’s biopic about Puyi, the last Emperor of China, was the first film to be awarded all the Oscars it was nominated for.
  • 1981 The Space Shuttle blasts off into space for the first time. Two astronauts took off for Space Shuttle Columbia’s first orbital test flight.
  • 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space. The Soviet Cosmonaut orbited the Earth aboard the Vostok-3KA spacecraft (Vostok 1 mission). The first human spaceflight took 108 minutes from launch to landing.
  • 1937 The first aircraft jet engine was successfully tested. Sir Frank Whittle invented and tested the engine, only a few months before German engineer Hans von Ohain ran his jet engine, which was to power the first-ever all-jet aircraft.
  • 1861 The American Civil War begins. The bombardment of Fort Sumter near Charleston, South Carolina, marked the beginning of hostilities. The conflict was sparked by deepening economic, social, and political differences between the southern and northern states, which were most palpably embodied by the dispute about the legitimacy of slavery. The southern (pro-slavery) states surrendered in 1865, ending the war.

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