April 14 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: June 27, 2023
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An April 14 zodiac sign belongs to the very first sign of the zodiac: Aries! As an Aries, you may have noticed your fiery personality and drive for life. If your birthday is on April 14th, what additional influences might be present in your personality besides all of the wonderful traits that you get from the ram?

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth and personal look at not only the sign of Aries, but everything you need to know about an April 14th Aries in particular. From the planetary influences on your life to numerological associations, here’s everything you need to know about being an Aries born on April 14th. Let’s get started!

April 14 Zodiac Sign: Aries

april 14 zodiac
As a cardinal fire sign, there is an explosive energy in the average Aries.


Born anytime between March 20th and April 20th depending on the calendar year, Aries people are cardinal fire signs. Cardinal modalities make natural leaders, as they are often the instigators and inciting signs of the zodiac. This is even more the case with Aries compared to other cardinal signs, as Aries begins our astrological wheel as well.

Speaking of the astrological wheel, each zodiac sign occupies roughly 30 degrees on said wheel. But did you know these 30-degree components can be further broken down depending on when your birthday is? Also known as decans, your sun sign can be secondarily ruled by another planet or sign that belongs to the same element as you! Let’s take a closer look at how decans work.

The Decans of Aries


While it will greatly depend on the calendar year in which you were born, the decans of Aries can be broken up as follows, with each decan taking up ten degrees of the 30-degree sun sign of Aries on the astrological wheel:

  • First decan of Aries: the Aries decan. Ruled by Mars and the most prominent Aries personality. Birthdays include March 20th to roughly March 29th.
  • Second decan of Aries: the Leo decan. Ruled by the sun and some Leo personality traits. Birthdays include March 30th to April 9th.
  • Third decan of Aries: the Sagittarius decan. Ruled by Jupiter and some Sagittarius personality traits. Birthdays include April 10th to April 20th.

As an April 14th Aries, you likely belong in the third decan of Aries no matter the calendar year! This means that you have additional planetary influences from Jupiter. But how do the planets manifest in our personalities and daily lives? Let’s take a look at yours in particular.

April 14 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

april 14 zodiac
Mars is a planet of combat and confrontation, and this often manifests in an Aries.


If you’re an Aries, you are ruled over and therefore heavily influenced by the planet Mars. With connections to the god of war, Mars rules over our instincts, passions, and energy. It is often representative of how we get angry, what we will fight for, and the way each and every one of us survives. As an Aries, you have this ferocious and powerful energy with you at all times.

Mars is a planet of combat and confrontation, and this often manifests in an Aries. This isn’t to say that every single Aries will start a fight, but they are certainly going to be the ones to finish it– and they will win. Mars makes an Aries naturally hotheaded and capable of defending their position til the very end.

However, this isn’t the only planetary influence that an April 14th Aries has. Given your third decan placement, an Aries born on this particular day likely has strong connections to the planet Jupiter as well. Also known as the Greater Benefic, Jupiter is a planet associated with luck, opportunity, and philosophy, among many others. It is the largest planet in our solar system and rules over Sagittarius.

With Jupiter as a secondary influence, an April 14th Aries likely values opportunity, success, and may even be a bit luckier than the average Aries. Plus, Jupiter is a planet of optimism and faith, something that may be present in your personality. While it’s easy enough for this gas giant to dream a little too big, an April 14th Aries may have the drive to reach such lofty goals!

April 14: Numerology and Other Associations

april 14 zodiac
Undoubtedly, Aries sun signs are tied to the ram.

©BORIMAT PRAOKAEW/Shutterstock.com

When dissecting specific birthdays in astrology, it’s important to pay close attention to numerology as well. Looking at an April 14th birthday in particular, we get the number 5 when we add 1+4. This is a very important number when paired with a third decan Aries, as it is a number representative of the physical world, of creating something with your own hands, and flexibility.

An April 14th Aries may have an invested interest in creation, no matter how small. With further influence from Sagittarius, Aries with this particular birthday may have an interest in a variety of things. Sagittarius is a mutable sign known for their optimism and flexibility, something that is echoed by the number 5. An April 14 zodiac sign won’t likely worry about how to reach their goals; they may need a little help narrowing down their list, though!

Undoubtedly, Aries sun signs are tied to the ram. The symbolism of this astrological sign are inherently ram-like, with curving horns. The ram is an excellent metaphor for Aries, given the headstrong personality typically found in each and every one of these fire signs. Rams are also incredibly resourceful and resilient, capable of reaching difficult heights that others only dream of. Aries are self-reliant, sometimes to a fault, just like rams.

April 14 Zodiac: Personality and Traits

april 14 zodiac
Representative of infancy, Aries aren’t influenced by anyone or anything.

©Tanya Antusenok/Shutterstock.com

As a cardinal fire sign, there is an explosive energy in the average Aries. They are also the very first sign on the astrological wheel, which means many things for an Aries personality. Representative of infancy, Aries aren’t influenced by anyone or anything, born into this world without any sign before them. This means that they are extremely self-possessed individuals who thrive on pure energy and curiosity.

An April 14th Aries in particular likely has a curious and open mind, given their influences from Jupiter. The senses also matter a lot to an April 14 zodiac sign, given their connection to the number 5. We have five senses and five digits, after all, something that likely inspires an April 14th Aries to create and manifest things in the physical world.

Physicality is important to an Aries, particularly one with Saggitarius connections. This is likely an active person, with a fiery sense of self. An April 14th Aries is passionate and optimistic, which may help temper the average Aries anger that often manifests when this particular fire sign doesn’t get what they want. Remember, an Aries has just been born, in many different senses of the word!

As the youngest sign of the zodiac, Aries have endless energy. They have no problem dedicating this energy to people, jobs, or themselves, preferring to take extra steps to accomplish something in their own way rather than take advice from someone else. Because that’s both a strength and a weakness for the average Aries: they do not want to do things your way, no matter how much easier it might be!

Strengths and Weaknesses of an April 14 Aries

Besides a stubborn and headstrong personality, there are many other strengths and weaknesses to an Aries. Their childlike energies are a blessing to those in their life who could use a bit of motivation and excitement. The beginner’s mind of the average Aries, particularly one born on April 14th, is often beautiful and rare in our jaded world.

However, with such childlike energy comes a limited capacity for emotional regulation. The average Aries can be notoriously hot-headed, blunt, and quick to move through their feelings. You will hear their rage in one moment, attempt to soothe them, and find that they have moved onto something happier in the next moment. Mercurial is a good word to describe an Aries, though their hearts are always in a good place.

An April 14th Aries in particular may be even more changeable given their influences from the Sagittarius decan. It’s important for this birthday to find a use for their energies, especially if they find that they often burn too hot and too fast for their own good. An Aries embraces life to the fullest, each and every single day. This also means embracing their emotions to the fullest too, no matter how brief they might feel them! 

April 14 Zodiac: Careers and Interests

april 14 zodiac
While an Aries makes a fantastic leader, it’s important for them to only lead in a position that keeps them interested.


An April 14th Aries might find that they are particularly lucky in the workplace. While finding a job that can hold the interest of this fire sign might be a bit more difficult, an April 14th Aries has plenty of blessings from Jupiter to help with that. Plus, the number 5 likely lends an April 14th Aries additional flexibility when it comes to work. Physically making something with your hands might appeal to you if you’re an April 14 zodiac sign.

It’s important for an Aries to burn their excess energies so that they don’t get bored at work. A job that supports physical efforts may work well. While an Aries makes a fantastic leader, it’s important for them to only lead in a position that keeps them interested. Having a job that allows them to do a variety of tasks may appeal to an Aries, particularly an April 14th Aries!

Here are some careers or interests that may suit an April 14th Aries well:

  • Sports careers, either individual or team
  • Physical trainer or health coach
  • International jobs with plenty of travel opportunities
  • Working with animals or pets
  • Creative endeavors, particularly painting, woodworking, or sculpting
  • Medical careers with many different tasks

April 14 Zodiac in Relationships

april 14 zodiac
While an Aries values love and passion, they value their own selves most of all.

© paseven/Shutterstock.com

An Aries may be the type of sign that falls in love quickly, before falling out of love with someone entirely. This is a sign with endless energy, remember. Wasting their time, even if it is only a brief amount of it, is an absolute no for an Aries. While an Aries values love and passion, they value their own selves most of all. This makes it easy for an Aries to leave relationships when they view it as no longer suiting them.

Flexibility is definitely associated with an April 14th Aries, for better or for worse. Their placement in the Sagittarius decan makes them naturally interested in a variety of people, but also the most prone to ghost someone should they find something else to occupy their minds. An April 14th Aries will be incredibly discerning, but committing to a mortgage and a marriage is likely not immediately on their minds.

This isn’t to say that an Aries can’t commit. They are incredibly loving, energetic, and open people. But an April 14th Aries will likely have plenty of opportunities in love, which may make them more likely to enjoy many rewarding relationships in their lifetime rather than sticking with the very first person they give their heart to.

Aries have plenty to give: energy, compassion, zest. This is someone who will be attracted to self-possessed people with their own inner life and drive. While it may be valuable for the average Aries to exercise patience and compromise, the flexibility found within an April 14th Aries may make these tasks easier to accomplish.

Compatibility for April 14 Zodiacs

april 14 zodiac
Aries have plenty to give: energy, compassion, zest.


To form a partnership with an Aries, having a strong sense of self is important. An April 14th Aries will likely be drawn to someone who demonstrates self-possession and respect, someone with confidence and a clear way of speaking. The average Aries is straightforward in everything they do, and they will feel safest with someone who is equally straightforward and open. 

It’s important to keep the mercurial nature of Aries in mind when dating one. While no one should be a doormat in the face of an Aries, this is a sign that feels things to the max before moving on in the very next breath. Remaining steadfast and not too invested in these emotional displays is important when it comes to loving an Aries, no matter what day they were born!

An April 14th zodiac in particular may be attracted to people who are well-traveled and have interesting lives. Having enough energy to keep up with an Aries is important, and someone with a variety of interests may appeal to the ever-curious April 14th Aries. This is a sign who knows how to craft the most interesting and fun dates, so be sure to buckle up for this one!

Astrological Matches for April 14 Zodiac

As a fire sign, Aries are naturally attracted to air signs or other fire signs, given that they naturally understand how an Aries thinks. An April 14th Aries may be attracted to particularly creative signs, but it will definitely depend on the entirety of your birth chart. In terms of classic sun sign matches, here are some potentially compatible partnerships for an Aries:

  • Libra. Opposite Aries on the astrological wheel, Libras are also a cardinal sign. However, they belong to the element of air and are ruled by the planet Venus, making them inherently interested in art, intellectual pursuits, and beauty. Opposites certainly attract, and an Aries will find a Libra’s pragmatic way of living life endlessly interesting. While they may fight on occasion given that they are both cardinal, Libras value compromise and harmony and will fight for this in a relationship with an Aries.
  • Sagittarius. A mutable fire sign with direct links to an April 14th Aries, Sagittarians are energetic and freethinking signs. An Aries will be naturally attracted to their bold personalities, and an April 14th Aries in particular will understand the way a Sagittarius communicates. Plus, Sagittarians value individuality and freedom, which may help an Aries feel comfortable.
  • Leo. Another fire sign, Leos and Aries may burn hot and fast. However, the fixed and loyal nature of the average Leo helps temper the potentially volatile Aries personality. While these two stubborn signs may rub each other the wrong way, they have the potential for a lavish and devoted relationship as well.

Historical Figures and Celebrities born on April 14th

  • Adrien Brody
  • Abigail Breslin
  • Skyler Samuels
  • Rob McElhenney
  • Humberly González
  • Vivien Cardone
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Brad Garrett
  • Julie Christie
  • Claire Coffee
  • Ben Lloyd-Hughes
  • Adam DiMarco

Important Events That Occurred on April 14th

  • 2003 The Human Genome Project is completed. The project dedicated to mapping the genes of the human genome was started in October 1990.
  • 1988 The Soviet Union agrees to withdraw from Afghanistan. Soviet troops invaded the country in 1979 to support the communist rulers. They were defeated primarily by the Mujahideen, who were groups of militant Islamists sponsored by the CIA.
  • 1986 The heaviest hailstones ever recorded hit Bangladesh. The lumps of ice weighed about 1 kg (2.2 lb). At total of 92 people reportedly died as a result.
  • 1912 Doomed passenger liner RMS Titanic hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic. The subsequent sinking of the world’s largest ocean liner of the time resulted in more than 1500 deaths. It was one of the worst peacetime maritime disasters in history.
  • 1865 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is shot. The assassin, John Wilkes Booth, wanted to revive the Confederate cause mere days after their surrender to the Union Army, bringing the American Civil War to an end. Lincoln died the next day.

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