April 29 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Published: March 20, 2023
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As an April 29 zodiac, you are a fixed earth sign, ruled primarily by the planet Venus. That’s right: you’re a Taurus! As a Taurus born on this particular day of Taurus season, there’s a lot to learn about your personality, love life, and much more. What is it like being a Taurus born on April 29th? That’s what we’re here to discuss with you today.

In this article, we’ll take a deep and in-depth look at all things Taurus, particularly about Tauruses born on April 29th. From your numerological connections to your ideal career paths, this article will hopefully give you a better understanding and insight into yourself from an astrological perspective. Let’s get started.

April 29 Zodiac Sign: Taurus

april 29 zodiac
It is easy for a Taurus to enjoy life, and they tend to go big in this department.

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Depending on the calendar year, Taurus season occurs from roughly April 20th to May 20th. As an earth sign, Tauruses are practical, physical, and intelligent people. They are also of a fixed modality, which means that the average Taurus enjoys stability, a predictable routine or familiar settings, and might be a bit stubborn from time to time (we’ll certainly touch on this aspect of the Taurus personality later!).

While an April 29th Taurus may have a similar personality to a Taurus born on another day during Taurus season, each and every single birthday is unique and lends characteristics to us. This is especially true when we consider sun signs born during the same season but during different times of the season. Decans are one of the reasons why Tauruses behave differently from other Tauruses! Let’s dissect how decans work now.

The Decans of Taurus

Each astrological sign occupies 30 degrees of the astrological wheel. These 30-degree slices can be further broken down into 10-degree increments known as decans. Depending on when your birthday is within Taurus season (or any other astrological sign!), you may have a secondary planetary influence on your personality.

The decans of Taurus break down as follows:

  • First decan of Taurus: the Taurus decan. Roughly April 20th to April 29th. Ruled by Venus and the most traditional manifestation of the Taurus personality.
  • Second decan of Taurus: the Virgo decan. Roughly April 30th to May 9th. Ruled by Mercury and will present with some Virgo personality traits.
  • Third decan of Taurus: the Capricorn decan. Roughly May 10th to May 20th. Ruled by Saturn and will present with some Capricorn personality traits.

As an April 29th Taurus, it can be difficult to determine which decan you might belong to. It’s important to check specifically with the astrological calendar and the timing of the planets when you were born. You may in fact belong to the second decan of Taurus rather than the first, depending on your birth year, but for the sake of this article, we’ll say that you belong to the first decan! Let’s talk about planetary influence now.

April 29 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

april 29 zodiac
Aesthetics and beauty go hand in hand with a Taurus born on April 29th.


As a Taurus, especially a Taurus born in the first decan, you are ruled solely by the planet Venus. Known as the planet of arts, beauty, and abundance, Venus brings many traits to the average Taurus. An April 29th Taurus likely enjoys partaking in the beauty of everyday life, as Venus is well-known for appreciation and creation in many forms.

The planet Venus is also associated with the senses, with enjoying the physical realm as much as is humanly possible. Taurus placements understand this interest in the physical and the tactile well. Many Tauruses enjoy hands-on experiences, especially ones that allow them to utilize their five senses. Pleasure is inherently tied to Venus, which is why Tauruses love to experience life’s pleasures to the fullest.

Aesthetics and beauty go hand in hand with a Taurus born on April 29th. This is likely a very well-put-together person, both physically and emotionally. Venus lends the average Taurus a clear sense of harmony and beauty, one of luxury and wealth more often than not. Because Venus is a planet of love and prosperity, something a Taurus understands well (sometimes a little too well!).

April 29: Numerology and Other Associations

april 29 zodiac
Bulls are extremely hardworking, something an April 29th Taurus likely understands.

©Albert Beukhof/Shutterstock.com

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Tauruses are associated with bulls. Their symbol looks very much like a bull’s head with horns, and there are many personality traits that are associated with both a bull and the average Taurus. For example, many Tauruses prefer to be left alone and are peaceful unless provoked. The bull is much the same, seeking destruction only when it has already been pushed to its limits.

Bulls are also extremely hardworking, something an April 29th Taurus likely understands. Work is second nature to earth signs, and Tauruses appreciate accomplishing tasks with a steady and determined work ethic. While having a creative outlet may help appeal to their Venus influences, Tauruses don’t mind sticking with the same career or passions for many years.

When it comes to an April 29th birthday, there are some numerological aspects to consider. But first, we have to do a little math! When we add 2+9, we get 11; when we add 1+1, we get 2. The number 2 is a special number for many reasons, particularly when combined with Taurus and the planet Venus. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and Venus is the second planet of our solar system. 

As an April 29th Taurus so connected to the number 2, you may find that you are interested in forming partnerships with others and you may have a very diplomatic way of being. The number 2 is highly intuitive as well, associated with forgiveness, harmony, and patience. In so many ways, you shine as a patient, loving Taurus with the help of Venus and the number 2!

April 29 Zodiac: Personality and Traits

april 29 zodiac
An April 29th Taurus likely appreciates the beauty of the little things as much as the big.

© paseven/Shutterstock.com

As previously mentioned, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. When we think of the astrological wheel, we think about each sign as having learned something from the sign that came before them. As a Taurus, Aries is the sign that precedes you. In many ways, Tauruses learned from Aries how to seize each and every day to the fullest, but without moving through life too quickly.

The signs of the zodiac can also be thought of as the ages of people. Aries represents the uninfluenced and energetic capacities of a newborn, while Taurus represents an older child. This manifests in a Taurus in many ways. This is a sign that loves all things tactile or sensual. They will touch, taste, smell, see, and hear everything. A Taurus will also throw a bit of a tantrum when something of theirs is taken from them– an object, a meal, a person they care about.

But these tantrums are rare, and few. An April 29th Taurus understands the importance of maintaining harmony and balance in their life, given the influence of the number 2. Plus, Venus invites even more grace into the personality of the average Taurus, and most people under this sun sign have an indescribable beauty to them.

An April 29th Taurus likely appreciates the beauty of the little things as much as the big. It is easy for a Taurus to enjoy life, and they tend to go big in this department. No matter what it is, a Taurus will figure out a way to enjoy something to the maximum, even if it’s just a television show or a beloved coffee shop they frequent.

Strengths and Weaknesses of an April 29 Taurus

While Tauruses have a graceful, friendly demeanor and an easy way of making connections, this is still a fixed sign. One of the primary weaknesses of Tauruses is their rigidity. While they aren’t ones to ever rock the boat (another strength), most Tauruses struggle with change. Even in the face of necessary change, a Taurus may resist it until the very end. And arguing with a bull will not help you change their mind; nothing changes a Taurus’s mind.

Still, in this rigidity, there is comfort. An April 29th Taurus in particular is a comfort and a joy to be around. There is a steadfastness to this sign, one that many other signs don’t understand. While this stability may not interest a more active sign like a Sagittarius, Tauruses are a friend you can count on, a loved one you can always turn to, and a luxurious, composed person until they reach their breaking points.

April 29 Zodiac: Careers and Passions

april 29 zodiac
Culinary careers and hobbies are often popular with Tauruses.

©Golden Dayz/Shutterstock.com

An April 29 zodiac sign may be interested in a career that allows them to form a close partnership with someone else. This could take many forms, though working creatively or with their hands will likely appeal to just about any Taurus. This is a sign that enjoys routine as well, particularly in the workplace. Surprises aren’t a Taurus’s favorite thing, so job security is a must!

Culinary careers and hobbies are often popular with Tauruses. An April 29th Taurus may make a fantastic actor as well, someone who is both visually and emotionally appealing. Putting in the work isn’t a problem for a Taurus; they enjoy being reliable, needed, and counted on. However, asking them to move up the corporate ladder likely won’t be something they strive for. They don’t need the extra responsibility, though the extra paycheck wouldn’t hurt when it comes to paying for their lavish lifestyle!

A Taurus born on April 29th may also enjoy the following careers:

  • Any and all culinary or food service jobs
  • Creative careers such as acting, painting, dancing, or writing
  • Crafting with their hands, such as woodworking or sewing
  • Construction work or design
  • Outdoor careers, such as parks management

April 29 Zodiac in Relationships

april 29 zodiac
Tauruses (likely thanks to their Venus influences) are incredibly romantic, devoted, and committed in their partnerships.


As a fixed earth sign, Tauruses can struggle in a romantic setting. This isn’t to say that Tauruses aren’t romantic– far from it. In fact, Tauruses (likely thanks to their Venus influences) are incredibly romantic, devoted, and committed in their partnerships. This is especially true of a Taurus born on April 29th. With the number 2 as a heavy influence, they likely want a committed relationship more than other Tauruses.

However, a Taurus struggles when it comes to showing their emotions and how they might really feel about something. This is an enduring sign, though not a doormat. Compromise is tricky for a Taurus, even if it might help save a relationship. While a Taurus wants nothing more than to keep a relationship going, changing for someone else isn’t easy for them. This is especially true when it comes to their emotional expression.

Still, a Taurus is always sure of themselves when they decide to express their love for someone else. It may take quite a long time, but this earth sign will tell you when they want more romantically. And once you agree to date a Taurus, be prepared for your relationship to move incredibly quickly. It isn’t unheard of Tauruses moving in very quickly with their partner, as they value building a life, a routine, and an everything with someone they love, right away.

Compatibility for April 29 Zodiacs

An April 29th zodiac sign may be most compatible with someone who not only understands and appreciates the every day, but someone who can help them express their feelings. Tauruses are stubborn in many ways, with emotional expression often being one of those ways. Someone who can make a Taurus feel safe to share how they feel is important when it comes to compatibility with them.

Humor is often an easy route to take when it comes to helping a Taurus open up. A nice bottle of wine is another. While a Taurus may have many different friends and friend groups, it often becomes obvious when they have set their sights on someone. This is a fixed sign, after all. They like to root deep down into the life of someone they love. An April 29th Taurus in particular will be very interested in a partnership and will want to settle soon.

Astrological Matches for April 29 Zodiac

april 29 zodiac
An April 29th Taurus in particular will be seeking a stable, funny, and relaxed partner.


Earth signs do best with other earth signs or even water signs. A Taurus may find themselves attracted to the outward luxury of the average fire sign, but these matches often leave a Taurus feeling burned. Air signs are also tricky given their lofty natures, as a Taurus enjoys predictability. 

While it will greatly depend on the entirety of your astrological birth chart, there are a few matches that work well with a Taurus. An April 29th Taurus in particular will be seeking a stable, funny, and relaxed partner. Here are some potential astrological matches for this birthday specifically:

  • Capricorn. As a fellow earth sign, Capricorns inherently understand Tauruses and communication is easy between this pair. However, Capricorns are a cardinal sign, which means they like to be the bosses in their relationships. This may rub a Taurus the wrong way, which is why it’s important for both parties to compromise. However, this is one of the most classic matches in the zodiac given their work ethics, practical natures, and appreciation for natural beauty.
  • Scorpio. With an identical fixed modality, Scorpios and Tauruses can struggle to work with one another at first. However, should both parties maintain a flexibility and openness in the relationship, this match truly runs deep. Scorpios are one of the deepest signs of the zodiac and are certainly the deepest water signs. They can truly help a Taurus open up emotionally and will give back the same level of loyalty, devotion, and commitment, without question.
  • Virgo. Another earth sign, Virgos are mutable and tend to go with the flow a bit more than Tauruses. An April 29th Taurus in particular will likely notice how much a Virgo cares when it comes to appreciating the everyday aspects of life. While Virgos can get trapped in their own insecurities, the fixed and reliable nature of Taurus may help soothe them, and this is definitely a match that cares for one another.

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