Aries Birthstones: Meaning, Properties, and Uses

Written by Zoe Carina
Published: December 6, 2023
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Aries is the first sign of the astrological zodiac. While astrology is a pseudoscience, the beliefs are widespread and important to many people around the world. Whether the first zodiac sign represents you, or someone in your life, an Aries birthstone can make a great gift or symbol for your relationship.

Aries horoscope star sign

Aries is the Roman god of war.

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Aries are born between March 21 and April 19 and are ruled by the planet Mars. Also, the sign is represented by the ram. In addition, because they are the first sign of the zodiac, they dive into situations headfirst no matter how confusing or challenging. Aries bring fresh and turbulent energy to situations and mark the start of something new.

As a fire sign, Aries are also passionate leaders who motivate their peers and followers. They prefer direct and uncomplicated communication and will say what’s on their mind. In most cases, Aries will think after they’ve said something or made the leap. They can also be quite selfish, though their self-determination is admirable. As a cardinal sign, Aries is a go-getter who knows what they want.

Let’s dive into stones that represent the Aries, what each one means, and how to choose the right one for you or your loved one.


Cullinan diamond

The diamond reflects the Aries’ individuality.


The first birthstone for the Aries is the diamond. The most highly sought-after crystal in the world matches the radiance and inner strength of the Aries. It also shines clarity for the Aries who tends to be quite reckless. In addition, the diamond is ruled by the planet Mars, same as Aries. Diamonds help boost confidence and self-esteem. They also help Aries lead a balanced life and make more connections.



The bloodstone is associated with the root chakra.

© James St. John/CC BY 2.0 – License

Another Aries birthstone is the bloodstone. This rock acts to bring out the positive moon qualities for the Aries and is also associated with Mars. The bloodstone helps ground the Aries and quell their fiery nature. Plus, the rock calms their headstrong behavior and helps them maintain focus on other people.


Red Ruby. Precious Red Gemstone

The ruby is associated with the planet Mars.

©Levon Avagyan/

As an Aries birthstone, the ruby is bright and vibrant. The crystal sits as a motivating force for the fire sign. In addition, the healing energy of the ruby helps the Aries combat restlessness. The vibrancy provides courage and confidence that the Aries might need when faced with difficulty.

Snow Quartz

The snow quartz is a

moon stone

for Aries.

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With soft and gentle energy, the snow quartz helps balance the fiery and intense energy of the Aries. The stone can help the cardinal sign open a connection with higher realms and consciousness. When carrying a snow quartz, the Aries will be more easily able to see the big picture of their life. Another use for the stone is to calm Aries when they feel overwhelmed or overburdened.


animals and mythological creatures associated with fire

The carnelian is connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

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The carnelian is perfect for the Aries who holds doubt in their heart about their skills and abilities. The crystal helps stimulate self-worth and confidence and helps an Aries move forward in their goals. The carnelian is also called the stone of creativity and can help the Aries improve their problem-solving skills. If an Aries keeps this stone close, they can release their suppressed emotions and awaken passions and desires.

Red Jasper

red jasper, close-up on a wooden table

Red Jasper is an ascendant stone for Aries.

©Sergey Dubrov/

Another vibrant Aries birthstone is the red jasper. The stone reflects the fast-acting and fiery nature of the planet Mars. Unlike Aries, who reflects the impulsive aspects of Mars, the red jasper is grounded and considerate. The red jasper is also called the stone of endurance and vibrancy.


Citrine mineral stone on a white background. The concept of meditation.

Citrines help balance the solar plexus chakra.

©Studio KIWI/

The bright orange hue of the citrine connects it with the sun, which offers energy and vibrancy to the Aries. The citrine is the perfect stone to use while working to remain motivated. If an Aries has goals they want to accomplish and need help accepting constructive criticism, the citrine can help.


closeup of sample of natural mineral from geological collection - polished Aquamarine (blue Beryl) gem stone isolated on white background

Aquamarine is also the birthstone for people born in March.


The aquamarine works to calm and soothe the intense energy of the Aries. The crystal encourages the Aries to think with clarity and seek peace in their lives. The aquamarine helps balance the throat chakra, which keeps the Aries kind and considerate to other people.



The magnesite helps balance the heart chakra.

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A powerful moonstone, the magnesite makes a wonderful addition as an Aries birthstone. The stone is great for stimulating self-love, which will allow the Aries to accept love from those around them. The magnesite is also perfect for improving the listening skills of the Aries, who tend to be inwardly focused. Another use of the stone is to improve mental clarity when generating new thoughts.


Faceted blue topaz on a gnarled wood background

Topaz acts as a protective talisman for Aries.


Aries can benefit from a red or blue topaz, which will connect them with their sexual and creative selves. The soft and loving aura of the topaz helps the Aries align with contentedness, endless energy, and happiness.


Jade is a real natural jade, lumps on a beautiful natural background.

Jade can help remove toxic thought patterns from Aries.

©Pesh Siri/

Sometimes the Aries can be aloof, stubborn, and independent thinking. The jade, with its positive and friendly aura, helps the Aries combat these tendencies. By providing wisdom and mental clarity, jade helps remove negative and toxic thought patterns. The jade helps the Aries to trust and love others.

How to Choose Your Aries Birthstone

Aries Zodiac Sign

People whose sign is Aries are natural leaders, passionate, and adventure-loving.


To choose the perfect Aries birthstone, one must look inside themselves. Each lifecycle requires unique healing and grounding energies. The Aries must look inside themselves and pick a gem that aligns closely with their intentions in the world. From there, they can wear or carry around the crystal.

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