August 22 Zodiac: Sign Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: July 27, 2023
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Key Points

    With charisma, grace, and warmth, an August 22 zodiac sign completes Leo season. Depending on the calendar year and what time you were born, you may find that you are either a Leo or a Virgo if you were born on this particular date. However, for the sake of this article, we’re going to assume you’re the fifth sign of the zodiac: bold, brilliant, and fiery Leo!

    Using astrology, symbolism, and numerology, we’re going to take an in-depth look into what it might be like to be the lion of the zodiac. Not only will we address the sign of Leo at length, but we’ll go over some specifics when it comes to being a Leo born on August 22nd in particular. From your personality to your love life, here’s what it might be like to be you if you call August 22nd your birthday. Let’s get started!

    August 22 Zodiac Sign: Leo

    august 22 zodiac

    Loyal, generous, and proud, Leos live life with a creative eye and a luxurious style.


    Following Cancer on the astrological wheel, Leos understand from the crab how to utilize their emotions, particularly on a social level. There is an entertainer and a beautiful friend inside each and every Leo sun. This fire sign is energetic, extroverted, and shining, no matter the room that they are in or what they are trying to accomplish. Because accomplishment means so much to a Leo, but only accomplishments that they get recognized for.

    Loyal, generous, and proud, Leos live life with a creative eye and a luxurious style. The fifth sign of the zodiac is well put together, often sporting the latest fashion trends and styling their glorious manes in order to catch your attention. Attention is also a very important keyword for Leos: this sign craves validation and reassurance from the people closest to them, whether they like to admit it or not!

    All fire signs come off as independent, confident, and energetic. Leos are no different, constantly becoming wonderful leaders, inspiring friends, and tireless coworkers. As a fixed sign, Leos love to maintain things. There is stability and groundedness to every Leo, something that manifests best in their relationships and passions. Passion is another very important association for fire signs. Leos won’t do anything that they aren’t completely, totally passionate about!

    Understanding a Leo completely means turning to astrology’s guiding principles for answers. Each and every sign of the zodiac has a ruling planet or two to thank for their core personalities and motivations. Let’s discuss the ruling planet (or star!) of Leo now.

    Ruling Planets of an August 22 Zodiac: the Sun

    august 22 zodiac

    There is warmth and generosity in every Leo because of the sun.

    ©Ed Connor/

    If your ruling planet is the center of the solar system, it’s no surprise that you have a big personality. And Leos have the sun to thank for much of their behavior! Life-giving, bright, and magnetic, the sun is exalted in Leo and shines the brightest in this sign compared to any other sign of the zodiac. Leos are special because of this and they want you to recognize just how special they are, in whatever way they happen to shine brightest.

    There is warmth and generosity in every Leo because of the sun. The sun is what brings life to this planet, after all! Leos inherently bring life into a room, a project, or a relationship. Their sunny dispositions make them eternal optimists and cheerleaders, even if they do have the tendency to need a bit of the spotlight for themselves.

    Okay, “a bit of the spotlight” may be an understatement. Leos often fall into trouble when they seek attention and validation, but they only seek such things when they’ve accomplished a job well done! This sign of the zodiac wants to be the life of the party, your guiding light, and the center of your universe. But there is a great deal of shame and insecurity behind the gregarious personality of a Leo. They want to make sure they’ve earned your attention before they start demanding it!

    August 22 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Leo

    august 22 zodiac

    In many ways, Leos are the ultimate actors of the zodiac.


    Fixed and fiery, Leo Suns are notoriously stubborn when it comes to being told what to do. However, this is one of the most loyal and giving signs in the zodiac. Their glamorous natures don’t stop at themselves. Leos want everyone in their life to feel special, like royalty, like stars of their own movies. If you are in Leo’s pride, their generosity will take good care of you. They want their friends and family to shine too.

    In many ways, Leos are the ultimate actors of the zodiac. Leos often play pretend and put on brave faces for their audience, even when life is hard. This facade is an extremely important aspect of Leo’s personality. Often, it’s one of the things that helps you know just how close to a Leo you actually are. Have you ever seen a Leo vulnerable?

    Leos don’t want to make life hard for their loved ones. They want every single day to be wonderful and limitless. However, every Leo sun struggles with being good enough, with their own adequacy. This is one of the reasons why they seek external validation. They need those they cherish to appreciate them so that they can feel comfortable letting their vulnerable side out. They need to know it’s okay to not be okay, to let go of being such a powerful force sometimes.

    Because, most of the time, Leos are the best leaders of the zodiac. With their charm, attention to detail, and bravery, Leo Suns can conquer everything. While they won’t enjoy being told what to do, by anyone, Leos have enough skill and confidence to tackle any task without anyone’s input.

    August 22 Zodiac: Numerological Significance

    august 22 zodiac

    This Leo’s birthday knows how to build something from the ground up.

    ©Sergey Kohl/

    How can we get more specific about a Leo born on August 22nd? This birthday is particularly special as it falls on the cusp of the Virgo season. While you’re likely still a Leo if this is your date of birth, Virgo season is just around the corner, influencing your personality ever so slightly. Known for their rational, ordered minds and practical dedication, Virgos lend this Leo birthday a grounded sense of self. You may be more devoted to your routines and rituals as well!

    For even more insight, we can turn to numerology. When we add up both 2s in an 8/22 birthday, the number 4 manifests. In astrology, the 4th sign of the zodiac is Cancer; the fourth house is the house of our homes and familial life. Looking to numerology and angel number 444, the number 4 speaks of dedication, stability, and adaptability no matter the obstacle facing you. 

    In many ways, this Leo birthday knows how to build something from the ground up. With so much influence from the fourth house and homebody Cancer, this Leo birthday likely longs to create a lasting home environment for themselves and those they care about. And they have the tenacity to build it without complaint or tiring.

    Leos have already learned a few big lessons from Cancer, but the number 4 makes it even easier for this Leo birthday to recognize the importance of consistency and hard work. Being reliable will be incredibly important to this Leo, especially because this behavior is only echoed by the upcoming season of Virgo! This is a very special Leo birthday, to be sure.

    Career Paths for an August 22 Zodiac Sign

    august 22 zodiac

    Being able to shine in the workplace is especially important to a Leo.


    Given how many performance metaphors we’ve already established for a Leo, it’s no wonder that these fire signs make fantastic actors. But performance goes far beyond the stage and screen. Leos are charming and charismatic, capable of wearing whatever mask they need to convince you of just about anything. That’s why Leos make excellent politicians, public speakers, gurus, teachers, and even lawyers. 

    The fifth house in astrology is known as the house of creation and pleasure, something that Leos love. Not only will this sign of the zodiac need a high-paying job in order to live their luxurious, pleasurable life, but they will also likely find a job with some creative elements attached. The arts typically call to a Leo, whether it be acting, writing, singing, or painting. This career path also allows a Leo to shine all on their own more often than not, something they truly enjoy!

    Being able to shine in the workplace is especially important to a Leo. Becoming a boss or CEO of their own company will come naturally to this sign of the zodiac. It’s easy for a Leo to inspire others, which makes them gifted leaders, no matter the career path they choose! Remember that many jobs start off difficult; Leos are fixed signs of the zodiac and don’t mind putting in the hard work for a huge payoff!

    August 22 Zodiac in Relationships and Love

    august 22 zodiac

    Most fire signs prefer action over dawdling, which is why Leos often make the first move.

    ©Marko Aliaksandr/

    In many ways, Leos live their life seeking glamorous love. It isn’t a secret, how high a Leo’s expectations can be. And these high expectations often manifest the most in love. While ridiculously generous, giving, and vivacious in a relationship, many Leos feel neglected in love because their expectations aren’t being met. They want to be treated the same way that they treat their partner– but many Leos treat their partners like royalty!

    No matter what, a Leo won’t take their time courting you if they are interested in you. Most fire signs prefer action over dawdling, which is why Leos often make the first move. The dates will be romantic, luxurious, and unlike any other you have been on before. And the Leo you choose to date will be endlessly warm, talkative, and charming. But is this what a relationship with a Leo will be like forever?

    In some ways, yes. Leos maintain their generous hearts throughout their romances. But Leos often hit a wall in romance when they realize their performative masks no longer suit them. They will find that opening up emotionally is necessary, but incredibly difficult for them. If they aren’t with the right partner, many Leos are likely to feel neglected and unsupported in their vulnerabilities.

    Matches and Compatibility for August 22 Zodiac Signs

    august 22 zodiac

    Fire signs will recognize the vivacity and energy of Leo, growing in similar ways with them.


    Dating a Leo born on August 22nd means dating a big personality! Remember the romantic core of every Leo sun. This is a person who will charm you over and over, for the rest of your life. Fire signs will recognize the vivacity and energy of Leo, growing in similar ways with them. Air signs will fuel the creative flames of the average Leo, while earth and water signs may inhibit the lion’s natural warmth.

    When we look at an August 22nd Leo in particular, there are a few matches that stick out more than others. Remember: all matches in the zodiac are possible! These matches may just suit an August 22nd Leo best:

    • Virgo. With Virgo season looming before an August 22nd birthday, this Leo may find themselves attracted to this mutable earth sign. Virgos will see all of the ways a Leo cares for them and long to return the favor. And Leos will recognize just how meticulous and careful Virgos are, taking care of them in specific ways.
    • Cancer. A Leo so closely linked to the number 4 may be drawn to Cancer suns. Emotionally open and giving, Cancers can help this Leo birthday connect to their own vulnerabilities without shame. Plus, Cancers love to build a home, something that this Leo birthday may long for as well.
    • Aries. Bold and bright, an Aries-Leo match always burns hot! Both fire signs, Aries and Leo instinctually inspire the other, even if it might result in some butting of heads at first. This is a fun, nourishing, and exciting match, one that can last a long while with proper communication and compassion.

    Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on August 22nd

    Who else shares an August 22nd birthday with you? Throughout history, many different historical figures and celebrities call August 22nd their birthday too. Here are only a few of the most influential and noteworthy:

    • Thomas Tredgold (carpenter)
    • Archibald M Willard (artist)
    • Melville E. Stone (publisher)
    • Claude Debussy (composer)
    • Willis Rodney Whitney (chemist)
    • Jacques Lipchitz (artist)
    • Dorothy Parker (poet)
    • Deng Xiaoping (revolutionary)
    • Henri Cartier-Bresson (photographer)
    • Ray Bradbury (author)
    • Donald MacLeary (dancer)
    • Thomas Lovejoy (biologist)
    • Cindy Williams (actor)
    • Tori Amos (singer)
    • Ty Burrell (actor)
    • Giada De Laurentiis (chef)
    • Richard Armitage (actor)
    • Kristen Wiig (comedian)
    • James Corden (actor)
    • Steve Kornacki (journalist)
    • Dua Lipa (singer)

    Important Events That Occurred on August 22nd

    august 22 zodiac

    On this day in 1864, the very first Geneva Convention occurred!


    Throughout history, August 22nd remains an important, monumental day. What all has happened on this day over time? While we can’t list everything, here are a few noteworthy events:

    • 1775: with the American Revolution in full swing, King George III proclaimed unrest and revolution
    • 1848: New Mexico was annexed
    • 1864: the very first Geneva Convention occurred
    • 1894: the Natal Indian Congress was formed by Gandhi
    • 1901: the Cadillac Motor Company was officially formed
    • 1921: J. Edgar Hoover was officially declared the assistant director of the FBI
    • 1964: Fannie Lou Hamer spoke out about racial injustice at the Democratic Convention
    • 1989: a complete ring was discovered around the planet Neptune
    • 2004: paintings were stolen from the Munch Museum
    • 2022: Anthony Fauci announced his stepping down from his position as Director of the NAIAD

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