August 30 Zodiac: Sign Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Updated: July 10, 2023
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If there’s anything practical that a Virgo can help you with, they should be the first person you call.

In astrology, your sun sign can have more to say about your personality than you perhaps first expect. An August 30 zodiac sign falls under the sixth sign of the zodiac: Virgo. An earth sign known for their eye for detail and practical helpfulness, Virgos around the world enjoy finding order and answers to all of our problems. But this isn’t all that an August 30th birthday might have to say about you.

By researching numerology, astrology, and other forms of symbolism, we can learn so much about the zodiac sign, Virgo. And we can even get to know a bit more about someone specifically born on August 30th. Whether you consider yourself a believer in astrology or not, now’s the time to have a bit of fun and learn about your sun sign!

August 30 Zodiac Sign: Virgo

august 30 zodiac

Virgos are known for their analytical skills, attention to detail, and practicality.

© Hernandez

Mutable and occurring as the summertime turns to fall, Virgos represent the variety and the changeability of this time of year. This isn’t to say that Virgos are fickle and unreliable– far from it! Earth signs are well-known for their dedication, reliability, and stability. But Virgos are the most flexible earth sign when it comes to their adaptability. This is a sign used to change in order to compromise or adapt to those around them as well as their environment.

Have you sensed this as an August 30th Virgo? Despite your potentially perfectionistic tendencies (of which we’ll discuss later), you have a desire to change throughout your life. Your strength is in your adaptability and capability during times of disruption and unexpected events. And, paired with your earth element, your mutable modality only highlights your ability to remain a pillar in your routine as well as the lives of others.

When we want to learn more about individual signs of the zodiac, turning to your ruling planet can be a great place to start. Virgo’s mutability is likely thanks to this sign’s ruling planet, Mercury. Known for his alacrity, efficiency, and adept communication skills, many of a Virgo’s strengths come from this planet. Let’s discuss Mercury now.

Ruling Planets of an August 30 Zodiac: Mercury

august 30 zodiac

Virgos are always early to any appointment thanks to Mercury.

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In your birth chart, your Mercury placement influences the ways that you communicate ideas, find answers, and process things intellectually. Given that Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, it’s safe to say that these two signs represent all of these things well. While Geminis have boundless curiosity and a more sociable communication style, Virgos process and communicate in practical, efficient ways.

Everything comes quickly to a Mercury-ruled sign. Both Gemini and Virgo take to new concepts or hobbies well, so long as they are interested in it. It is simple for both of these signs to process multiple things in a given instant, even though this behavior often leaves Virgo feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It’s hard to slow Mercury down, and this is evident inside a Virgo’s head most of all.

On a practical level (as all things Virgo are), Mercury helps Virgo communicate their daily needs with others. Virgos are always early to any appointment, good at sending follow-up texts or emails, and will notice all of the details they need in order to get a job done. Noticing things also falls under Mercury. This planet (associated with Hermes) is a well-known gossip and deliverer of news, something Virgo enjoys doing.

To make up for their quick problem-solving and communication skills, it may benefit an August 30th Virgo to engage in mindfulness activities. While Mercury lends a great deal of strength to Virgo, it is also their own worst enemy. Meditating, doing yoga, or even other forms of physical exercise (particularly in the woods; Virgos love nature!) will help offset the constant hum of information streaming in from Mercury.

August 30 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Virgo

august 30 zodiac

If there’s anything practical that a Virgo can help you with, they should be the first person you call.


To be a Virgo is to be a practical problem-solver. As an earth sign, Virgos focus on all things real. While Virgos are certainly capable of being creative and philosophical and daring, they find their true purpose in the everyday. A routine is paramount for a Virgo to develop. While they will be forever optimizing said routine (as well as themselves), Virgos find peace in contributing to their daily pleasures.

The sixth house in astrology refers to our daily routines as well as our health. As the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgos value both of these things immensely. On a practical level, most Virgos are fit, or at the very least health-conscious. They enjoy investing time and effort into anything they care about, and their bodies are often one of those things.

While they aren’t the best sign to help you through an emotional crisis, Virgos are the best sign to offer you a box of tissues. If there’s anything practical that a Virgo can help you with, they should be the first person you call. Putting together furniture, picking up things from an ex’s house, finding the best coupon– a Virgo has you covered. However, one of Virgo’s biggest weaknesses is how they often come across to others.

Despite Mercury’s influence, Virgos tend to speak in a sardonic, passive-aggressive way. Many people dislike receiving advice from a Virgo, as these people see just how perfectionistic their Virgo typically is! Even though Virgos rarely place their need for perfection onto other people, this is a sign with high expectations for others. It can be extremely intimidating, asking a Virgo for help or advice.

August 30 Zodiac: Numerological Significance

august 30 zodiac

A Virgo born on August 30th may have a greater sense of communication compared to other Virgos.


We’ve talked about Virgos in general. Now it’s time to talk about a Virgo born on August 30th in particular. When we look at a birthday of 8/30, the number 3 appears to us. This number is associated with many things, as trios and trines are prevalent throughout our lives. In astrology, the third sign of the zodiac is Mercury-ruled Gemini. Likewise, the third house in astrology is largely associated with communication, intellect, and sensible planning.

A Virgo born on August 30th may have a greater sense of communication compared to other Virgos. This person likely has a wonderful grasp on how to come across to others in order to form lasting, symbiotic connections without coming across as passive-aggressive. Likewise, the intellect of an August 30th zodiac sign may be a bit more heightened compared to other Virgo birthdays.

The number 3, from an angel number and numerological perspective, represents philosophy, problem-solving, and a desire to share your thoughts with others. A Virgo born on August 30th may be adept at figuring out problems, both practical and emotional. Likewise, their keen intellect is meant to be shared with others; the number 3 is prompting them to do so!

While most Virgos don’t enjoy being put on the spot or showered with attention (this isn’t a fire sign, after all!), an August 30th zodiac sign may feel a greater sense of purpose to share their insight. Writing may also appeal to this Virgo in particular, as the third house in astrology is closely linked to this form of communication specifically. What better way to share your knowledge than through the written word?

Career Paths for an August 30 Zodiac Sign

august 30 zodiac

Given their eye for detail, most Virgos do well in editing roles or even scientific research positions.

©Tanya Antusenok/

With such a connection to the number 3 and communication in general, a Virgo born on August 30th may be deeply interested in writing. This person is likely skilled in their native language. Their strength may manifest best in practical writing such as office work or clerical writing, but speechwriting, creative writing, or playwriting may also appeal to this Virgo. They may even find joy in writing content for ad agencies or online journals.

No matter the career they choose, Virgos love to help others in any way that they can. Nursing, caretaking, and mentoring may appeal to a Virgo born on August 30th, particularly if it allows them to influence young minds. Likewise, education in general may speak to this sign, as these relationships allow for them to share their good advice without being too overbearing.

Given their eye for detail, most Virgos do well in editing roles or even scientific research positions. Any career that allows them to see both the big picture and all of the small intricacies of something will feel like their true calling. With a mutable modality, Virgos may find this sense of satisfaction in a number of career paths!

It’s important for a Virgo to not make their career their entire life, however. Given that this sign doesn’t crave the spotlight, an August 30th Virgo likely won’t feel comfortable in a managerial or CEO position. It’s easy for a Virgo to want to be everything to everyone in the workplace, wrapping up their sense of worth into their work. By allowing room for hobbies and relationships, Virgos can truly feel well-rounded and whole!

August 30 Zodiac in Relationships and Love

august 30 zodiac

In a relationship, an August 30th Virgo is caring, reliable, and almost psychic when it comes to someone’s habits and practical needs.


A Virgo born on August 30th may intellectualize their love life and relationships often. Virgos can struggle to even believe in love at first, given that it is such an emotional thing to process. They prefer to live in reality and honesty at all times; love can be incredibly perplexing to a Virgo. This is why they typically will not make the first move, not unless they have some fire signs in the rest of their birth chart!

However, once love finds them, an August 30th Virgo will be incredibly charming. Their communication skills will help them bridge the gap between their intellect and emotions. They will express themselves in a charming, self-deprecating way. This self-deprecation can occasionally exacerbate a Virgo’s cynicism, which is why they benefit from a partner who can get them out of their chaotic head.

In a relationship, an August 30th Virgo is caring, reliable, and almost psychic when it comes to someone’s habits and practical needs. They will observe their partner in many different facets of life in order to learn things about them and anticipate their needs. A Virgo will always know when their partner needs a massage after a long day’s work, a chore done, a problem solved. While Virgos often sacrifice themselves for their partner, there’s a lot of love in this sign’s heart!

Matches and Compatibility for August 30 Zodiac Signs

august 30 zodiac

Virgos tend to benefit best from water signs, as they nourish the earth that Virgo treads upon daily.

©Marko Aliaksandr/

When considering an August 30th birthday in particular, this Virgo may find themselves attracted to deeply intellectual people. They will long for a connection that allows them to talk at length, about things that are complicated and intricate. Air signs do this daily, but many earth signs have trouble connecting to these dreamy, lofty philosophers. Virgos tend to benefit best from water signs, as they nourish the earth that Virgo treads upon daily.

With all of these things in mind, let’s turn to astrology for some insight as to the best matches for Virgo, but an August 30th Virgo in particular!:

  • Gemini. Given their connection to the number 3, an August 30th Virgo may find themselves drawn to Geminis. While this pair typically makes better friends than lovers, an August 30th Virgo will enjoy long conversations with Gemini. Likewise, Gemini will cherish this Virgo’s hidden affectionate side and protect it.
  • Pisces. Opposite Virgo on the astrological wheel, Pisces is a mutable water sign. There is a connection between Pisces and Virgo that many people don’t truly understand. An August 30th Virgo will marvel at the way a Pisces processes emotionally, while a Pisces will take care of this Virgo’s special heart.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on August 30th

If you call August 30th your birthday, who else shares in this special day with you? With an eye for the writers born on this day, here is a brief and incomplete list of some of the most famous August 30th babies born throughout history!:

  • David Hartley (philosopher)
  • Mary Shelley (author)
  • Ernest Rutherford (physicist)
  • Huey Long (politician)
  • Roy Wilkins (activist)
  • Edward Mills Purcell (physicist)
  • Laurent de Brunhoff (writer)
  • Warren Buffett (businessman)
  • John Phillips (singer)
  • Robert Crumb (artist)
  • Lewis Black (comedian)
  • Cameron Diaz (actor)
  • Trevor Jackson (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on August 30th

august 30 zodiac

In 1967, Thurgood Marshall was appointed as the first black Supreme Court Justice on August 30th.


Curious about what else has occurred on August 30th throughout history (besides your very important birth, of course!)? As early as 1682, William Penn departed England on this date to voyage across the sea. And, jumping ahead to 1862, the Second Battle of Bull Run ended on this particular August day. In neat and clean Virgo fashion, August 30th, 1901 was the first day that the vacuum cleaner was patented!

In 1967, Thurgood Marshall was appointed as the first black Supreme Court Justice on August 30th. And a famous writer had his unfinished works posthumously destroyed on this day in 2017: it was what Terry Pratchett wanted! And this day is largely attributed to the end of the United States’ war with Afghanistan in 2021, with the final plane departing. No matter the event August 30th remains a noteworthy day in our history!

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