August 8 Zodiac: Sign Personality Traits, Compatibility and More

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Updated: July 27, 2023

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Loving a Leo means lending this lion plenty of affection, attention, and praise.

Generous, entertaining, and warm, you’re definitely a Leo if you’re an August 8 zodiac sign! The fifth sign of the zodiac, Leos belong to the element of fire and are of a fixed modality. All of this comes into play when dissecting the personality of a Leo, especially when we consider the time of year that Leo season occurs. From July 22nd to August 22nd, it’s all about the fierce and proud lion of the zodiac!

If your birthday falls during Leo season, what makes you special? And what can we learn about a specific Leo birthday of August 8th? Does this date have any significance from an astrological or numerological perspective? It may have more to say about you than you think! Whether you tend to believe in astrology or not, you can have a bit of fun studying this ancient practice. Let’s learn all about Leos born on August 8th now!

August 8 Zodiac Sign: Leo

august 8 zodiac

There is a magnetic aura to every Leo sun.


In the northern hemisphere, Leo season starts in the middle of summer. Fixed modality signs occur during the peak of their season, representing the most predictable and reliable weather patterns for their time of year. And Leos are all about warmth, entertainment, and perhaps a bit of stagnation, particularly when it comes to their motivation to change or be moved by others. While Leos are certainly people-people, don’t try to tell a Leo what to do!

Fire signs are energetic, ambitious, and independent individuals, tying into a Leo’s distaste when it comes to being bossed around. With charm and luxurious taste, Leos live their lives to the fullest, surrounded by the people they love. While they may crave your approval, attention, and affection from time to time, Leos are among the most loyal and devoted signs of the zodiac. If they consider you part of their “pride”, this lion will always have your back!

There is a magnetic aura to every Leo sun. It’s an almost unexplainable thing, this attraction. While Leos are certainly beautiful, image-conscious people, why are they so magnetic? Their charisma and performative natures are certainly part of the equation. But this sign’s ruling planet may also have something to say about them.

Ruling Planets of an August 8 Zodiac: the Sun

august 8 zodiac

The ego of a Leo is largely thanks to the sun– and large it is!

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Each and every planet in our solar system orbit the sun, which is one of the many reasons why Leos are oh-so-magnetic and attractive. They are ruled by the sun, bringer of light, life, and so much more. And Leos certainly bring life into each and every place they choose to occupy. They are easy to recognize when they enter a room, bright and bold and warm. The sun only rules over Leo, making this fire sign especially powerful and confident.

The ego of a Leo is largely thanks to the sun– and large it is! Leos can struggle with a bit of a big head from time to time. At their worst, the lion longs to be worshipped and treated like royalty. The sun is used to being worshipped by its surrounding planets, after all! But it’s important to note that Leos only want to be recognized for their efforts; they crave validation and appreciation when they know they’ve put in plenty of hard work first.

Just like Leo’s neighboring sign, Virgo, Leos understand the importance of nourishing the people in their life. While some Leos can struggle to set aside their needs in favor of helping others, this is still a sign that will devote themselves to their friends and family. The sun nourishes all of us on this planet. So too do Leos, at least among the people they consider their closest confidants.

August 8 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Leo

august 8 zodiac

Leos believe life should be fun!


To be a Leo is to be a performer and a leader. There is a grace, charm, and authority found within every Leo sun, something that feels unnamable at first. As you get to know a Leo, you soon learn that this is a sign of the zodiac capable of making their grandest dreams come true. Because, not only do Leos have grand dreams– they know exactly how to achieve them. This is a sign that’s unafraid of hard work, even if they can get a bit vocal when things don’t go their way!

Vocal is another important descriptor for Leos. These fire signs are natural performers, with a tendency to attract a discerning amount of drama into their lives. Loud, proud, and capable, Leos are the people you turn to when you need a bit of gossip, a party to come to life, a host that will be both a little full of themselves and capable of helping you shine. Leos love to help others shine most of all.

Despite being a bit brash for the average earth sign, Leos long to impress. They can occasionally come off as abrasive and self-absorbed, but many Leos are primarily motivated by others. This sign wants to help the people in their life, in their own unique way. Because Leos believe life should be fun; they want everyone they care about to live a happy, exciting life, full of luxury and whimsy!

This is one of the primary motivations behind a Leo’s performative nature. They hide how they are feeling often in order to put on a good show, bring smiles to the faces of their loved ones. For better or worse, Leos are optimists until the very end.

August 8 Zodiac: Numerological Significance

august 8 zodiac

A Leo so connected to the number 8 may feel deeply connected to their own motivations and inner workings.


With a birthday like 8/8, there’s no denying the numerological influence of the number 8 in your life. But what does this number mean? From an astrological perspective, Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac. Likewise, the eighth house is heavily associated with community, shared things, and transforming through cycles. In numerology and angel numbers, the number 8 speaks of cycles as well, and the possibilities of the infinite. It also has to do with self-possession and interior awareness.

A Leo so connected to the number 8 may feel deeply connected to their own motivations and inner workings. Scorpios are always internally processing, capable of harnessing their emotions and personal insight into something wonderful. This particular Leo birthday may also understand the mindset of a Scorpio better than others, especially when it comes to their habits and cyclical natures.

Because the eighth house and the number 8 speak of death, rebirth, and transformation during these processes. A Leo born on August 8th may have an interest in all things eternal, infinite, including our cycles as humans. This may help a Leo better grasp their own mortality and place in this world. That’s why the number 8 is often a wise, pragmatic number. It helps those connected to it to see the full scope of things!

Career Paths for an August 8 Zodiac Sign

august 8 zodiac

Leos are of course natural public speakers, actors, and dancers– any type of performance, a Leo will excel at.


You’ve likely heard it before, how naturally gifted Leos are when it comes to the arts. And this is creative arts of any type, not solely performative ones. However, Leos are of course natural public speakers, actors, and dancers– any type of performance, a Leo will excel at. The fifth house, closely linked to Leo as the fifth sign, has to do with pleasure and creativity. That’s why Leos are adept at creative enterprises, from painting to singing to writing.

But politics must also be mentioned when it comes to performance. There is a gift of persuasion in every Leo sun, something that goes hand in hand with political careers. And Leos aren’t afraid to be in the spotlight, to be a leader, to create an empire fueled by their charisma and wit. While it’s important that a Leo never gets too power-hungry, political endeavors of any type will be a great fit for this fire sign.

But what about an August 8th Leo in particular? This birthday may be interested in becoming a life coach, an influencer, or a figure that leads others in more personal ways, not just through politics. The number 8 is all about transformative things, which is why an 8/8 Leo may be interested in how they can help others transform. A unique job such as this will also afford a Leo the flexibility to create their own career and schedule, helping a Leo feel fully independent! 

August 8 Zodiac in Relationships and Love

august 8 zodiac

Once you know how to make your Leo feel comfortable, vulnerable, and at peace in their own skin, you’ve made a partner for life.


Fixed signs prefer things to stay the same; they enjoy tradition as well as the concept of seeing things through. Leos are deeply romantic because of their fixed modality. They truly believe in soulmates, lasting romances, and relationships that are luxurious, fulfilling, and all-encompassing. The problem is, many Leos let their high expectations for a partner get in the way of actually finding love.

In the early stages of romance with a Leo, there will be a great deal of posturing. This performer will dazzle their crush with exciting dates, plenty of gifts, and nonstop opinions that are charming by design. However, as the relationship progresses, every Leo sun needs to realize the point of diminishing returns on their performance of love. Opening up, being vulnerable, and showing their lover their true selves is a must– but it’s a scary thing for every Leo to do.

Loving a Leo means lending this lion plenty of affection, attention, and praise. They will need reassurance often throughout a relationship, especially as they start to open up emotionally. A Leo connected to the number 8 may be particularly remiss to express their inner workings. Their connection to secretive Scorpio may make it more difficult for this Leo birthday to get emotional with their partner.

However, once all these initial hurdles are cleared, Leos are some of the most tender, devoted partners in the zodiac. They live to love; romance is an ultimate goal for many Leos. Once you know how to make your Leo feel comfortable, vulnerable, and at peace in their own skin, you’ve made a partner for life.

Matches and Compatibility for August 8 Zodiac Signs

august 8 zodiac

The stability of a Leo in love is beautiful; this is a partner you can rely on for the long haul.

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Loving such a big personality can be difficult for some signs of the zodiac to do. However, Leo suns effuse all of their relationships with life, optimism, and strong foundations. The stability of a Leo in love is beautiful; this is a partner you can rely on for the long haul. That will appeal to many signs of the zodiac that would normally be turned off by a Leo’s bold and energetic personality.

No matter the match, it’s going to be memorable if it’s with a Leo! When we look at an August 8th zodiac sign in particular, here are some potentially strong astrological matches for this Leo birthday:

  • Libra. A classic astrological match, Libras inspire the glamor and creativity in Leos. They will also appreciate just how romantic and aesthetically put-together Leos are, bringing fairness and beauty into a relationship with one.
  • Scorpio. While often an explosive match, an August 8th Leo may find themselves particularly drawn to Scorpios. Also fixed, this match can certainly butt heads from time to time. However, Scorpios have a depth to them that draws Leos in, making for a potentially lasting love.
  • Aries. Also a fire sign, Aries suns are capable of keeping up with Leos for the long haul. These two have similar communication styles and outlooks on life, though they may both fight for control in the relationship at first!

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on August 8th

With such an auspicious birthday as 8/8, who else shares this special day with you? From astronomers to actors to politicians, here are only a few Leos that have been born on August 8th throughout history!:

  • Saint Dominic (preist)
  • Charles Bulfinch (architect)
  • Esther Morris (suffragist)
  • Théodule-Augustin Ribot (artist)
  • Matthew Henson (explorer)
  • “Dr. Bob” Smith (physician)
  • Sara Teasdale (poet)
  • Paul Dirac (physicist)
  • Dino De Laurentiis (producer)
  • Sandy Horn (activist)
  • Dustin Hoffman (actor)
  • Daniel Day (designer)
  • Harry Crosby (actor)
  • Ron Klain (attorney)
  • The Edge (guitarist)
  • Jon Turteltaub (director)
  • Giuseppe Conte (politician)
  • Lee Unkrich (screenwriter)
  • Michael Urie (actor)
  • Peyton List (actor)
  • Shawn Mendez (singer)

Important Events That Occurred on August 8th

august 8 zodiac

On this day in 2021, California had its second-largest wildfire in history.


What has happened on August 8th throughout history? A great number of things– far too many to list here! However, we can give you a few noteworthy events that have happened on your birthday throughout the centuries. Here they are!:

  • 1508: Caparra was founded in Puerto Rico by Juan Ponce de León
  • 1786: the United States government formally chose the dollar as their preferred currency 
  • 1794: an expedition began to discover the Northwest Passage, led by George Vancouver and Joseph Whidbey
  • 1844: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints chose Brigham Young as their new leader
  • 1914: Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the “Endurance” departed for Antarctica
  • 1950: Breaking world records for both men and women, Florence Chadwick began her swim of the English Channel
  • 1969: the cover of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album is shot
  • 1974: President Richard Nixon announced his resignation, happening the following day
  • 2021: California had its second-largest wildfire in history (the Dixie Fire)

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