Australian Hero Fights off Charging Crocodile With a Frying Pan

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 19, 2023
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This man pulled out his reliable frying pan to manage the issue when a surprise crocodile showed up at his vacation lodge. Each of us has had some uninvited visitors at our gatherings. But typically, no matter how annoying they could be, we just grin and bear it. This lodge owner had a different idea in mind. 

An Australian man is shown repelling a crocodile in his garden with a frying pan in a viral video that best captures the spirit of the country. We at AZA can tell you this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! 

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Kai Hansen, who owns Goat Island Lodge on the banks of the Adelaide River, lives there with Casey, the female crocodile he loves so much, whom Fred, the croc in this video, has been bugging ever since he just showed up.

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The 16-second footage starts out with a stressful situation. On a wooden patio, a crocodile is lying in wait while humans converse with one another. With a frying pan in his hand and a red shirt on, our hero enters as the camera moves. 

Hansen relocated there a while back. According to him, his kingdom “has the only croc-infested moat all around it,” he previously told 9News. Goat Island serves as the “moat,” while Adelaide River serves as the “kingdom.” 

Hansen used to have a tiny dog named Pippa who would frighten the crocodiles away from his land when he initially moved into the lodge in the Northern Territory. Up until Pippa became another animal’s lunch. 

Without breaking a sweat, Kai Hansen of Darwin struck the resident saltwater crocodile, Fred, on the snout when he rushed in his direction. Hansen shuffles down the steps with assurance and composure. The crocodile rushes as soon as he touches the ground, but it is too late to attack. He just needs two blows with the frying pan to realize that this is no everyday opponent.

Although crocodilians are frequently depicted as fearsome predators, people are more afraid of being eaten than they are of being bitten. There are instances of crocodilians biting people without provocation, although they are rare. Ideally, you’ll never have to interact with a wild crocodile in person. 

Nevertheless, if you do, your options for action are based on the circumstances and your possibilities of escape. It’s not simple to fend off a crocodile, and you’re not likely to succeed. You’re better off remaining away or fleeing, instead.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Pius Rino Pungkiawan/

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