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12 Working Animals That You Can Ride Picture

Many domesticated or tamed animals perform other tasks that make them more valuable than their meat, eggs, skin, and fiber. While some animals are originally domestic and adapted to work or be… Read More

By Alan 24 hours ago

The 10 Oldest Women to Ever Live Picture

If you research “longest living humans,” you’ll discover impressive people who lived for over 120 years. Today, the global life expectancy is about 72, and making it past that mark… Read More

By Alan 1 day ago

The 10 Oldest Languages in the World Picture

It is difficult to pinpoint the precise number of languages today, but anthropologists put it at approximately 7000.  Only about 200 of these languages are spoken by more than one… Read More

By Alan 4 days ago

The Oldest Men to Ever Live Picture

Many people dream of reaching a ripe old age while maintaining their health, so as to enjoy the world around them without limitation. Superlatives such as oldest and longest are… Read More

By Alan 7 days ago