Brandi Allred
Author for A-Z Animals

Brandi is a professional writer by day and a fiction writer by night. Her nonfiction work focuses on animals, nature, and conservation. She holds degrees in English and Anthropology, and spends her free time writing horror, scifi, and fantasy stories.

10 Extinct Animals of Africa  Picture

Conservation efforts in Africa are stronger now than they’ve ever been. However, unfortunately, extinction is nothing new to this vast continent. Africa is home to some of the greatest biodiversity… Read More

By Brandi Allred 5 days ago

Do Polar Bears Hunt Humans? Picture

Polar bears are some of the most famous, feared animals on Earth. These bears, known scientifically as Ursus maritimus, live only in the coldest parts of the world, where they… Read More

By Brandi Allred 5 days ago

Do Hawks Hunt At Night? Picture

Hawks are some of the most ubiquitous birds in the world. They’re found on every continent except Antarctica and go by many common names, including buzzard, harrier, kite, caracara, and… Read More

By Brandi Allred 5 days ago

6 Extinct Species in India Picture

India encompasses the entire Indian subcontinent in South Asia. It’s one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth, despite having the second largest population of humans of any country. India’s… Read More

By Brandi Allred 4 weeks ago

3 Extinct Types of Tigers  Picture

Tigers are some of the most beautiful, famous creatures on the planet. They’re the largest felines on Earth, bigger than even lions and leopards. Like other big cats, tigers are… Read More

By Brandi Allred 1 month ago

6 Extinct Marsupials  Picture

Some of the most famous marsupials include kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and even opossums. But what about all the extinct marsupials? Australia, and to a greater extent all of Australasia, parts… Read More

By Brandi Allred 1 month ago

10 Incredible Barracuda Facts Picture

Barracudas, or, cudas, as they’re commonly known, live in the surface layer of many of the world’s oceans. They’re specifically a salt water fish, but, more than that, they’re extraordinary… Read More

By Brandi Allred 2 months ago