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The 7 Biggest Spiders in Texas Picture

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? That’s right—even Texas’s spiders are of above-average size. The biggest spiders in Texas make the biggest spiders in many other states look puny by comparison! Texas is home to over 1,000 distinct species of spiders, and several of those top the list as the biggest spiders in Texas. Here, we’ll […] Read More

6 Ticks in Maryland Picture

Ticks might seem like something you only have to worry about in sagebrush country or deep in the woods. But, ticks in Maryland are just as prevalent as in any other part of the country. Ticks live on all seven continents (even Antarctica!), and they aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, a combination […] Read More

Ticks in Michigan Picture

Unfortunately for residents of Michigan, this mid-western state’s moderate climate makes it the perfect haven for one of our least favorite arachnids—the tick. Ticks in Michigan have it easy; they live in grasslands and forests alike and can even be found indoors. More than 20 species of tick live in Michigan, but only five of […] Read More

Discover the Largest Sidewinder Rattlesnake Ever Recorded Picture

Of all the rattlesnakes in the world, sidewinders are one of the most famous. As you might have guessed from their name, they move using a peculiar ‘sidewinding’ motion. Here, we’ll discover the largest sidewinder rattlesnake ever recorded and much more. Sidewinders are similar in appearance to most other kinds of rattlesnakes, like the prairie […] Read More

4 Types of Ticks in Massachusetts Picture

Like mosquitos, ticks suck blood. Unlike mosquitos, ticks aren’t actually insects. Instead, they’re arachnids—like spiders, mites, and scorpions. These arachnids are no bigger than sesame seeds, until they consume a blood meal, that is. Fully engorged, ticks in Massachusetts can grow to the size of a grape. Luckily, only four types of ticks are commonly […] Read More

Meet the Largest Toad in the World Picture

Toads are members of the Amphibia Class, alongside frogs, salamanders, caecilians, and newts. Like snakes, they’re ectothermic, relying on the heat of the sun to warm their bodies. Most toads grow to modest sizes, but one species more than earns its title as the largest toad in the world. The largest toad in the world […] Read More

3 Scorpions Found in Florida (One Can Reach 4 Inches) Picture

Scorpions just might be some of the scariest-looking creatures on Earth. But, if you’re checking out scorpions in Florida, have no fear—there are no scorpions in Florida capable of killing people. Moreover, scorpions very rarely sting humans—they would rather save their venom for their favorite foods, cockroaches, and spiders. Here, we’ll learn a little more […] Read More

9 Types of Ticks in Louisiana Picture

If you’re planning on stepping outside in Louisiana this summer, you might want to take a look at the nine ticks in Louisiana. Ticks are hematophagous (bloodsucking), parasitic arthropods that prey on animals and humans alike. While not all species of ticks carry Lyme disease, many of them carry other illnesses, diseases, and pathogens. It’s […] Read More

10 Types of Ticks in Maine Picture

With its extreme northern latitude, Maine might seem like the last place you expect to find ticks. But, there are actually more than ten species of ticks in Maine. Of these, three are the most common: the American dog tick, woodchuck tick, and deer tick.  Here, we’ll take a closer look at ten of the […] Read More

The 7 Biggest Spiders in Florida Picture

We all know that spiders have eight legs and eat insects, but do you know which spiders are the biggest in Florida? With its temperate climate and plentiful insect prey, Florida is home to many species of spiders. They may not be quite as big as the bird-eating tarantula, but the biggest spiders in Florida […] Read More

Ticks in Kansas Picture

Ticks in Kansas are just a fact of life. Like mosquitoes, they prey on humans, dogs, and warmblooded animals of every size and type. Ticks live in every single one of the fifty states, as well as nearly every continent on Earth (the sole exception being Antarctica). They are vectors for some pretty serious diseases, […] Read More

Ticks in Mississippi Picture

There are a whopping 19 species of ticks in Mississippi. Like mosquitos, ticks live off of blood, and some species bite dogs, humans, or both. Despite the fact that they’re bloodsuckers, ticks are generally harmless. What’s not harmless are the diseases, pathogens, and bacterial infections ticks carry. Because they drink our blood, they are able […] Read More

Ticks in Minnesota Picture

There are 13 species of ticks in Minnesota, but only four of those are common enough to worry about. Ticks are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet, even if their chosen food makes your skin crawl. Like leeches, ticks are obligate hematophages, which means they eat blood, and nothing but blood. Since […] Read More

7 Types of Ticks in Kentucky Picture

With their small size and numerous legs, ticks may look like insects. But don’t let their looks fool you—ticks are actually arachnids. They’re closely related to spiders, mites, and scorpions. Unlike other creatures that subsist off of plants or meat, ticks actually need only one thing to survive: blood. There are very few tick-free places […] Read More

The Largest Saltwater Crocodile in the World Picture

Saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) are the largest living reptiles on Earth. They’re even bigger than the fearsome Nile crocodile and dwarf alligators, gharials, and caimans. But, just how big is the largest saltwater crocodile in the world? Over the years, many contenders have been reported, but only a few of them have been accurately measured. […] Read More

The Largest Sea Snake Ever: Discover an Ancient 40-Foot-Long Giant Picture

Back in 1999, a team of international scientists began work in the Sahara desert in northern Africa. They were looking for evidence of something not seen in the arid lands of Nigeria, Mali, and Algeria in over 50 million years: an ocean. This ancient ocean was home to more than fish; it was the personal […] Read More

Ticks in Missouri Picture

No matter where you go on Earth, you can’t get away from bugs. There are even pests in Antarctica, thanks to the human dwellings there. But ticks aren’t insects, like mosquitos—they’re arachnids. Ticks in Missouri belong to the arachnid family, just like spiders, scorpions, and mites. But, no matter what family they’re part of, the […] Read More

Black Snakes in Illinois Picture

There are 40 species of snakes currently recognized in Illinois. Of those 40 species, 11 are listed as threatened or endangered. But what about black snakes in Illinois? There are actually seven species of black snakes in Illinois. Like all snakes, these species are cold-blooded and rely on the sun’s warmth to warm their bodies. […] Read More

Ticks in Indiana Picture

Ticks live worldwide, and there are hundreds of different species. But, when it comes to ticks in Indiana, there are only about 15 species of tick. Of those, only four are common, and only one of those four is a known vector for Lyme disease. Ticks can pass on other illnesses too, like Rocky Mountain […] Read More

Ticks in Illinois Picture

Out of all the tiny creatures that bite us, ticks just may be one of the most reviled. Though they’re not in the same class as mosquitos (mosquitos are insects, whereas ticks are arachnids), tick bites can still turn deadly. There are four common species of ticks in Illinois, but only one of them spreads […] Read More

Ticks in Hawaii Picture

Let’s say you’re planning a trip to the beautiful Hawaiian islands, or maybe you’re lucky enough to live in the Aloha state. You pack your sunscreen, your boogie board, and your tick repellent. Wait, are there actually ticks in Hawaii? Unfortunately, yes—even this island state in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is home to […] Read More

10 Snakes That Burrow Underground Picture

Most snakes coopt holes that other animals have dug, but some actually burrow underground themselves. Fossorial (burrowing) snakes are good at digging. They burrow to stay safe from predators, stay warm, or even lie in wait for prey. Some studies indicate that fossorial snakes go extinct at a greater rate than non-fossorial snakes. 10. Burrowing […] Read More

Ticks in Idaho Picture

If you’re planning on doing any hiking, backpacking, camping, or just plain nature walking in Idaho this summer, you may be asking yourself: are there ticks in Idaho? The answer to this question, unfortunately, is yes. Idaho is home to not one but three species of tick—the American dog tick, the Rocky Mountain wood tick, […] Read More

Roaches in Ohio Picture

Humans everywhere have to deal with the one pest that just won’t die, the cockroach. There are even roaches in Ohio. There, they live in homes, apartment buildings, restaurants, and just about any other manmade structure you can think of. Cockroaches are the ultimate survivors; they’ve been around for over 300 million years, so they […] Read More

Roaches in Michigan Picture

Let’s say you live in Michigan, and something small, dark, and scaly just crawled over your foot in the dark. What is it? Well, chances or good, you just felt the tiny, disease-carrying feet of a roach in Michigan. Yes—not even Michigan is immune to these crawling pests. Cockroaches can invade homes, businesses, or even […] Read More

The 10 Largest Snakes in South America Picture

South America is home to the Amazon River, the Andes Mountains, and the Atacama Desert. But, this incredible continent is famous for even more than its geographic features. South America is home to some of the world’s most fascinating creatures, including the largest snake in the world. Here, we’ll learn about the 10 largest snakes […] Read More

The ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Rattlesnake’s Surprising History Picture

You’ve probably seen the yellow ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag floating around somewhere. Popular both historically and in certain contemporary circles, the famous flag has been used by many different groups throughout its 200-plus-year lifetime. But, just where did it come from, and why does it depict a rattlesnake? Here, we’ll take a closer look […] Read More

7 Snakes That Went Extinct—#1 Could Kill a Lion if it Lived Today! Picture

In this age of rapidly changing climate and loss of global diversity, we’re no strangers to extinction. But, would you believe that organisms of all types have been going extinct for hundreds of millions of years? Extinction means that there are no longer living specimens of a specific species. Here, we’ll take a look at […] Read More

10 Endangered Snakes We Should Act to Save Picture

Globally, more than 40,000 species currently face extinction. Causes of extinction include habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, poaching, and climate change. All around the world, there are hundreds of species of endangered snakes we should act to save. Many of these snakes only occur in tiny, restricted habitats, making them vulnerable to extinction.  Here, we’ll take […] Read More

5 Snakes That Are Invasive Species Picture

Invasive species are one of the biggest threats to our planet’s natural biodiversity. An invasive species is both non-native and harmful. Invasive species can be any living thing, from plants and insects to birds, fish, or even snakes. Here, we’ll go over five snakes that are invasive species. Invasive snakes become invasive when they either […] Read More

Which is More Venomous? Rattlesnake vs. King Cobra Picture

There are many venomous snakes in the world, but few are more deadly than the rattlesnake or the king cobra. But, of the two, which is more venomous? A venomous snake is defined as one that bears venom. That venom is almost always used to incapacitate and kill prey, but it can also be used […] Read More

Cottonmouth and Copperhead Hybrids: Can it be Done? Picture

If you live in, or have visited, the eastern United States, then you may have heard of cottonmouth and copperhead snakes. Both are venomous, and they occupy many of the same habitats. But are there cottonmouth and copperhead hybrids? Hybrids abound in the natural world, though not all of them can produce offspring. From the […] Read More

Discover the Largest Boa Constrictor Ever Caught Picture

We’ve all heard of boa constrictors. We’ve also heard of pythons and anacondas, two other massive snakes. But, would you believe that there are actually at least ten different subspecies colloquially known as boa constrictors? Like ball pythons and corn snakes, the boa has not escaped the notice of snake enthusiasts looking for a pet. […] Read More

Discover the Largest Viper Ever Recorded Picture

Vipers are some of the most venomous snakes on Earth. All vipers are members of the Viperidae family of snakes. They live almost everywhere in the world, except Antarctica, New Zealand, Hawaii, Australia, Ireland, and north of the Arctic Circle. There are many species of viper, but only one of them heralds the largest viper […] Read More

4 Snakes that Look Like Dragons Picture

Dragons have long held sway in popular culture. You can find them in everything from video games, to books, to movies, to children’s toys. But dragons aren’t real, right? Well, in the traditional sense, dragons are not real. But what about snakes that look like dragons? It may sound like the stuff of fantasy novels, […] Read More

Discover the Largest Cottonmouth Snake Ever Recorded Picture

If you’ve ever spent time in the swamps or rivers of the southeastern United States, then chances are good that you’ve seen a cottonmouth snake. They’re known as dangerous pests that can sometimes infest waterways and even fall into passing canoes. Bites are deadly, but, just how big are the largest cottonmouth snakes ever recorded? […] Read More

The 10 Largest Pythons in the World Picture

Pythons are some of the biggest snakes on Earth. Here, we’ll learn about the ten largest pythons in the world, and where they live. All pythons are non-venomous snakes who rely on constriction, rather than venom, to hunt. They live in Africa, Australia, and Asia—there’s even a population of invasive Burmese pythons living in Florida’s […] Read More

Why “Hybrid Pythons” Could Be Florida’s Most Deadly Invasive Snakes Picture

Florida has a difficult history with pythons, to say the least. Over the last 40 years, invasive Burmese pythons have invaded the Florida Everglades. They eat everything in their path, and threaten the delicate balance of Florida’s biodiverse ecosystem. In 2018, researchers published a landmark study in the journal Ecology and Evolution proving there’s more […] Read More

The 10 Largest Cobras in the World Picture

Cobras have long fascinated and terrified us. They’re famous for their wide ‘hoods’ and ability to ‘dance’ for snake charmers. Their hoods aren’t really hoods at all but rather flattened and elongated ribs designed to make the cobra look bigger. When cobras feel threatened—whether by humans, predators, or even other cobras—they flatten their hoods, rear […] Read More

The 10 Largest Vipers in the World Picture

Vipers are a type of snake that live on almost every continent on Earth, except Australia, Antarctica, and some islands. They’re characterized by long, hinged fangs that can fold in and out like switchblade knives. All vipers are venomous, and all share characteristic vertically elliptical pupils, like a cat’s eye. Species of viper range in […] Read More

7 Snakes That Give Live Birth (As Opposed to Eggs) Picture

It may surprise or disgust you to learn that many species of snakes give live birth. Snakes are ectothermic reptiles that rely on the heat of the sun to warm their bodies; unlike humans, they’re incapable of regulating their own temperatures. So, you might assume that, like many reptiles, all snakes lay eggs. Unfortunately, you […] Read More

The 5 Largest Snakes in Australia Picture

Australia is home to some of the most dangerous animals on earth, including the saltwater crocodile, the blue-ringed octopus, and the box jellyfish. Australia is also home to many species of snake, some of them non-venomous, like the Australian scrub python, and some of them incredibly venomous, like the inland taipan. But, what are the […] Read More

10 Snakes That Live in the Rainforest Picture

Snakes inhabit every continent on Earth, except Antarctica. They live in a wide variety of habitats that range from forests, scrublands, deserts, and swamps to rainforests. Here, we’ll take a closer look at ten snakes that live in the rainforest. We’ll go over each species’ size, appearance, location, and diet. Then, we’ll look at which […] Read More

The 10 Largest Snakes in Asia Picture

Snakes live worldwide in a wide variety of habitats, but the ten largest snakes in Asia are enough to give anyone chills. Some of the snakes on our list are harmless, while others have a bite that can kill a person if left untreated. A few of the biggest snakes on our list of the […] Read More

The 10 Largest Snakes in Africa Picture

Snakes are one of the most feared reptiles in the world; they’re right up there with crocodiles and komodo dragons for many people. But, most snakes aren’t aggressive, and would rather hide than fight. And it’s not just little snakes that flee humans either, big snakes would rather be left alone too. Here, we’ll take […] Read More

Are There Snakes in Ireland? Picture

Even people who have never personally seen a snake before can describe them. They’re scaly reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Snakes are limbless, though some lizards have also evolved to lack arms and legs, and have extremely flexible jaws designed for swallowing prey whole. Some snakes, like the king cobra or rattlesnake, are highly venomous […] Read More

10 Snakes That Live in the Desert—#1 is Terrifying! Picture

Deserts are some of the harshest environments on Earth. Most get little rainfall, and when they do, rains can be so severe that they cause flash floods. Few creatures live in the desert, but for those few who do, they have to watch out for one thing: snakes that live in the desert.  Desert-dwelling snakes […] Read More

Are There Snakes in New Zealand? Picture

Snakes are ancient reptiles that have been around for over 100 million years. Today, they live on every continent except Antarctica. All snakes are carnivores, some eat only eggs, and others are capable of eating deer and other medium-sized mammals. They range in size from as tiny as four inches, to over twenty feet long. […] Read More

What Snakes Live in Europe and Which is the Largest? Picture

Snakes have been around far longer than humans—they were slithering on the ground and in trees when dinosaurs walked the Earth. Today, there are nearly 4,000 known species of snake, with some growing to over twenty feet long. All snakes share a few key characteristics – they’re carnivores with powerful muscles instead of legs for […] Read More

10 Snakes in Australia Picture

Many people call Australia home, and so do many venomous reptiles and dangerous animals. Known as the land down under, Australia is home to no fewer than 100 species of snake. Many of these are venomous; some are large, some are small, and some can even kill a human with their bite. Australia is even […] Read More