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The 6 Largest Extinction Events on Earth and When They Occurred Picture

Evolution leads to the emergence of new species and the extinction of old ones. The extinction of certain species may be man-made or natural. An extinction level event is a natural path to extinction but on a massive scale. In the last 500 million years, there have already been six extinction-level events. Below are the […] Read More

This Animal Had The Strongest Bite Force Of Any Mammal – Ever Picture

The extinct Thylacoleo (pronounced THIGH-lah-co-LEE-oh) carnifex is a genus of Pleistocene Australian marsupial mammals. It is the largest carnivorous Australian mammal and is often referred to as the “meat-cutting marsupial lion.” It had a skull the size of a lion’s head and had large tusks and crushing molars. Despite weighing over 200 pounds, Thylacoleo was […] Read More

The Neogene Period: Animals, Facts, and Major Events Picture

The Neogene period follows the Paleogene Period in the Cenozoic Era. It has the Miocene and the Pliocene epochs. The Neogene period lasted for almost 20 million years. The evolution of birds and mammals continued until they achieved their modern appearances. Other groups of animals remained the same. What are the important things to know […] Read More

How Much Do Puppies Sleep, and How Much Do They Need? Picture

Are you a new dog owner? Then you probably have a million questions on how to raise your pup the right way, especially if you have never done this before. Do not hate yourself for not preparing everything ahead of time or not knowing what to do. That is normal. Doing proper research and learning […] Read More

Giving Your Dog Melatonin: Risks, Side Effects, Dosage, and More Picture

Many pet parents worry about the stress and anxiety that their dogs experience during certain situations. Giving melatonin can relieve these symptoms and improve your dog’s general mood. Of course, you need to talk to your vet about it first. What does giving melatonin to your dog entail? Let us review these questions and understand […] Read More

Do Dogs Have a Sense of Time, Really? Picture

As a dog owner, you would notice your furry pal getting antsy as mealtime gets close. Or maybe they are extra energetic right before you take them out for their usual walk. Sometimes, your dog is more reliable than an alarm clock when waking you up in the morning. All that can usually lead you […] Read More

Belly Rubs: Why Dogs Actually Love Them So Much Picture

Your dog may lie back whenever you approach. This is a clear invitation for a belly rub. Most dogs look forward to it. All you need to do is reach down and rub the fluffy belly. But why do dogs like belly rubs? Let’s look at these questions and discover the reasoning behind this intimate […] Read More

The Different Cat Sleeping Positions Explained Picture

To cat lovers everywhere, there is so much more to sleeping cats than just the peacefulness and innocence they show. Each cat sleeping position has a certain meaning. Understanding these sleeping positions can help you become a better cat parent. Have you ever wondered what the different cat positions mean? Let’s study the following questions […] Read More

Why Do Dogs Sleep on Their Backs? You May Be Surprised Picture

Dogs sleep in many different positions. Each position can tell you a lot about your canine companion. A dog that sleeps well in your home feels comfortable and safe. Have you ever wondered why dogs sleep on their backs even if they look so uncomfortable doing it? Let’s study these questions and learn the essentials […] Read More

The 6 Reasons Dogs Lick Your Hands So Much Picture

A happy dog will always try to lick you. Your hands are the first licking targets. There are many reasons for this canine behavior. Understanding the reason behind this behavior will allow you to love and appreciate your dog more. So, why does your dog lick your hands 100% of the time? Let us analyze […] Read More

This Is How Often to Expect Your Dog to Go into Heat Picture

Having a female dog for the first time may surprise you with the physical changes that come with sexual maturity. At six months, your dog’s body will start to experience estrus or the heat cycle. This event will keep happening if you do not plan to spay your pup. It is a pretty exciting time, […] Read More

The Total Number of ‘True’ Dog Breeds Picture

Dogs have evolved since wolves were domesticated by man. Every corner of the world has its own unique breeds. Each dog breed carries the characteristics of its region. The number of breeds increases as man continues to create breeds that could fit their needs and lifestyle. But what is the current number of true dog […] Read More

How Long Will Your Dog Stay In Heat? Picture

A female dog will start to experience being in heat, or estrus cycle, when she reaches puberty. This happens around six months old, although the period depends on the dog’s breed. From about six months throughout the rest of her life, the female dog will be in heat twice a year. This is when she’s […] Read More

7 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Digging for Good Picture

Digging is a common activity among dogs. You may notice your furry companion digging in the yard, clawing on the sheets, and rummaging through the trash cans. Digging is an instinctual behavior. Dogs do it for comfort and shelter. They also do it to look for food and water. Since your dog does not need […] Read More

10 Ways to Safely Clean a Dog’s Teeth Picture

As a dog owner, you are responsible for their entire well-being. That is a relationship where you need to provide. Everything starts with food and shelter. And then you also have to take care of their health, which involves giving baths and brushing their teeth. Like people, dogs can get dental problems. If that happens […] Read More

Top 9 Reasons Why Dogs Put Their Ears Back, and What They’re Saying Picture

Animal behavioralists and owners alike have always looked for ways to communicate with their pets. It would be nice to know what your dog is trying to tell you or what they are currently feeling. You can do that by understanding their body language. As it turns out, dogs pull back their ears for several […] Read More

How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have (Male Vs Female) Picture

Every mammal has nipples, including dogs. But the answer to how many nipples a dog has is not as straightforward as you may think. After all, humans usually have two nipples, except for rare cases. Based on that, you may be surprised to learn that the number of nipples on your dog will fall into […] Read More

Discover the 10 Deadliest Roads in the World Picture

Hitting the open road on your way to a vacation or as a trip itself can be a lot of fun. But while most routes are fairly safe, some roads are much more dangerous than others. Many of the dangerous roads claim dozens or hundreds of lives a year. Others have the ability to claim […] Read More

The Big Five: Get to Know the Big Five Animals Picture

If you aren’t familiar with African wildlife or hunting, then you may not have heard of the term “The Big Five” in regard to animals. While the term originated among hunters, it has expanded over the years. Now, you will find it used by safari guides and anyone else talking about African wildlife. Whether you […] Read More

Why Dogs Lick Themselves, and What to To About It Picture

There are a few key canine behaviors most people think of. One is wagging their tails when happy and another is licking humans to give us “kisses.” But dogs also lick themselves. Some licking is normal, but you don’t want your pup to do so excessively. Discover why dogs lick themselves and what to do […] Read More

Dog Foot Chewing: When to Be Concerned, and What to Do About It Picture

Your dog occasionally licking or chewing his foot is completely normal, but if it gets excessive, there may be cause for concern. It can be hard to tell whether your dog chewing his foot is something to worry about or completely normal. We’ll cover the various reasons why your dog might be biting his feet, […] Read More

Bit By A Snake? Here Is What You Should Do, Immediately. Picture

While most people are happy to get up close and personal with their pets, wildlife is something best left alone. Interacting with wildlife always comes with a risk, from bites and scratches to contracting an animal-borne illness. Depending on where you live, one of the most common concerns about wildlife interactions may be what to […] Read More