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I am an independent scholar and educator whose primary field of expertise is zoology. My current research is focused on investigating intersections of natural history with art & visual culture history via exploring animal iconography, which you can follow via my Art History Animalia website and associated social media. I am an active researcher whose work as been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals and presentation at academic conferences, and I also teach K-12 students on, where I have my own catalog of zoology-themed classes.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Banana? Picture

Guinea pigs are obligate herbivores. The bulk of their diet should always consist of fresh hay and grazed grass supplemented with high-quality pellet food, along with moderated amounts of leafy… Read More

By Deniz Martinez 6 days ago

Macaw Colors: Most Common to Rarest Picture

“Macaw” is the common name given to a group of large Neotropical parrots spread across a half dozen different genera (Anodorhynchus, Ara, Cyanopsitta, Diopsittaca, Primolius, and Orthopsittaca). There are currently… Read More

By Deniz Martinez 2 weeks ago