Eliana Riley
Author for A-Z Animals

I'm Ellie, and I am a full-time college student at Miami University. I enjoy writing, copy editing, and being involved in journalism. I write for The Miami Student newspaper as an opinion columnist. My favorite animals are fish, rabbits, and cats.

Are Flies Attracted to Light? Picture

Despite their annoyance to humans, flies are a fascinating insect with many unique biological features. Over 100,000 species of flies exist, many of which are not typically considered flies by… Read More

By Eliana Riley 1 month ago

How Deep Is Loch Ness? Picture

Loch Ness, which is a lake located in Scotland, is a site of mythology, story-telling, and fascinating history. Many people associate the body of freshwater with the notorious Loch Ness… Read More

By Eliana Riley 3 months ago