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Gail’s love for a very misunderstood group of animals, reptiles, led her to write about and draw them. She loves the natural world and it’s endless inspiration for her work. She is a freelance writer and illustrator, and her latest book, “Pebble Skins and Fast Walkers: What’s In a Name?” Is due out in early 2023.

10 Types of Igneous Rocks Picture

Geologists classify rocks and gems into a variety of categories depending on how and where they formed. If you love rocks and gemstones, these sedimentary rocks, crystals, metamorphic rocks, and… Read More

By Gail Baker Nelson 2 months ago

How Big Do Ball Pythons Grow? Picture

When non-snake people hear the word ”python,” they often think of giant snakes like reticulated pythons. While thousands of people keep these snakes, they’re less popular than the much smaller… Read More

By Gail Baker Nelson 4 months ago