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Hi, internet! I'm a content writer, editor, and lifelong animal lover currently living in Tennessee with my partner, our cat, and our grumpy leopard gecko. I'm nonbinary-identifying, so I often go by the nickname Lex in addition to my legal name. Reptiles are my favorite animals, but I have a huge appreciation for the natural world in general. I hope you enjoy the knowledge and research I have to share about all kinds of awesome animals!

Do Frogs Lay Eggs? Picture

Every animal has to reproduce somehow. Whether they give live birth, lay eggs, or perhaps even reproduce asexually, every member of the animal kingdom has to make more of its own species. But, you might ask, what about frogs? Do frogs lay eggs, and if so, how does their life cycle work? Follow along as […] Read More

What is a Fear of Frogs Called, and Why Do Some People Have This Phobia? Picture

Everyone’s afraid of something, but sometimes our fears are so strong they affect our lives in surprisingly significant ways. Though frogs might not seem very intimidating, the fear of frogs is actually more common than most people would initially believe.  But what could cause a fear of such a small and (mostly) harmless animal? Furthermore, […] Read More

Do Frogs Have Ears? Picture

Frogs are pretty unique-looking animals, from their bulging eyes and long tongues to their sticky, webbed feet. If you’ve ever looked closely at one of these bizarre amphibians, you’ve probably noticed the area where their ears should be looks especially unusual. Do frogs actually have ears at all, and if so, how do they use […] Read More

Pet Frogs: The Ultimate Guide to Caring For Your Pet Frog Picture

If you’ve recently adopted a pet frog or are planning on taking one in and aren’t sure how to care for it yet, you probably have all kinds of questions about their needs in captivity. From figuring out your frog’s species to their ideal habitat to what kind of food they eat, this guide will […] Read More

Red-Eared Slider Lifespan: How Long Do They Live? Picture

As both a highly invasive species and a wildly popular pet amongst reptile hobbyists, red-eared sliders are everywhere! Whether you’re caring for a red-eared slider as a pet or just have a few hanging out in your backyard, it can be helpful to know the average lifespan of these unique turtles and what sort of […] Read More

How to Care For a Baby Red-Eared Slider Picture

Adopting a new pet is exciting, especially if you get to bond with them from when they’re a baby! Knowing how to care for your baby red-eared slider is essential to their survival early on, as they are very fragile animals in their first year or so of life. Although most of their care needs […] Read More

Red-Eared Slider Tanks: A Guide to Enclosures Picture

Red-eared sliders make excellent pets for both beginner and expert reptile enthusiasts alike, but they need quite large enclosures to thrive in captivity. There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to housing one of these unique turtles, from standard glass tank aquariums to elaborate custom-built tubs and even outdoor ponds.  […] Read More

Red-Eared Slider: Price and Cost to Own Picture

Red-eared sliders are by far the most popular turtles in the pet trade today. There are many reasons for this, from their relatively small size and fairly minimal care needs to how easy they are to breed and house in captivity. If you’re one of the many reptile enthusiasts looking to adopt your own red-eared […] Read More

Crested Gecko Lifespan: How Long Do They Live? Picture

If you own a crested gecko or are thinking of adopting one, you’ve probably wondered how long their lifespans are. Knowing how much time and money you’ll need to invest in your pet’s life can help you decide if you’re up to the task of caring for them and plan how to fit them into […] Read More

How to Sex a Crested Gecko Picture

As with any pet, there are many reasons why it’s helpful to know your crested gecko’s sex. However, with reptiles, determining whether they are male or female is a bit more complicated than knowing a dog or a cat’s sex! There are a few key indicators you’ll need to know how to look for when […] Read More

Crested Gecko Price and Cost to Own Picture

Crested geckos, also known as New Caledonian geckos or, more casually, eyelash geckos, have become popular pets in the reptile trade over the past few decades. However, with every pet reptile comes a significant investment cost as well as a recurring cost of upkeep for food, replacement enclosure supplies like heat lighting and substrate, and […] Read More

Crested Gecko Enclosures Picture

Like with any pet reptile, a crested gecko needs a proper enclosure. A sturdy, safe enclosure will allow you to replicate the gecko’s native habitat in a small, confined space so your new pet feels comfortable. What’s more, an enclosure doubles as a stunning display in your home so you can show off your gecko […] Read More

Crested Gecko Morphs: The Complete List Picture

As with most reptile species commonly kept as pets, crested geckos have been selectively bred to display a wide variety of different patterns and colors! Even though researchers believed they were extinct until 1994, these New Caledonian geckos have exploded in popularity in recent years. Thanks to how easy the little lizards are to breed, […] Read More

Do Iguanas Have Teeth? Picture

Reptiles have surprisingly specialized and diverse teeth. Whether they’re lizards, snakes, turtles, or even crocodilians, all reptiles, including even iguanas, have teeth! They primarily use their teeth to eat and tear into plant matter and insects. However, iguanas also occasionally use them for self-defense.  Whether you own a pet iguana, are planning on adopting one, […] Read More

Do Iguanas Change Colors Like Chameleons? Picture

Iguanas are some of the most stunning and colorful animals in the world! From the vibrant green iguana to the rosy Galapagos pink land iguana, these lizards stand out amongst thousands of other mostly grey and brown reptiles. But can iguanas change colors like chameleons do, for example? The answer is actually more complex than […] Read More

Colorful Iguanas: 10 Stunning Examples Picture

The Iguanidae family of lizards is a diverse one made up of over 40 unique species of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Ever wondered what the most colorful iguanas on the planet are? Below are 10 incredibly vibrant species ranging from shades of green, blue, red, orange, yellow, and even pink! From the widespread […] Read More

Can Iguanas Swim? Do They Like Water? Picture

Although many lizards are technically capable of swimming, most of them aren’t particularly strong swimmers. However, plenty of larger species that live in hot, humid environments, such as monitor lizards and iguanas, are much better adapted to water. But can iguanas actually swim, and do any of them truly like water? Let’s explore various types […] Read More

Iguana Lifespan: How Long Do Iguanas Live? Picture

One trait most iguana species have in common is their surprisingly long lifespans, especially when compared to other reptiles like smaller lizards, snakes, and tortoises. There are more than 40 unique species within the Iguanidae suborder, and their lifespans vary significantly, from as short as 3 years to up to 70 years. However, exactly how […] Read More

Iguana Size: How Big Do Iguanas Get? Picture

Even though they start out very small as babies, iguanas are among the largest lizards in the world. Whether you’re thinking of adopting a pet iguana of your own or are simply captivated by these majestic reptiles, it’s a good idea to understand how big iguanas get by the time they reach their full adult […] Read More

Do Iguanas Bite, and Are They Dangerous? Picture

Whether you have a pet iguana of your own, work with iguanas in any capacity, or are merely fascinated by these massive lizards, you’ve probably wondered at some point what their teeth look like. Furthermore, do iguanas bite, and are they as dangerous as they look? After all, even though most iguanas are fairly docile […] Read More

Iguanas in Florida: What Species Are Native to Florida? Picture

While most areas in the United States are more temperate and don’t make great homes for most iguana species, Florida is something of an anomaly. Since its subtropical climate makes it warm and humid year-round, Florida has become an ideal home to many species of reptiles, amphibians, and other animals we normally see in distant, […] Read More

Pet Iguanas: Everything You Need To Know Picture

Although iguanas are fairly challenging to keep as pets, many reptile enthusiasts enjoy housing and caring for these massive lizards. If you’re considering adopting a pet iguana of your own, you probably have a lot of questions about everything you need to know as far as their care requirements, the cost of keeping such a […] Read More

What Do Iguanas Eat? Their Diet Explained Picture

Of all the types of lizards within the Reptilia class, iguanas are among the largest and most majestic. If you’re considering adopting one as a pet or are simply captivated by these massive reptiles, you’ve probably wondered at some point: what do iguanas eat? There are around 40 unique iguana species within the Iguanidae suborder, […] Read More

Types of Tetra Fish Picture

Tetras are one of the most popular and diverse types of freshwater aquarium fish. With more than 150 unique types of tetra fish of varying colors, shapes, and sizes, they make a great addition to any aquarium setup, whether you’re a total beginner to the hobby or a seasoned expert. While it would be impossible […] Read More

Types of Aquarium Fish Picture

Whether you’re an experienced aquarium keeper or a total novice, one of your first questions about any freshwater setup will have to do with the types of aquarium fish you select.  Thankfully, this list will help narrow down your choices. All of the pet fish on this list are hardy, attractive, fairly modest in size, […] Read More

Types of Ragdoll Cats Picture

Thanks to its mild-mannered, playful personality, cuddly, medium-length coat, and striking blue eyes, the Ragdoll has quickly become one of the most popular cat breeds on the market. If you’re considering adopting one of your own or merely admire the breed, you’ve probably wondered how many different types of Ragdoll cats there are currently. Since […] Read More

Types of Exotic Cats Picture

With somewhere between 40 and 70 recognized cat breeds (depending on the registering organization you ask) on the market, the domestic cat has more diversity within its species now than ever before. From different coat patterns, colors, lengths, and textures to different head and eye shapes, let’s take a look at some of the most […] Read More

Types of Bobtail Cats Picture

Over the years, breeders have selectively bred domestic cats to display and pass on a wide variety of unique traits, from long, patterned fur to specific eye colors and face shapes and many, many more. Perhaps one of the most unique traits of all types of bobtail cats, however, is their adorable little “bobbed” tail. […] Read More

Leopard Gecko Tank Setup Ideas Picture

Having a properly set up enclosure for your leopard gecko is crucial to both their health and overall happiness under your care. From correct lighting to temperature to humidity and decorations, creating a leopard gecko habitat can be a confusing process, especially for novice reptile keepers. If you’re struggling with how to set up your […] Read More

Leopard Gecko Size: How Big Does a Leopard Gecko Get? Picture

When adopting any new pet, it helps to know how large they will eventually become. This is especially true with reptiles! Many species of lizards, including leopard geckos, start out as very tiny hatchlings yet eventually grow to more than triple their size within a few short months. To properly care for and accommodate your […] Read More

Leopard Gecko Habitat: Where Do Leopard Geckos Live? Picture

Over the past few decades, leopard geckos have become one of the most popular pet reptiles on the planet. Nowadays, just about every pet shop seems to have baby leopard geckos of varying colors and patterns available. However, it wasn’t always this way. If you own one of these delightful lizards or are thinking about […] Read More

Leopard Gecko Price: How Much Do Leopard Geckos Cost? Picture

Leopard geckos have quickly become one of the most popular pet reptiles on the planet and for good reason! They’re hardy, friendly, adorable, and curious, which makes them great pets for both newbie reptile owners and experts alike. If you’re thinking of adopting one yourself, the first question you probably have is, “How much does […] Read More

Leopard Gecko Names: The Complete List Picture

One of the first decisions you’ll make for your new pet leopard gecko is its name! Sure, they don’t quite recognize their names in the same way cats and dogs do, but choosing an appropriate moniker for your scaly friend is a fun way to bond with them and show them off to your friends […] Read More

Male vs. Female Leopard Geckos Picture

Not sure whether your leopard gecko is male or female? Thankfully, determining the sex of one of the adorable little lizards is fairly easy and straightforward once they reach a certain age and size. Like many reptiles, leopard geckos are sexually dimorphic, meaning male vs. female geckos have several key physical differences. Keep reading if […] Read More

Happy Leopard Geckos: The 10 Best Leopard Gecko Smiles Picture

One of the many reasons why the leopard gecko is so well-loved is its delightfully goofy, ever-present grin. Here are 10 of the best happy leopard gecko smiles, along with some incredible facts about one of the most popular pet reptiles on the planet! Are you thinking of adopting one of these curious, friendly geckos? […] Read More

Leopard Gecko Food: What Do Leopard Geckos Eat? Picture

Eternally smiling and heart-meltingly adorable, leopard geckos have quickly overtaken even the bearded dragon in terms of popularity as pets. Nowadays, the leopard gecko, known formally as Eublepharis macularius, is held up as the best low-maintenance pet for both beginner reptile enthusiasts and expert herpetologists alike. One of the first questions people interested in this […] Read More

Leopard Gecko Breeds: The Complete List of Leopard Gecko Morphs Picture

Like with any animals commonly kept as pets, leopard geckos have been bred selectively to produce a wide variety of different breeds, more commonly known as “morphs.” Today, over 150 different unique leopard gecko morphs have been documented by breeders over the years! Although it would be nearly impossible to list them all here, I’ve […] Read More

Leopard Gecko Lifespan: How Long Do Leopard Geckos Live? Picture

Adorable, low-maintenance, and friendly, leopard geckos are fascinating animals both as pets and in the wild. Notably, they are known as the very first species of lizard ever widely domesticated. Starting in the mid-1970s, these plucky little geckos were transported from their native habitats to homes all over the world and kept as pets. Ever […] Read More

Do Elephants Have Toes? Understanding Elephants’ Feet Picture

One of the most bizarre-looking land mammals is the enormous yet gentle elephant, with its huge ears, long trunk, and…wait, what’s up with those feet? Do elephants have toes? Why are their feet shaped like that, anyway? As it turns out, elephants’ uniquely designed feet are perfectly suited for their long daily treks through their […] Read More

How Fast Are Elephants? Can They Run? Picture

Elephants are enormous animals with powerful legs, but just by looking at them, you wouldn’t expect them to be very fast movers. For starters, they are extremely heavy, weighing in at anywhere from 6,000 to as much as 15,000 pounds, and their bodies don’t seem to be very well suited to running at all. So, […] Read More

Do Elephants Have Teeth? Their Dentition and Tusks Explained Picture

Elephants are among the largest animals on the planet, so you’d naturally assume that their teeth are quite large, too. However, just by looking at an elephant, you wouldn’t be able to see them! Aside from their massive tusks, they appear at first glance to be toothless. So, do elephants have teeth? Furthermore, how many […] Read More

Elephants’ Sleeping Habits Explained Picture

Ah, wonderful, relaxing sleep–all animals need it. Sleeping is the perfect way to recharge after a long day (or night). Some species are diurnal, while others are nocturnal or crepuscular. Some animals, like cats and sloths, sleep as much as 20 hours per day, while others like giraffes get a mere three to four hours […] Read More

How Smart Are Elephants? Their Intelligence Explained Picture

When it comes to the smartest species within the animal kingdom, elephants are definitely near the top of the list. How smart are elephants, then? Well, for starters, they have larger brains than every other land mammal! Elephants are capable of expressing a huge range of complex emotions, and they’ve even been known to use […] Read More

What Is A Group Of Elephants Called? Picture

If you’ve ever seen pictures of videos of elephants walking, eating, or perhaps playing together, you’ve probably wondered at some point: what is a group of elephants called? Research has shown that elephants are incredibly emotionally intelligent animals who are capable of expressing complex emotions like joy, love, anger, empathy, and even grief. They are […] Read More

Can Elephants Swim? Picture

Elephants are surprisingly agile animals for their enormous size. They can run at speeds of up to 25 mph, and their young are able to hold their bodies up and walk on their own within mere hours of being born! In fact, after only a couple of days, baby elephants are more than strong and […] Read More

What Do Starfish Eat? 12-Plus Amazing Foods in Their Diet Picture

Starfish, also known as sea stars, are incredibly unique and bizarre invertebrate animals that have an almost alien-like appearance. They are part of a group of animals known as echinoderms, which notably have radial symmetry rather than bilateral symmetry like most animals. The Echinodermata phylum also includes sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and sand dollars! One […] Read More

What Do Jaguars Eat? Their Diverse Diet, Explained Picture

Jaguars are some of the most ferocious predators in the animal kingdom. These elegant yet intimidating members of the Panthera genus are the third-largest cats in the world and have an array of striking features, from their uniquely patterned fur to the enormous fangs they use to tear into their prey. So, what do jaguars […] Read More

What Do Snails Eat? Their Diet Explained Picture

Snails are a fascinating and surprisingly diverse group of animals with over 43,000 known species and more being discovered all the time. A snail, technically speaking, is categorized as any gastropod mollusk that happens to have a shell. But what do snails eat, anyway? Additionally, how do they eat? From land snails to sea and […] Read More

What Do Garter Snakes Eat? 12+ Foods in Their Diet Picture

One of the most common snakes throughout much of North and Central America, the garter snake is a member of the Colubridae family. Colubridae is the largest family of snakes, with roughly 1,700 species. Most Colubrids either have very weak venom or are entirely non-venomous, so they are considered mostly harmless to humans. So, what […] Read More

What Do Panthers Eat? 15 Animals They Hunt For Food Picture

Panthers are fierce yet elegant hunters with striking features, namely their distinct black fur and piercing yellow eyes. These big cats mostly inhabit tropical forests in Africa and Asia, stalking their prey with incredible precision and strength. We’ll cover what panthers eat soon, but there are a few things you should know about them first […] Read More