Heather Burdo
Author for A-Z Animals

Heather Burdo is a digital marketing enthusiast who has written content for countless industries over the last decade. However, content related to animals, nature, and health has her heart. When she's not working her magic with content, she enjoys being with family, going for walks, camping, and gardening. Self-development is non-negotiable for her.

Where Do Crows Nest? Picture

With their ebony plumage and clever demeanor, the mystique surrounding crows has fascinated both avid bird watchers and casual observers for generations. One fascinating aspect of these avian creatures is… Read More

By Heather Burdo 3 days ago

Are Basenjis Hypoallergenic? Picture

Basenjis are an ancient breed of dog that originated in Africa. They are known for their unique physical characteristics, including their curled tail, erect ears, and short, shiny coat. They… Read More

By Heather Burdo 1 week ago

Do Snakes Drink Water? Picture

Have you ever wondered if snakes drink water? Like all living creatures, water is essential for snakes’ survival. However, snakes have unique adaptations for acquiring and storing water. Some use… Read More

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