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I'm Balogun Isaac Omeiza, a freelance Content writer with five years of experience. I'm a graduate of biochemistry from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

Over the course of my five journey as a content writer, I've gained expertise in writing on a variety of topics and niches. But, I love animals, and I especially enjoy writing about them.

I love dogs, monkeys, and parrots. They are very interactive and make for great pets.

Why Do Cats Hiss? Picture

Cats make different kinds of sounds, such as growling, chattering, and chirping. But have you ever heard your feline friend making a snake-like hissing sound? Yes, you didn't hear wrongly.… Read More

By Isaac Balogun 3 hours ago

Why Do Cats Hate Water? Picture

It is popularly known that cats are clean creatures and one would expect them to jump into their bathtubs for washing.  But the reality is, It's a common struggle for… Read More

By Isaac Balogun 5 hours ago

Why Do Cats Chirp? Picture

Have you noticed your cat staring out the window, watching birds, and making weird, unfamiliar sounds? That unfamiliar sound that sounds like your cat's chattering is called chirping. This sound… Read More

By Isaac Balogun 10 hours ago

Why Do Cats Purr? Picture

A cat's way of behaving and communicating is more challenging to understand than a dog's. Cats communicate in several ways. The most common way that cats communicate is by purring.… Read More

By Isaac Balogun 3 weeks ago

Why Do Cats Spray? Picture

Cats are one of the favorites of humans when it comes to animal domestication. The relationship between cats and humans is a perfect one. Hence, many families that love pets… Read More

By Isaac Balogun 3 weeks ago

Why Do Cats Throw Up? Picture

Cats usually throw up even without suffering from any ailment, but it is not safe if it becomes frequent.   Knowing what to do when your cat constantly throws up is… Read More

By Isaac Balogun 4 weeks ago

7 Pet Snakes That Stay Small Picture

There are a few reasons ‌snakes can be frightening. They're muscular and legless, and some species' constricting abilities can make people's skin crawl. Some others find snakes fascinating. You're curious… Read More

By Isaac Balogun 1 month ago