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I'm a freelance writer with more than eight years of content creation experience. My content writing covers diverse genres, and I have a business degree. I am also the proud author of my memoir, My Sub-Lyme Life. This work details the effects of living with undiagnosed infections like rickettsia (like Lyme). By sharing this story, I wish to give others hope and courage in overcoming their life challenges. In my downtime, I value spending time with friends and family.

10 Incredible Rhinoceros Facts Picture

Rhinoceros are giant, commanding animals found in Southeast Asia and Africa. But one of the most incredible rhinoceros facts is its horn. Unfortunately, the horn of this majestic creature ensures… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 4 days ago

10 Incredible Puma Facts Picture

Pumas are exquisite cats and have other names like the panther, mountain lion, and cougar. Pumas are secretive cats that inhabit the mountains from South America to Canada. Although pumas… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 5 days ago

10 Incredible Gerbil Facts Picture

Gerbils are native to Africa, Asia, and Eurasia. People tend to love cute furry little creatures. For instance, gerbil facts include these tiny animals being popular pets, loved by people… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 1 week ago

4 Monkeys in Costa Rica Picture

Costa Rica has four native species of New World monkeys. These monkeys in Costa Rica include the Central American squirrel monkey, the Panamanian white-faced capuchin, the mantled howler, and Geoffroy’s… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 1 week ago

Do Monkeys Have Chins? Picture

It's an interesting question. Do monkeys have chins? And the answer, in short, is no. They don't have chins. Humans are the only primates, or animals for that matter, that… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 1 week ago

Do Monkeys Have Thumbs? Picture

Monkeys are one of the relatives of humans and share many characteristics with us. For example, they are not only social creatures but also share physical features. These other anatomical… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 1 week ago

10 Incredible Dragonfish Facts Picture

If you love the mysterious and misunderstood, these dragonfish facts are definitely for you. The dragonfish is an intriguing creature. With its ethereal appearance and surreal features, it's not hard… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 1 week ago

Why Do Monkeys Throw Poop? Picture

Have you ever seen primates throwing their excrement at someone and wondered, "Why do monkeys throw poop?" Of course, it's no secret that monkeys are playful creatures. But one of… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 1 week ago

10 Incredible Guppy Facts Picture

Guppies are native to South America but now live worldwide. Many guppy facts abound, including these fish living in aquariums worldwide. Notably, these beautifully colored little fish are an aquarium… Read More

By Janet F. Murray 2 weeks ago