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I've been a professional writer for over 12 years, specializing in nature themes, including plants and animals. My areas of interest include pets, sea animals, and flowers. Plus, I can't get enough of red pandas and hummingbirds! I also enjoy gardening, nutrition studies, and snuggling with my cats in my spare time.

When Do Daffodils Bloom? Picture

As a general rule, daffodils bloom in late winter and spring. However, the specific timing of when daffodil flowers appear depends on several factors. First, daffodils blossom at different times… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 5 days ago

5 Types of Triandrus Daffodils Picture

With multiple pendant flowers nodding gracefully in the garden, each triandrus daffodil plant is a marvel of showy blooms. Triandrus daffodils are also marvelous for their soft colors and reflexed… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 3 weeks ago

10 Types of Trumpet Daffodils Picture

Trumpet daffodils are some of the showiest spring flowers that come back every year. First, their big blossoms have long and impressive frilly cups. Second, their long-lasting flowers on sturdy… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 3 weeks ago

10 Types of Cyclamineus Daffodils Picture

Cyclamineus daffodils are small plants with loads of charisma. They've got windswept petals, frilly trumpets, and usually a lovely scent that turns heads. Though many cyclamineus daffodils grow only about… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 3 weeks ago

12 Types of Tazetta Daffodils Picture

Tiny, hardy, and bursting with blooms are just a few ways to describe heat-loving tazetta daffodils. Though tazettas aren't built for climates with cold winters, they thrive and impress when… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 2 months ago

14 Types of Large-Cupped Daffodils Picture

All daffodils are delightful spring flowers. However, there's something extra special about large-cupped daffodils with their big, glorious blooms. So let's explore 14 types of large-cupped daffodils that add extraordinary… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 2 months ago

14 Types of Double Daffodils Picture

Double daffodils are graceful and romantic-looking flowers with plush and fluffy blooms. They're also fragrant and often produce more than one flower per stem. For these reasons and more, double… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 2 months ago

10 Types Of White Daffodils  Picture

White daffodils bring a special touch of grace to spring garden beds and containers. Whether you plant double-petal varieties or those with big trumpet blooms, all-white daffodils can add elegance… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 2 months ago

10 Types Of Yellow Daffodils Picture

The sight of yellow daffodils blooming across the landscape is an iconic image of spring. Though some daffodil varieties bloom in other seasons, spring is when the majority of daffodils… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 2 months ago

14 Most Hardy Annual Flowers  Picture

Creating a beautiful garden with hardy annual flowers is easy when you know which plants can survive challenging conditions. Whether needing cold-tolerant flowers or just ones that are low-maintenance, we've… Read More

By Jennifer Haase 3 months ago