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Jennifer is a writer, Nutritionist, and Herbalist, and hobby gardener. She is passionate about writing and enjoys digging into new, unique topics. When not glued to the computer screen, she loves hanging out with her kids, working in her garden, and crafting crazy culinary delights.

How To Grow An Indoor Hoya Plant Picture

Hoyas are easy-going, low-maintenance plants, making them extremely popular among beginner and expert gardeners alike. They are well-known for their fragrant, stunning flowers and (often) waxy foliage. Hoyas are part… Read More

By Jennifer Hollohan 5 days ago

15 Hoya Varieties to Grow Now Picture

Hoya plants are extremely popular houseplants, thanks, in large part, to their impressive vines. Many hoya species have extensive, lengthy vines that look elegant in hanging baskets or climbing trellises.… Read More

By Jennifer Hollohan 3 weeks ago

Mountain Lions In Kentucky Picture

Lore and tall tales are full of stories about mountain lions. But stories about the elusive animal aren’t relegated to history. These days, photos and stories about mountain lion attacks… Read More

By Jennifer Hollohan 3 months ago