Jesse Elop
Author for A-Z Animals

Jesse Elop is passionate about wildlife and loves learning about animal biology and conservation. His favorite animals- besides his pup, Rosie- are zebras, mandrills, and bonobos. Jesse's background in biology and anthropology have supplied him with many fun facts that might just pop up in some of his articles!

Discover 6 Animals That Help Humans! Picture

Key Points Animals that help humans DogsMercy DogsSeeing Eye DogsPolice dogsBirdsFalconry with EaglesCanaries in MinesHorsesWar HorsesAgriculture, Livestock, and TransportationMarine Mammals: Dolphins and Sea LionsThe U.S Navy Marine Mammal Program Humans… Read More

By Jesse Elop 1 week ago

Discover 5 Extinct Dog Breeds! Picture

Key Points: Some of the first dog breeds, the closest descendants from wolves, include the dingo, Basenji, Tibetan Mastiff, and indigenous Chinese breeds.Purebred dogs are often inbred which increases the… Read More

By Jesse Elop 3 months ago

3 Extinct Species of Elephants Picture

Today, elephants dominate the mammal world in size. As the largest terrestrial mammal on Earth, elephants have fascinated thousands of scientists across generations. Not only are the elephants of modern… Read More

By Jesse Elop 4 months ago

Are Aurochs Extinct?  Picture

If you saw an aurochs and a modern cow side-by-side, would you be able to tell them apart? If you drive through farmland and pastures, is it possible you might… Read More

By Jesse Elop 4 months ago

7 Common Types of Aphid Picture

If you are an avid farmer or gardener, you may have come across or heard about aphids. Aphids are small pests that infest crops, gardens, and other flora worldwide and… Read More

By Jesse Elop 6 months ago

What is a Keystone Species? Picture

Grizzly bears are an example of a keystone species. All animals and plants are important to their environment, but are some more important than others? Every ecosystem consists of complex… Read More

By Jesse Elop 1 year ago

Discover the Largest Lobster Ever Caught! Picture

Colorful Tropical Rock lobster under water. They recognize other individual lobsters, remember past acquaintances, and have elaborate courtship rituals. Researchers say that their intelligence rivals that of octopuses—long considered to… Read More

By Jesse Elop 1 year ago

What do Coyotes Eat? Picture

Coyotes are highly carnivorous but will eat vegetables. Their diet mostly consists of animals ranging from insects, to rodents, to deer Coyotes are fierce predators adapted to many climates. Coyotes,… Read More

By Jesse Elop 1 year ago