Jesse Elop
Author for A-Z Animals

Jesse Elop is a graduate from the University of Oregon now working at the University of Washington National Primate Research Center. He is passionate about wildlife and loves learning about animal biology and conservation. His favorite animals- besides his pup, Rosie- are zebras, mandrills, and bonobos. Jesse's background in biology and anthropology have supplied him with many fun facts that might just pop up in some of his articles!

Discover 6 Animals That Help Humans! Picture

Humans first domesticated animals over 10,000 years ago when agricultural communities began growing crops and raising livestock. Ever since, humans have had many interesting relationships with several animal species. Some… Read More

By Jesse Elop 4 months ago

3 Extinct Species of Elephants Picture

Today, elephants dominate the mammal world in size. As the largest terrestrial mammal on Earth, elephants have fascinated thousands of scientists across generations. Not only are the elephants of modern… Read More

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